Whaleoil Replies to “Colonial Viper”

An anonymous coward from The Standard Lynn Prentice’s blog has taken objection to my post about the disgusting treatment of the Pagani’s.

I have a very simple message for “Colonial Viper” and all the anonymous cowards at The Standard Lynn Prentice’s blog and it is about accountability for what you are writing online.

Hi I am Cameron Slater, I live in Auckland and author and take full responsibility for everything published on the Whaleoil blog.  Now who the bloody hell are you?

I have been to court to take accountability for what I have published online.  How many anonymous cowards at The Standard Lynn Prentice’s blog would do that?  They are all lying, it has nothing to do with their “employment” (Union hacks and Parliamentary workers) as to why they choose to remain anonymous cowards, it is that they are too ashamed to take accountability for the words they write and then publish.

Why is it that right wing bloggers  and mainstream media of the experience of Fran O’Sullivan all manage to understand this but the anonymous cowards at The Standard Lynn Prentice’s blog are too ashamed to own their work?

They are so cowardly none would write the same way if everyone in the blogging community and mainstream media knew their identity.


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  • There is a fair amount amount of soft-pedaling of the abuse going on at The Standard. I would like to point out that it a hallmark of abuse that verbal shots will be fired, retracted then hurled out again. One linking factor is abusing women (and abuse doesn’t have to be physical, it can be particularly incendiary if done through social media). I’ve pulled together some salient posts in the early Fran O’Sullivan diatribe to compare with the recent treatment of Josie Pagani. Common themes are the assertations that traitors should be put to death.

  • Mickysavage

    But Cameron if their names were known you would hound them and abuse them and complain to their bosses. Besides anonymity allows the issues to be debated. if you think personal abuse should not occur on blogs you should have a look at your own.

    • Troy

      Why presume to know what Cameron would or would not do? It’s his blog and he on occasion warns those that post if they are heading in a direction that is undesirable and if needs be deletes them.

    • Joe Bloggs

      Bullshit Gregg – when has knowing your name ever driven me to hound you? And when has ther ever been a fair debate at Lyn’s Blog?

    • Pete George

      That’s the height of hypocrisy and ignorance Greg. You use pseudo anonymity and you support others at The Standard using full anonymity to hound and abuse all the time.

      • Mickysavage

        Bollocks Pete. My identity is well known. I prefer to keep using it because I had it for a few years before I declared who I was. Anthony Robins is the same. He still goes under the name R0b.

        • Pete George

          Your identity is well known – to some. You can’t claim it is well known to everyone who reads The Standard.

          Anthony Robins posts under his own name.

          On your own blog – http://waitakerenews.blogspot.co.nz/ – you don’t identify yourself at all as far as I can see – and you misrepresent yourself by using both the name and the photo of one of New Zealand’s best known Prime Ministers. If you used ‘motherteresa’ it could hardly be less appropriate.

          You’re not famous around New Zealand so can’t claim your identity is well known.

          If you had an guts you would be open and honest about who you are and what your connections are.

          Are you still Chair of the Labour Party’s Auckland-Northland Regional Council? Or are you going to keep avoiding that question?

        • Whafe

          You mate couldn’t lie straight in bed, your as bent as a rusty old hairpin you lier!

        • guest2

          Is this the mickysavage the radio announcer?

    • pukakidon

      Gweg “Own Our Future”? that is pretty apt, as soon as hard working NZers try to make way and earn their and their children a future, You pricks want to take it off us and give it to the do nothings, who could not give a toss about their future.

      Do nothing and own someone elses future

      • Travis Poulson

        Misprint, it’s meant to be Owe Our Future.

    • Travis Poulson

      Weakest excuse for being an anonymous coward I’ve ever heard.

    • Mickey your are a lawyer…not of any regard but a lawyer nonetheless. You have accused me of something I have never done. Though I do know, because I have the emails that The Standard amongst others had a policy of not linking to my blog, and then when I had Google Ads complained to them so that I wouldn’t receive revenue…it took me 3 years to reverse that.

      Now, remember, you are a lawyer..what is it when you accuse someone fo doing or saying something they haven’t done or said? Even a flea lawyer like you should be able to answer that question.

      Then ask yourself why I even tolerate your comments when you hurl around blatant lies about the host?

      I’ll tell you why because I want your comments recorded, so that my reader can mock and laugh at your patheticness.

      • Michael Savage

        Mickey you’re are a lawyer…not of any regard, but a lawyer nonetheless.

        Cameron I thought you were trying to be the sensitive compassionate type of commentator railing against the evil left wing and their incessant personal attacks on otherwise decent people.

