Why can’t Labour get any good media? Ctd

Matt McCarten talks about Labour MPs not doing the heavy lifting and getting coverage in the media for stuff that they have done. My sources inside Labour have been talking all morning, as they are seriously pissed off that Matt is right but they telling me are two main problems.

The first is Trevor Mallard who is still running his underpants stealing strategy. Just when Labour get a bit of momentum Mallard’s ego and early onset dementia gets in the way, and Labour no longer has the union thugs who can put a dickhead like Mallard in a sack and beat him with lead pipes like they used to.

The other problem is that Fran Mold’s media strategy has been a total disaster. She stops MPs getting press about policy, so they get smacked up for not doing any work. Apparently she has all the charm of Heather Simpson badly hungover and having a bad day, and if Labour wants to start getting some traction in the media they need to get some of this:


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  • Phar Lap

    As long as they control TVNZ and Sainsbury they are in with a show ,even though half the lies Lie-bour and TVNZ tell arn’t true.

    • Mary

      It’s the other half of the lies Labour tell that are true that are the worry, eh?

    • Gazzaw

      There’s no doubt Mold left some pet moles within TVNZ’s precincts.

  • owl

    I believe exposure on here has finally been taken seriously. Also the gay marriage debate is the worst election campaign ever as a platform. the union finances would not stand up to public scrutiny. the owl is on holiday back next week with another major observation.

  • MrV

    If only exit mould killed ingrained politicians, most of the Labour caucus would be affected.

  • 2ndAmendment

    Duh. Labour can’t get any “good media” because they are communist cunts

  • Whafe

    Need a knapsack full of 30 Seconds and Walk Away….. That would clear a fair bit up…

    As much as I can’t stand Labour etc, we as a country need strong opposition, and this country is not getting good opposition…

    Bring out the Exit Mould, 30 Seconds, Wet n Forget, you name, start spraying it around with vigour!

  • Dr Wang

    I know it’s easy to blame Mo Mold for the lack of media traction, but look at what she’s got to work with: the invisible man leading a dysfunctional bunch of dickheads like Mallard, Cosgrove etc.

    Why she took on a “hospital pass” job like that is a mystery to me. She is obviously not as smart as she liked to portray herself when she was on the box.

  • Sir Cullen’s Sidekick

    Don’t forget the Rougue Morgan poll folks, don’t forget it….Labour is on a roll…

  • fozzie

    Why do political party’s insist on thinking that media and PR types know anything about politics – they know snot !!

  • onelaw4all

    Mold’s most effective work finished after she left TVNZ, where at least SOME watchers had the misguided belief she wasn’t a Progressive propagandist and was a vaguely objective journalist/opinionmaker.
    She has no such camouflage now.