What people hear

I suspect when people listen to David Shearer speaking in an interview, they are beginning to hear it the same way I hear it…

Here’s what I got from this morning’s weekly free hit on BFM this morning…

Full interview:

Full interview


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  • GregM

    Bahahaha! absolute gold. Fuck he’s hopeless.

  • johnbronkhorst

    Am I staing the obvious….or did you edit this..Cam.

    • johnbronkhorst


      • GregM

         It’s a bloody good edit.

  • PJ

    sounds as though he was getting a blowjob and couldn’t concentrate on the interview!!
    Or maybe we should be drug testing our politicians! 

    • Troy

      He must be on P or E or something similar… everyone but him and liabour mates don’t seem to get the drift that most people in this country aren’t aware of him… yup that’s real good leadership skills.

  • Joe Bloggs

     …  duh..gott..durg… ahh…aahhrrrmmm…doh…ghhhrrt…green-labour go….er…durghh… all that sort of …we…we… the, the, the….uummmm….urmmm … thanit thanit…

    It’s not hard to understand why Labour supporters are abandoning the ship like rats… so much for a coherent effective opposition…

    Incidentally towards the end of that debacle there were a couple of comments by Shearer that he doesn’t want to disclose the names of the people he meets with – good to see Shearer take a clear stand for transparency … as long as it’s someone else who has to be transparent.

  • Busman

    What a fuckwit lets hope they dont roll him !

  • Whafe

    LMFAO, what a waste of space, Labout, the gift that keeps giving…..

  • Positan

    Rather than opening his mouth to change feet, a la Mallard – I think he found it more economical to leave both of them in there.

  • not happy days

    Coached by Clare Currmmm no doubt

  • 2ndAmendment

    Who gives a shit about Shearer?

    After the next election he’ll be history.  Colin Craig, however, will be Minster of Police – I’m much more interested in what he’s got to say.

    And anyone who thinks that a government led by chief loser Labour on 30% plus a bunch of other losers, could ever be considered legitimate,  when National + Conservaties are on 48% is completely fucking dreaming

    • Sir Cullen’s Sidekick

       2ndamendment – I agree we need a coalition partner for National to keep the socialists and communists away from power. However, Colin’s conservatives won’t cross 5%. So they need to win an electoral seat. What about an “alliance” type loose coalition of ACT, UF and Conservatives. That will ensure at least 5+ MPs and National can definitely win 2014 which will then be the death of the toxic Greens.

  • Pukakidon

    That is the most sense that has come out of a Labour gob for a long time.

  • Ammillar

    This edit was absolutely painful to listen to – excellent!

  • Rockyr

    His message about the fog in Auckland was very clear.