        Could not help yourself could you …

    • You mean like Helen Kelly organising a union complaint to Radio Rhema which resulted in them taking me off air for 20 minutes a week…you mean tactics like that…to stop ME earning money Mickey?

      Don’t come at me all crying about how the left is pure. They are not. I have constantly had them attack me and my income. Even when briefly I was on a sickness benefit multiple complaints were filed against me with WiNZ. Hell a whole thread on The Standard even involved discussion about such tactics.

      • Travis Poulson

        Imagine the public uproar if the same thing was done to them, front page of every paper, website and news bulletin.

      • fozzie

        Karma is a buggar ‘ain’t it Cam ??

        • pukakidon

          A bit of confused Fozzie logic there, that sort of behaviour is normally referred to as nasty backhanded spitefulness not karma.

          • fozzie

            “if one sows goodness, one will reap goodness; if one sows evil, one will reap evil”
            I rest my case …

          • Travis Poulson

            There was no logic. Never is where fozzie is concerned. Close eyes, and blurt out the first dumbest thing that comes to mind.

        • I don’t follow…I don’t say things the left wing likes so they complain to radio station to get me off air…where does karma come into that?

        • pukakidon

          I would have thought the Karma would be the other way, with the Greens and Labour always taking the deceitful, bullying, backdoor, cowardly, spiteful, hidden and covert method of achieving their aims. This I would have thought was sowing evil and would be repaid in spades if Karma is to be believed.

          Putting pressure on Radio Rhema is typical of their modus operandi , so is damaging other peoples property during the election and then denying knowledge. Bribing people for our citizenship and dealing in slave Labour in order to gain personal benefit also springs to mind.

      • Dave

        With one Flick of the Whales tail, mr so called Mickey Savage is gone, licking his wounds fuming he cant reply, or ban those that take him on or show him up. Mr Savage, you are not worthy of the name you have adopted, whilst a leftie, the real Mr Savage was a true leader, and brave man, whereas you, well, you hide behind a fake name and are neither brave nor a leader.

      • RightOfGenghis

        What was the outcome of that fit of pique from Comrade Helena? Was her threat successful? Did the good folx at Rhema run the white flag up? Do you still get your 20mins? Pray tell

        • The average folks at Radio Rhema surrendered like pussy whipped eunuchs…despite the host Pat Brittenden telling them otherwise….seems they like soft cock christian commentaries rather than balls out ones.

          • That shouldnt be a surprise! Radio Rhema has its good points, but the “soft cock christian commentaries” are a dime a dozen. From memory I think they refused to talk to Shannon Etheridge when she was here (she speaks about sex…a lot and in graphic detail…..between husband and wife only of course though) because she would be too much for RR listeners.

            For anyone to ever have any real credibility they need to be able to discuss all important matters with all facts on the table.

            Skirting around the big stuff undermines the primary message (i.e. conversion to Christianity).

          • RightOfGenghis

            I’ve read the background on this. Leave no stone unturned to bury this piece of human detritus. The whale army is behind you

  • The reality is that you can’t control comments, even on your own blog. While I accept that anonymity protects identity, it does get tiresome looking for the merit amongst the malice. It’ll be interesting to watch their reactions today, and no doubt, your hit counter will keep climbing.

  • Pete George

    I don’t have any problem with independent blog commenters using pseudonyms, there are a number of good reasons for protecting identities.

    What I think is very poor is when people who represent organisations for example, Union hacks and Parliamentary workers, who hide their identities and connections while carrying out campaigns of abuse and harassment, and keep repeating obvious lies.

    At least Lynn Prentice isn’t an anonymous coward. But he’s a known coward. He abuses and attacks people while banning or threatening bans. That’s a cowardly abuse of power.

    And it’s worth mentioning mickysavage, one of the resident trolls at The Standard. He posts under a pseudonym but sometimes acknowledges his identity (Greg Presland – is he still Chair of the Labour Party’s Auckland-Northland Regional Council?) – but doesn’t have the guts to openly post under his name. And like the other anonymous cowards he abuses under the protection of Lynn Prentice.

    When one of the worst abusing trolls – Te Reo Putake (Labour party member, which union?) – somehow appeared to have been banned recently mickysavage admitted that TRP would never be banned. Because he’s a protected anonymous coward?

    • Michael Savage

      Pete you got banned for being a recidivist dick. You kept trolling and causing flame wars and the sysops eventually had enough of you. I thought they were very patient and protective of free speech but it appears that even they have a limit.

