WFF policy will “fall out”

David Shearer gave every impression that he would dump Labour’s policy to give the WFF in-work tax credit to those not in work.

Given Labour now seems set to vote for it, it’s hard not to assume Shearer’s been rolled on it.


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  • Pete George

    This is what Shearer says on it in his weekly newsletter:

    Parliament will get a chance to debate child poverty after a bill was
    drawn from the members’ ballot to extend the universal in-work tax
    credit. Labour will support the bill through to select committee because
    we are committed to reducing child poverty and this is a useful
    opportunity to debate new ideas about how to help the 20% of children
    living in poverty in New Zealand.

    Extending the in-work tax credit was
    our policy at the last election. We are looking at a range of ways to
    address the issue but in the meantime we support all attempts to
    highlight the issue and the Government’s failure to do so.

  • Gazzaw

    To coin a term much used by labour – Shearer is becoming the master of flipflop.

  • Troy

    What a cop-out. This guy is supposedly the leader (or is he?). If he is gonna get on tv and not be able to give a straight answer on policy why on earth would anyone want to vote for that party. Everytime I watch this guy, the less I would ever be inclined to vote labour.

    • Maureen

      Watch Rachel Smalley’s classic expressions when she gets the task of navigating a few interview questions with Shearer – far more entertaining than anything he stutters

  • MrV

    Shearer is in an impossible situation, he has to climbdown from the deadwood policies put up at the last election, while the same strategic geniuses of the Labour party that came up with those policies still remain in the caucus.

    This has been the issue all along trying to create the impression of a fresh start while maintaining has-beens in the caucus is not credible and everyone knows it – even the deadwood in the caucus I suspect, but they can’t let go of the tit.
    Time for Shearer to man up and cut off the milk supply.

  • cows4me

    I wonder if the left was watching close up the other night. 90% of texters voted for drug testing of the unemployed. If they think that the general public will vote for a party pushing a policy like this, they obviously have rocks in their heads. One cannot blame sheep shagger from beeen coy but if I was in his shoes I would grow some balls and say enough,. He would gain more votes then he would ever lose.

    • Sarrs

      It continues to astound me how far removed from the voting public the Labour Party are. It was the same when they announced free long term contraception for beneficiaries. All the crying and chest beating from Labour, The Greens and Mana while 90% of NZ supported the policy. Same goes here – just no idea what the voting population want.

  • thor42

    It’ll be GREAT if Liarbore keep this policy!
    Great for the Nats, that is.
    This one policy could easily cost Liarbore the next election (but they’re not bright enough to realise that).
    Heck, I can write National’s billboards for them now.
    “Labour – the bludgers-first party”.
    “Labour – the unions-first party”.

  • steve and monique

    .Bad enough there is a benefit culture out there.Now these wankers want to support giving more money to the breeders/bludgers. Good luck selling that to the workers who graft to make a living.

  • Sir Cullen’s Sidekick

    My internal sources have revealed that Labour’s polling shows that keeping this policy is a vote winner. So Sheep Shearere will change his tone in the next few days to keep this policy. He is a sure winner in 2014

  • Sir Cullen’s Sidekick

    I think Sheep Shearer is onto a winner here. May I remind all Tories to look at the latest Roy Morgan poll figures which shows Labour surging ahead. Happy days are here again folks!