What a dick

Mitt Romney could debate Obama on almost any issue but he chose to make a sly dig using the “birther” lines. That just makes him look like tool:

US Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney took a dig at President Barack Obama today over his birth certificate in comments that re-ignited the controversy over the Democrat’s eligibility to be president.

“No one’s ever asked to see my birth certificate,” Romney told a rally of some 7000 people in his home state of Michigan.

“They know that this is the place that we were born and raised,” he said to the laughter of the crowd, speaking alongside his wife, Ann.

Romney’s comments were a reference to the widely discredited belief that Obama, whose father was from Kenya, was not born in the United States and thus is not eligible to be president.

Conservative fringes of the Republican Party – including high-profile Romney backer Donald Trump – have argued that Obama was not born in Hawaii as he says.

In an effort to end the “birther” controversy, Obama has released multiple copies of his birth certificate that show he was born in the United States. But some conservatives refuse to let the issue die.


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  • JC

    I’d say he was smart because he can go several ways with that statement.. such as calling out his 15 year bio lie that he was born in Kenya:


    Then again, someone might dig up Mitt’s educational grades and then ask why Obama’s grades are sealed.. this would lead naturally to a discussion as to how he got into those expensive colleges like Harvard.. did he pass himself off as a foreign student?

    The again, maybe Mitt was just contrasting his own hometown American roots compared to Obama’s foreignness.


    • Will

      Please don’t spread msinformation, Obama’s grades aren’t sealed. Occidental, Columbia and Harvard can’t release those details under US law without Obama’s written permission. Your implying that someone’s grades are public information – they are not. Other Presidents haven’t released theirs either, notably George W Bush, but his were eventually leaked. And Bush actually had slightly higher average grades than Kerry at Yale, despite being portrayed as intellectually inferior to him in the 2004 election.

      Also, if you had done some basic fact checking, you’d realise that Obama graduated Harvard magna cum laude – latin for ‘with great honour’, and was also President of the Harvard Law Review. They don’t give that position to dummies. Anyway it’s stupid of Romney to bring up the birther debate again, it’s a complete falsehood as Whale says, and it turns off independents as well as deflects attention away from where Obama is most vulnerable – the economy.

      • Beans

        “Occidental, Columbia and Harvard can’t release those details under US law without Obama’s written permission.”

        I guess they can’t be that good then.

        • Will

          If his grades aren’t good then please explain how he graduated with honours from one of the best law schools in the world. By definition he had to have a GPA (Grade Point Average) in the top 10% of his class to get the honour magna cum laude. So maybe you think Harvard is wrong? Clearly you have absolutely no idea what you’re talking about.

          And as an aside, I’m a conservative myself – National voter and would vote for Romney too. But that doesn’t mean I’m going to believe idiots who say Obama was a poor student or wasn’t born in America, when there’s no evidence to support their claims.

  • Blair Mulholland

    Oh fuck you Slater, it was a joke. Why do you want Romney to lose? Why don’t you come on team for the big win? Are you a blogger, or one of those churnalists you used to despise?

    • Alex

      For god’s sake: as if WO is going to sway the US election. We’re not Americans, so we don’t have to buy into the Republican / Democrat divide. (I suspect that the Democrats are closer to National, than the Republicans). The fact is the Republican candidates are just risible, and it is not an unforgivable sin to point this out. Until the Republicans can put up a quality candidate, Obama deserves to win. Say what you will about his policies, at least Obama has been arguably the most likeable, genuine and decent US President for a very long time.

      • Blair Mulholland

        Fine, stay on your shitty little island with your shitty socialist National Party and pretend that the world economy is not going to fuck us all. Pretend that because Mitt Romney believes in Jesus that somehow this means that a Keynsian President is so much fucking better for everybody. Pretend that the smell of your own fart is so much better than fighting for a free society. If you like Obama, buy him a beer or whatever, but don’t pretend he knows what he is doing.

        As for Slater, God help us all man, I thought you were someone who actually cared about changing society for the better. Clearly not. You care about being in the same newspapers you like to pretend to despise, and you care about calling Mitt Romney a dick because you think it makes you look cool in your shitty little island of 4.5 million people. You think that you can apply different standards to American politics than you do to NZ politics. Well injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere my friend. So don’t pretend you are supporting someone when you smash them in the kneecaps. If Obama wins, there will be consequences for everybody, not just the United States.

        Does society progress to freedom, or does it go back to serfdom? This is what America is deciding in November. But apparently Mitt Romney is a dick for making a joke about a terrible President. I think I know who the dick is here.

        • Guest

          Don’t hit your women so hard.

        • Ronnie Chow

          Biggest pile of crap rant since Joseph Smith found and lost the buried book of golden plates . Romney and the GOP want to own the US for themselves to plunder . To date , the Romney campaign has been repeated lies .
          Your statement “pretend that the world economy is not going to fuck us all ” has got me worried , in an Orson Welles sort of way . But anyway , if it’s between 2 consenting economies , what’s your fucking problem ?