      • Travis Poulson

        Translation: You weren’t agreeing with us, wouldn’t change your view to suit, so we decided it was time for you to fuck off.

        Anything by you retards over at the standard that is deemed to be opposing your views is labelled as trolling. It’s utterly patetic. You fuckwits over there have taken the term “trolling” completely out of context and don’t even know what it means anymore.

        Sharpen up.

        • Pete George

          It’s common for trolls to accuse others of being the trolls. Especialy common for resident Standard trolls.

      • pukakidon

        So by your reasoning then, you should be banned from this site. It seems this blog is not so quick to judge and prevent opinion. See the big picture? Freedom of speech?

        People can make up their own minds in regards to others comments. This is where the left differ, from the rest of society. In the eyes of the left there is only one opinion and that is the opinion of the state, anyone who dares express their view will be punished. Common to socialists such as Hitler, Stalin, Mao.

      • Pete George

        ” You kept trolling and causing flame wars and the sysops eventually had enough of you.”

        That’s crap. You and others kept trolling under the protection of ‘sysops’, trying to provoke and harass and inflame. It’s common practice at The Standard. Most people just leave you to fester on your own.

        I decided to keep going back and confronting blatant lies and persistent abuse.

        You were pissed off I wouldn’t rise to the bait, and ‘sysops’ were pissed off I didn’t give them an excuse to ban me so they invented reasons to ban me. More than once.

        No one likes being embarrassed, I accept that, but it’s not my fault you keep making fool of yourselves ,and keep Labour in a state of disrepute.

      • See there you go again Greg…abuse..this is not the sewer that is Lynn Prentice’s blog. Sysops is a old fashioned term for control freak wankers.

        Lynn Prentice’s blog does not have debate, it has rants and a single view, if you oppose that single view then you are banned….or worse they stick your comment in moderation for hours then release it later on to ay they publish your comments but the debate has long since moved on. Cowards the lot of them.

        • Michael Savage

          Shall I moderate my language. Pete got into trouble because all discussions that he was involved in tended to get out of control. There are IMHO some very good and interesting discussions that occur on TS, Pete’s involvement in these normally did not happen.

          I will surprise some but I actually think that TS’s commentators need to take a deep breath and chill out slightly. I agree that all points of view should be allowed oxygen.

          But there already are a diversity of views. Have a look at debates concerning Syria and Assange

          But Cameron the stuff you have dished out on a number of people including many friends makes the commentators at TS mild mannered in comparison.

          And CV’s comments were not a death threat. Your interpretation is complete spin and an attempt to portray a simple comment in as dark and outlandish way as possible.

          • Pete George

            “Pete got into trouble because all discussions that he was involved in tended to get out of control.”

            And have a look and see why they went out of control – over and over again a swarm of trolls attacking me and making no attempt to discuss what I posted. I could point to hundreds of examples.

            “There are IMHO some very good and
            interesting discussions that occur on TS”

            Yes, and I was involved in some, and I initiated some. And the difference with them was I wasn’t attacked personally.

            Time and time again I made genuine attempts to introduce and discuss topics. Time and time again they turned to custard.

            You used to be one of the first to try and disrupt threads I commented on, but you seemed to back off. Others did the same thing – for years. TRP was the most persistent, and felix too but more intermittently.

            Are you starting to get the picture? If not go back and look at some of the threads and see how often I was attacked first, and repetitively.

          • Random66

            Pete you are better off without them, just leave them in your rear view mirror where they belong. Onwards and upwards as my dad used to say.

          • Michael Savage

            I agree with some of what you say Petey. I did back off because I questioned the utility of attacking you. But it is a two way street. Did you ever question the best way to address a left leaning audience?

          • Pete George

            Yup. I tried a variety of approaches. But I was labeled from the start and I was always a target regardless of what I did – not always, some did enter discussions when certain other people kept out of it. Those discussions didn’t stand out. The attack threads did.

          • axeman

            Gweg Pwesland is a snivellling cnut

          • Michael Savage

            All class ye of the unknown identity

          • axeman

            Well piss off back then and join the
            other sock puppets at the circle jerk SUB-standard. You and your fellow frothing-at-the-mouth union fundamentalist wingnut leftards.

            have succeeded in becoming a collective joke.

            What has happened is you self
            described tolerant Socialists have so easily become the intolerant Fascists you
            profess to abhor. Kind of typifies the whole leftard problem really doesn’t

            Run along now gweg. Somewhere some workers revolution is
            missing its useful idiot…

          • Pete George

            Axeman, you’re the one being sub-standard here, uncalled for, especially considering the spirit Greg has entered into discussions here.

