Why Name Suppression is evil

Since the naming of the Kaitaia school deputy prinicipal more children have come forward detailing abuse at his hands:

More children have come forward with complaints against a teacher who this week admitted 49 charges of sexually abusing pupils – and police say they are stretching back their investigation to the mid-1990s.

Commissioner Larry Forbes, who was appointed this month to Pamapuria School near Kaitaia, said that since James Parker’s identity was revealed on Wednesday more children had contacted authorities.

“I’m not aware of how many or where they’ve come from, but I understand there have been more and I understand there’s a strong possibility that there are more to come. But numbers I don’t know.”

Parker, 37, was a teacher and deputy principal when he committed the offences against boys in his care.

Most of the 49 charges related to offences since 2009, but police yesterday told the Weekend Herald their investigation would stretch back to the mid-1990s.

That comes after a former principal revealed she had complained about Parker to police when he was a first-year teacher. She was concerned that he was sharing his own bed with pupils during “sleepovers” at his house, among other things.

Her claim was backed by an ex-pupil of Parker’s who said he had children over for sleepovers and shared tents with them on school camps.

She said it was well known in the community that the principal had approached police to make a complaint about Parker.

Had his name suppression continued it is likely that many of these crimes against children would have remained undetected by police. Now that he is named  and the extent of his crimes known people feel free to come forward.

Those who favour name suppression always claim it is to protect victims…yet in this case, only the perpetrator has been named and not a single victim has had details published. The fact that since he has been named has highlighted even more abuse at his hands proves the point that naming them works.


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  • Mr_Blobby

    Very good point. But the clapping MonKeys are not listening.

  • trisha

    There should be no name suppression for the selfish creeps that abuse children
    all suppression does is make it easier for these creeps to continue their abuse.
    children need to be protected from these (mainly men) who get a kick out of destroying young minds and lives.
    I have looked after children who have been violently molested and abused, their family bring them to me to help with the healing , believe me when I say most children are damaged sometimes beyond help. Unfortunately some of these same darlings will become the next generation of abusers. That is a well documented fact.
    We have learnt long ago that schools trust boards and some teachers, are not there to
    be advocates for children and their human rights. They are there to pay their car off, credit card or their house.
    Child molestation is a heinous crime that goes on hurting and destroying for generations
    we teach our children to say DON’T TOUCH ME! and then with a loud voice tell someone.

    Children cannot rely on some adults anymore how sad is that.

  • chris73

    Phew! At least he was registered…

  • Bruce

    @ Trisha
    that schools trust boards ……………….They are there to pay their car off, credit card or their house. You do your otherwise sensible comment a disservice with this claim about BOT memberss. One would need to have an extremely miniscule debt if one expected to be able to pay if off with the meeting expenses. As a former BOT chair i can confirm that the small payments i received only covered incidental expenses for the many hours spent on school business.

    • trisha

      I meant the teachers, sorry bout that comprehension slip up, school boards are another saga …