Why Labour is still trying to “Get Banks”

From the Stratfor emails:

America loves “winners”. You can be a porn-star banging golfer, gambling basketball player who gets his father killed because of debts or a rapist boxer who eats human ears. Bottom line is that if you can deliver wins, people will be fascinated by you and give you respect. This is why it was so central to the Republicans to defeat Obama on healthcare, not because of its contents but because of its symbolic meaning.

That revealing email might not seem to have much in common with New Zealand, but the same desperation shown by the Republicans to win is also being shown by Labour in their attempts to find a win.

Last week in the house Trevor Mallard continued to use up valuable parliamentary questions and speaking time in debates in his forlorn hope of pursuing the strategy to “Get Banks”. In every case he got soundly spanked, either by his target or by interjections and follow up speakers. By the end of the week he looked like a broken shadow of a man…with dementia.

By the end of the week though even his own caucus were sick of his histrionics and some were privately thinking that Jami-lee Ross had spoken the truth about his early onset dementia.

But the reason why Mallard is pursuing this is because Labour haven’t got any wins…they quite simply are losers. They have tried for nearly 6 years to get John Key and have failed. They have tried to get other ministers and targeted specifically Judith Collins and Paula Bennett…and failed. Collins simply takes the cudgel to whichever hapless opposition spokesperson is lined up for the beating in the house against her and Paula Bennet just scoffs at their pathetic jibes.

Labour is losing and winning matters.

Take asset sales…Labour based their entire campaign around opposing asset sales, National’s campaign main plank of policy was the mixed ownership model. In the election National won the highest ever vote of any party in New Zealand….and Labour scored their lowest ever vote since 1928. You couldn’t miss all the signs and Labour even flouted traffic regulations to prove their point. And yet they still fight it.

They do that because winning matters, and they still haven’t got any wins. Not on policy and not on their nasty personal attacks.

Labour are desperate to get some wins…who know maybe the two polls on Sunday will deliver them some small relief…somehow I doubt it.

Winners are grinners and Labour sure isn’t grinning, they look broken, dejected and chastened. They project their loser mentality and people know it.


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  • Fergus

    THe only way to win at ANYTHING, is to improve YOURSELF, until you are better that the opposition. But in labours case they have NO tallent, they have no tools to help them and most important of all…they neither understand the problem they face and have NEVER in their whole history EVER behaved like winners only negative, drag everyone down arseholes!!!

  • Sir Cullen’s Sidekick

    My internal spies in Labourer camp say that both polls will show Labour leading National by 3-5 points and Sheep Shearer piping John Key as the most popular leader by 5 points…..Is that a pig flying in the sky?!?!

    • Gazzaw

      Request permission to take off. Oink, oink!!

  • Phar Lap

    Yes we used to have Lie-bours Minister for Dirt,an insignificant little pest,   Pete Hodgson .  Mallard had him as his running mate in dirt,rumour ,and lies. Now he has moved on, his inept inane,new running mate called Clayton Cosgrove,who would do justice to a rottweiler,with his panzer type face,yet sadly  his  effeminate voice dosn’t cut the mustard.Both of them fail to justify their huge salaries ,any attacks by either, on Banks or the Nats ,end up as useless as an ash tray in a wind tunnel.

  • Guest

    Mallard isn’t bright enough to either excel at what he is doing, or work out that it isn’t productive. Let him keep talking, he scares voters into John Key’s arms.

    • Gazzaw

      Guest, I was shocked at Mallard’s demeanour & physical appearance in the House this week.  I said at the time that he appeared ill and to be on some sort of medication.

      • Looks like he has a combination of dementia and alopecia

      • Cows4me

        I agree Gazzaw, the man is looking decidedly ragged. I don’t know if he has dementia but he certainly looks like he has a severe case of mange, either that or he has been dragged through a box-thorn hedge backwards.

      • Travis Poulson

        Especially when he was giving that cocksmoking smirk when he was delivering what he probably thought were slam dunk lines, and boy didn’t he fire up and throw his toys when Jamie Lee-Ross (see Trev, not that hard to get the name right) made his dementia comment and put him back in his place. The old duck shot down by the young gun. 

      • Gazzaw

        Anyone know if he has a drinking problem? You don’t have to be fall-over drunk to have alcohol concerns particularly if it is the cumulative effect of many years of alcohol consumption.

      • Gazzaw

        Whatever, Shearer needs someone else to operate as attack dog if that is the parliamentary style he wishes labour to retain. Hodgson was incompetent, Mallard is past it. They just don’t seem to get it right.

      • Troy

        Not to be nasty or anything (i’m not a Labour supporter) but maybe he is bi-polar??

      • uhmmm Travis…it is Jami-lee Ross….he has silly first name syndrome…I tease him about it, but at least he doesn’t have two fathers like you are suggesting.

  • Mr_Blobby

    I don’t think Labour will get banks. I don’t know many people who get Banks. What I do think is, Banks does not need any help to get himself.

  • Robert

    Banks error wasn’t declaring the donations as anonymous, or “driving a truck” through a law Key described as “an ass”.  I’d have no problem with Banks doing what he did if he had’ve said so from the beginning.  In fact, I would’ve admired the guy for saying “look here, here’s what the law says and here’s what I did.  Think that’s illegal?  Well, go fuck yourself.”  In fact I would’ve thought that was pretty cool.  But he didn’t do that.  When pressed he was all over the place.  He was a possum caught in the headlights.  He looked like he was lying and did lie and he lost his mojo because he was caught out lying.  That’s his crime and that’s why I’ve lost complete respect for him, plain and simple.  And he’s never going to recover, either, because nobody likes liars, pure and simple.

    • His instincts would have been to say what you suggest, but gay, pantywaist political advisors often get in the way of instinctual politicians like Banksie…what we saw in parliament was the instincts back…and boy it looks better than the contrivance formerly known as John Banks.

  • Dave

    Any organization needs a few things to grow, prosper and thrive.   Politics is similar.  Three words.   Strategy, Leadership and skilled workers to execute the strategy.

    Unfortunately, Labour’s strategy is not in touch with reality let alone Voters, they have no effective leadership, and the followers are running off in different directions throwing spears at anything that moves, often scoring won goals.    Skilled workers to execute the strategy, well, without that leadership, the skills are lost, and the rank and file too are wondering what the hell is next.

    Unless Labour get some real strategy, effective policy and one day, some leadership, they will be like the Labour Party in Queensland, completely Fucked, and will stay that way for many many years as they struggle to rebuild.