        • Goldie

          Blair Mulholland wrote: “your shitty little island of 4.5 million people”
          Gee Blair – you really know how to win over Kiwi readers.
          “If Obama wins, there will be consequences for everybody, not just the United States. Does society progress to freedom, or does it go back to serfdom? This is what America is deciding in November.”
          Ummm Just slightly hysterical? Seriously – do you really believe that Obama will take America into serfdom?

        • Kimbo

          “Pretend that because Mitt Romney believes in Jesus that somehow this
          means that a Keynsian President is so much fucking better for everybody.”

          Not that Romney’s religion bothers me either way (or Obama’s for that matter), but the ‘Jesus’ Romney presumably believes as a Mormon in isn’t the Jesus of the New Testament or the Apostles Creed.

          Mormon tenet of faith: “We believe the Bible insofar as it is correctly translated”. What that really means: The teachings of our prophet from the frontier of early 19th century up-state New York, who knew no Hebrew, Aramaic, or Greek (the original languages of the Bible, Greek for the New Testament), trump any contradictions that the Old or New Testament teach concerning the person and nature of Christ.

          Just saying…

          • Tony

            A Keynsian from Kenya

  • Seventeen seconds wasn’t the speech, it was a joke at the start of the speech- and the focus of the speech is the inference that President Obama’s policies are alien to the USA.
    It is hard for me to tell how effective the focus by the mainstream media and their churnalist bloggers on that joke rather than the substance of the speech will be, but it is clear that those who take their news from soundbites will perhaps think that Romney is a ‘birther’.

  • Tony

    WO – it was only a joke, and I guess that the lack of a video link means that you only read he report. The video is very clear.

    As to the ‘birther’ question, I note that to not be convinced of man made global warming is good and yet to not be convinced of Obama’s birth is bad.

    To me, the question of Obamas origins are reasonable within the query of “what would a normal person do”? It is reasonable to believe the possibility that Obama’s mother brought him back into HI post-birth and had him registered to provide him a better future – this is a reasonable thing for a mother to do.

    It is reasonable to believe that a young Obama got into an Ivy League college as a foreign (scholarship) student. Other alternatives required his family to be well-off (they were not), or that he rx a scholastic scholarship b/c of fantastic grades (no record is available from the college and he will not allow his transcript to be released).

    Thus, when one uses the ‘reasonable behaviour’ question my argument is that it is entirely reasonable to believe that he was not born in the US (as required by the USC).

    So – to his birth certificate. The only one issued by the W/H is clearly a forgery. There is too much evidence available to deny this – and the failure to provide the original should be a combat indicator that all is not necessarily hunky dory.

    • Sarrs

      Clearly a forgery? Please, enlighten us with your personal knowledge of document forensics.

      • Tony

        simply that the acrobat document had been created. This was proved by an Arizona sheriff’s special investigation team. It was even reported on some MSM. The issue is not the document per se but the reaction to it. They failure to provide the original as opposed to the copy.

        By the way, as the Birth Certificate is not the only point of argument here, how about debunking all of them?

      • Tony

        And I guess another point is that the assigned serial number did not correspond with the registered births at the same hospital either side of Obama’s. (At that time certificate numbers were batch-assigned to hospitals b/c central control was not efficient).
        And while we are on it, when Obama became a Senator for IL he said that he was from Kenya. I would have taken this as a natural ‘mistake’ to widen his political audience and belief in the American dream in the past but am less-inclined now.

  • Never in the dark…..

    For me the jury is still out on where BO’s birthplace. Far too much water under the bridge now to worry about it though.

    He’s not a good choice for the Americans and in turn, the rest of the globe. For all their ‘deemed’ faults, the Americans have given us an lot to be thankful for, globally speaking. And BO’s regime are bent on bankrupting it and taking the rest of with them.

    The counter is, who did the other major party have to offer? Romney is who they have picked, but was he the best choice? Will he unseat the man of doubtful origin?

    I grudgingly think Cam’s money is safe come November.

    And Cam, remember ‘dicks’ are useful…….

  • bereal

    You are the Dick on this one Cameron.
    You are the Tool
    And the moron.
    And a lightweight that has now revealed your true colours.
    With Zero sense of humour.
    A dickhead, tool, moron.
    Get over yourself mate.

    • Ronnie Chow

      Mr bereal , to give you some idea of context , last week, Paul Ryan gave an interview in which, defending his position
      that there should be no excuses for abortion, he referred to rape as a
      “method of conception.”
      To add to that , I read that Romney’s birth certificate dog-whistles are not just desperate, they are
      deliberate. Romney is campaigning as if he feels he is entitled to the
      White House — that, like a feudal lord or European aristocrat, he does
      not have to answer questions, he does not have to be forthright, he does
      not have to be honest.
      Any comment on the issue ? Or just abuse ?