          • Again…Greg…you are a lawyer…a poor one I’ll give you that, but if you were in anyway acquainted properly with the law it matters not what you think is a threat, if someone perceives something as a threat then it is. Nice to see you think threats, bullying and intimidation are ok on Lynn Prentice’s blog. You are just like the mate of a wife beater who says nothing…complicit in the continued beatings.

      • Joe Bloggs

        You miss the point completely – witness the shit that the resident recidivist dick le sphincter excretes on this blog but does l’haemorrhoid get banned for it?

        For you to suggest that Lyn protects free speech on his blog is patently ridiculous. Lyn protects views that dovetail neatly into his own and permabans the smallest deviation from his world view.

        • Whafe

          Couldn’t have said it better, if Le Poo Hole acted 1% of how he does here on WO on The Standard, be gone burger….

          • Travis Poulson

            Nah, they’d put him up on a pedestal and worship him.

        • pukakidon

          In all of Le rectums vitriol he sometimes comes up with some sense. You are right, even though there have been calls to ban Mr Poopie hole from those on here. Whale has always allowed him to have his say. That is the difference.

      • Dion

        “Sysop”? What the hell is wrong with you?

  • pukakidon

    Colon Wiper has always been a cowardly little twerp. He typifies the Liarbour nut job. At school they were the spotty faced, Joe90 glasses wearing obnoxious nonce’s who hid in their rooms drinking coke and playing Dungeons and dragons. I note on the previous thread how he speaks as if he is some sort of military leader who will fight some sort of delusional crusade. He has never performed any service in his life but likes to talk a good game. There are plenty of spineless nut jobs like this who talk a good game.

    Liarbour has been lost to these nasty little wimps who hide behind their silly names pretending they are fighting a war. Bring back the real NZer in the Labour party and they might have a chance, it is embarrassing that these flunkies even make parliament. With friends like Colon Wiper and the Standard labour certainly do not need any more enemies.

    • chris73

      Hey now nothing wrong with playing D & D back in the day. But I agree the problem is the Labour party have spread themselves to thin trying to appeal to the benes, the working class and the middle class all at once.

      • pukakidon

        But he has not yet grown up and got over it, he still thinks he is the wizard o strandard who is at war with the evil goblins. He possess a level 5 spell of banishment should anyone step foot in his delusional land.

        • Yeah that D&D rubbish. Everyone knows Magic The Gathering is where it’s at. The blog administrator doesn’t clean the comments, leaves it upwarts and all, for better or worse.

    • Salacious T Crumb

      I bet he speaks Cylon and has a full collection of action figures. Mummy must be so proud.

      • pukakidon

        Ha ha, STC you saw the childish drivel on the Standard as well. Colon Wiper and his battle star crew searching for the golden rivet in order to get his galactic battlestar group to strike back at the nasty Cylons. I wonder if he sees himself as some sort of Captain Kirk circling Uranus wipiing out clingons?

        Then there is the Green party leader dressing up in a Tinkerbell suit running around having sword fights. What sort of make believe world do these Liabour and Watermelon people live in?

        Some day they might fool enough people to elect them and then they will have to make serious decisions on our behalf. Like trying to own everyone’s future. When that happens I am sure there are going to be a lot of battle star refugees fleeing to Australia.

      • Mr_Blobby

        Real Men are from Mars and Real Women are from Venus.
        This lot circle Uranus looking for Klingons.

  • Pete George

    And bizarrely, an anonymous comment at The Standard claims “Despite what the rightwing might thunk, the leftwing is made up by very reasonable people. ”

    Some probably actually believe that. I do a bit of comparing – The Standard, of Whale Oil and Kiwiblog.

  • Joe Bloggs

    Perhaps one of the more ironic aspects to CV’s rant-in-reply is that he/she/it has link-whored to a couple of MSM comments about Cam that are several years old – I once did that on Lyn’s Blog and received a month’s ban for dredging up a long distant past that the brave new Labour party had turned its back on…

    Truth tell it’s not chickens coming home to roost over there … it’s vultures circling and none too soon! There’s no place on the left or right for hate-filled wankfests like Lyn’s Blog

  • Michael

    I once tried to have a debate pointing out that in a posts argument the poster was asuming a mean average when the measure was a median average, but was covered in scorn, told I was ignorant, and then told it made no difference and to eff off.

    Never been back – they may call WO and KB the sewer because of some comments (and perhaps not without reason) but the Standard are ten times worse.

