NZ Herald

Eric Young is in trouble..though I can;t see why, he simply spoke the truth, perhaps in intemperate language, but it was the truth nonetheless:

Veteran broadcaster Eric Young has been scolded for an expletive-laden tweet calling for Olympics drug cheat Nadzeya Ostapchuk to hand over her shot put gold medal.

Young, who was contracted by Sky Television for its Olympics coverage on Prime, was pressured into deleting the Twitter comment, which he posted last night when it was announced New Zealand Valerie Adams was awarded the gold medal.

Young’s bosses are still deciding on whether Young should be disciplined for his tweet, which was directed at the Belarussian shot putter who was stripped of her gold medal after testing positive for an anabolic steroid.

“Dear Nadzeya,” the tweet read. “You f***ing cheating cow. Hand it over you b****. Love, New Zealand.”

After later deleting it, Young, who tweets under the username @RealEricYoung to 1500 followers, posted: “Sorry if some of you didn’t appreciate my passionate language but the truth is Val had her moment stolen by a cheat.”


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  • Phar Lap

    Sky normally fires people for saying lesser things.They seem to be self righteous politically correct morons.Pity they didnt live by the rules on some of their clapped out movies being shown for at least a thousand times.

  • Hang Him

    I think people are getting a wee bit over the top with this, You would hope the very same people will be as out spoken were it the other way around, it will happen and has ( the jockey that was on P got off with a slap from a wet bus ticket)