Wales, Wine and Whiskers

David Cunliffe is said to be on an extended family holiday.

Actually he has gone to his College Reunion and is moonlighting as a New Zealand Primary Produce rep by shilling wine in Wales…at a castle no less.

Sounds awfully like troughing to me, I bet McCully is jealous as hell. Good on David Cunliffe for combining the three ‘W’ of politics…W(h)ales, Wine and Whiskers….ok the third one is actually winning but he can’t seem to master that.


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  • Travis Poulson

    You forgot the 4th W.

  • Whafe

    What on earth would a Pinko know about Primary produce etc? Sweet fuck all I would suggest..

  • toby_toby

    Still with the pathetic beard. It’s sad really.

    • Troy

      Fuck he is a creep – but the liabor supporters luv him just as much as they do Mallard, Fenton and Little. 

  • Johnboy

    Hiding the weak chin perhaps?

  • Mediaan

    The castle that houses his alma mater is in the small Welsh town of Llantwit Major, which is pronounced “Clan Twit Major” roughly.

    To say that double LL in Welsh, you put your tongue up front in your mouth to touch both upper and lower teeth, then expel air out one side of your back teeth. Comes out unvoiced but a bit like “kl”.

    Major, mawr in Welsh, means “great”.

    Sort of, Great Twit clan.

  • le sphincter

    Is that a kids baseball tournament going on in the background ?

    Surely there are ‘more important things to do ‘ …yeah right