Wayne Brown and his self interest

A couple of days ago I highlighted the OAG’s findings about the dispute between the Far North District Council and Mayor Wayne Brown.

Well the tipline has been running hot with other tales of Mayor Brown’s gross self interest.

In each term it seems he has pedaled his own self interest only for it to fall victim to his own incompetence. In the first term he tried to swap to capital value rating (which would have seriously benefited owners of half empty developments).  He managed to convince no one and got completely done over.   Even funnier is he filled out submission forms in other peoples’ names and lodged them.  The Council had to get a legal opinion on whether or not this disqualified him from voting on the issue.

Another time he tried to introduce a rate targeted at forestry owners to pay for roads (again the real benefit was to struggling developers).  That time he got done over so badly that he didn’t bother turning up for the meeting and only his lapdog Deputy voted for it.


I wonder if that legal opinion is available anywhere.


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  • AnonWgtn

    Must be related to the other Brown – Lying Len

  • OneHungLow

    Re legal opinion: has to be, it was requested via Council – LGOIMA :)

  • Notrotsky

    Had the displeasure of dealing with him when he was on the DHB – he is a clever bastard but as dodgy as all fuck.