    • Dave

      I seriously doubt anyone at the Stranded would understand the difference between mean and median average Too complex for simple minds .

  • Pete George

    mickygreg, as you will no doubt check back here maybe you could demonstrate your uncowardliness. After I was banned and couldn’t respond any more at The Standard you commented “He never did answer those questions …”

    I answered many questions at TS. What questions are unanswered? I can’t do it at TS any more, maybe you are brave enough to deal with them here, or here: http://yournz.org/2012/08/18/to-mickysavage/

  • Steve (North Shore)

    Hopefully LPrent will be here to defend himself soon, or will he just let the issue fester?
    Come say hello Lynn, explain why Colonel Viper gets away with whatever he wants and others get banned

  • Looks like Greg Presland is the spray and walk away type.

  • viking

    Its now accepted that the first Mickey Savage was a queer. Is the current Mickey Savage one as well?
    Is that his problem?

    • Michael Savage

      You are all class viking. Cameron will be disappointed. He wanted his blog to appear to be friendly and reasonable and not like TS. And you just blew it with a bit of homophobia.

      • Yeah but we can all laugh at homophobia…Whereas Greg you are still a goats knob who defends bullies and threats.

        • Michael Savage

          But Cameron I thought you wanted the right to appear as the compassionate side who would not stoop so low as to engage in denigration of individuals. And this is why some lefty posters’ desire to keep their anonymity is such a distraction, because you would never attack them. You would not for instance call them a goat’s nob or allow a comment accusing them of being homosexual.

          • Ronnie Chow

            Hey Greg , here you only get banned for idiocy . At The Standard , you get banned for being right .

          • Are you seriously upset about being called gay? I mean really? Sensitive wee petal aren’t you?

            Look Greg, you shouldn’t knock it till you’ve tried it. But that just confuses me a bit..I thought to hold office in the Labour you had to give it a go, compulsory like.

            All sides have nutbars though, they are the preserve of only people like you who read Lynn Prentice’s hate blog.

          • info

            you’re obviously not from around these parts……

  • I dont really care about the anonymous cowards on the left wing sites, but I do care if someone makes public threats and/or incites violence.

    End of the day internet time is precious for many of us, so if these sites bug you that much then why bother going on them?

    It is one thing being the salmon that is swimming upstream re the odd post on the blogs you like (e.g. being pro gay marriage on here), but it is completely another if you visit a blog where every single post riles you up!

    I just dont see the point – while all blogs can get fairly robust, the left wing sites like the standard or red alert seem completely void of facts and ban/threaten you if you dare to introduce them.

    As they say, arguing with a fool merely makes two so my suggestion is to ignore them and let them eat their own (which they inevitable will) as they get slowly swallowed up by their own ignorance.

    • Michael Savage

      Um US I see you have not published your identity. No problem about that. But if someone on the left choses to do the same I do not think you should diss them. And accusing them of being fact free is not correct. The left analysis of issues, for instance on climate change, is much more detailed than anything I have seen here.

      • GregM

        I have no problem with anonymity, but I do feel the poster has more credibility if they post using their real name. My main grizzle with the standard is, on the odd occasion I have commented there, it sits in moderation for six hours. It’s almost like none of the regulars wishes to rebut my points. Why not just post the comment straight away, same as here, you can always have a clean out later.
        Regards Greg Moore.

      • Isnt your name Greg? And if it is indeed Michael Savage what does that mean? There is no link to a blog or your personal life.

        I use an alias as I link to my blog & want it blog to remain separate from my personal life as I tend to write more about relationships/friendships/social issues. I keep an alias so that the world does not know who I might be referring to (the people I might refer to know about my blog). I also use an alias to protect our daughter’s privacy – especially in the long term (no taking anything back from the internet….as WO proves time & time again!). There is not such thing (for the average user) as a 100% “clean out”.

        So anonymity has its place. But when you get all keyboard warrior ish and start personally attacking, defaming or threatening people then you should not only have the balls to declare yourself, but should also be held to account.

      • scam

        that due to the fact that climate change is a scam introduced in NZ by a labour government

    • pukakidon

      Good points made Un

  • Neil

    I still don’t get why folk that post on your blog hide – if you can’t stand up for your comments you’re nothing more than a sad person – a bit like the old tittle tattlers over the back fence spreading lies…..I know you are aware of who we are by email addresses etc Cam but the rest of us have no idea….

    • random

      The Owl is a regular poster on WO. How does get away without being called out? I read both but not much of kiwiblog..the standard is the best online comic strip in circulation at the moment