Why we need an ICAC

Sydney Morning Herald

I have long advocated an Independent Commission Against Corruption. For many years it has been ably demonstrated that when it comes to investigating and prosecuting politicians the Police are rather squeamish. Not so in Australia…where yet more Labor politicians are under the cosh for corruption:

The explosive allegations of corruption against three former NSW Labor ministers is set to embroil the party for months with the corruption watchdog announcing its inquiry will begin on November 1 and run until at least April.

Last Friday the Independent Commission Against Corruption began serving summonses on witnesses to give evidence at the public inquiry.

In a media release issued today, the ICAC said it had been conducting three separate investigations “concerning corruption allegations” involving the former NSW Minister for Primary Industries and Mineral Resources, Ian Macdonald, former minister for mineral resources Eddie Obeid, and former minister for roads and commerce, Eric Roozendaal.


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  • Bea

    I don’t think our police are squeamish so much as reluctant to get drawn into politically-motivated complaints about trivia.The way self-important knobs like Mallard race off to lay complaints every time someone gets their arithmetic or dates a bit wrong says to me that the police are wise to keep well away.
    They acted over Philip Field where there appeared to be  evidence of real corruption not just carelessness.

    • The Police are yet to even get started on the complaints referred to them by the Electoral Commission.

  • Rockyr

     It sounds very exp-ensive and the right to silence, easier access to documents and powers to search and tap without warrant would need to be altered for it to be effective. From what I make of it the American Grand Jury system seems efficient.
           I wonder how the Police enquiry into Daljit Singh is progressing.

  • Ed Snack

    The police in Aus are however extremely reluctant to take on cases investigating any of the rorts surrounding labour unions and Labor. Why did the ripping off of the HSU take so long to get any reaction, and why no action on the Gillard/Wilson transgressions ?

    I’d say that the ICC in Australia is highly politicized and choses what cases to pursue, Can’t be a conincidence that there is a LNP government in power in NSW for the first time in a while and these allegations are against Labor politicians. We would want courageous cops against sitting governments to attack real corruption.

    • le sphincter

      The last  Liberal Premier of NSW  , Nick Greiner , was himself investigated by the ICAC !!!. Along with the leader of the State nationals !!!

      Greiner as a witness could not recall 20 key events under investigation “Foot …. mouth …

  • Mediaan

    SMH, 18 May 2011, has a story,
    “Secretive crime commission to be called to account”.

    Crime commissions need to be brief and powerful, or they will immediately get taken over by organised crime.

    Part of story:
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    Unprecedented move…Phillip Bradley. Photo: Kate Geraghty
    THE JUDICIARY has cleared the way for a public inquiry into the secretive NSW Crime Commission, accused by the police corruption watchdog of ”systemic and long-standing” misconduct.

    Last night, Justice Stephen Rothman of the Supreme Court rejected an unprecedented attempt by the head of the crime commission, Phillip Bradley, to quash hearings into the state’s top intelligence body.

    The judge also dismissed an argument by two senior commission officers, John Giorgiutti and Jonathan Spark, that the agency ”as a corporate body and emanation of the Crown is incapable of engaging in misconduct”. Justice Rothman said: ”A corporation has neither a soul to be dammed, nor a body to be kicked.”

    The crime commission confiscates millions of dollars’ worth of criminal proceeds every year. In February, a Herald investigation revealed the commission had been sharing these proceeds with established criminal figures in hundreds of secret financial settlements.

    Read more: http://www.smh.com.au/nsw/secretive-crime-commission-to-be-called-to-account-20110517-1eria.html#ixzz22wJvz4Wb

  • Mediaan

    Apologies messy quote in note just posted – computer froze so couldn’t edit.

  • Mediaan

    Speaking of corruption, I reiterate the point made by Penny Bright in your last post on this subject, WOBH, about ICAC.

    It was that Grace Haden, former police, now Private Investigator and After Dinner Speaker, is making statements on very serious matters involving corruption in her website.

    Some of it involves local government fraud.

    It is at anticorruption.co.nz, and she also has a petition.

    It would be good to see some sunlight on these matters she is raising.