Will Snapper get a golden handshake?

The Board of Auckland Transport meets today to decide the fate of the troubled ticketing project.

It looks as though Snapper will be offered a few million in compensation to exit the situation – and to avoid prolonged and messy legal action.  The end result will be a delay of a few more months (how many times have Aucklanders heard that?) but a functioning system should be in place (without Snapper) mid next year.

Sounds like this is the solution that should have been implemented from the start.  Joyce (as then Transport Minister) and English should have kept out of it rather than play favours to a Wellington-based company.   And exactly what was Mark Ford doing to allow this mess to continue for so long?


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  • SJ00

    Why does this country insist on building its only systems for things like this (and Police radio system, bus timetables/gps at bus stops etc etc etc). Why can’t we just buy something that another country is using? London had the Oyster system running when I was there in 2003, along with timetables at the bus stops. If its good enough for 16 million people in London, surely it could be used for 2 million in Auckland! It shouldn’t take years and years to implement. There are some fucking idiots in this country.

    • Gazzaw

      Totally agree SJOO. Same in Hong Kong and Singapore – integrated systems up and running for years to cater for millions of people so why do we have to go and reinvent the wheel here. I’ll tell you why – a dollar to a knob of goatshit that it’s kept bureaucrats ungainfully employed and an army of consultants in funds.

      I would actually welcome the greens calling for a public enquiry!

    • le sphincter

      Its called a gravy train !
      So much for penalities for NZ Bus

  • DangerMice

    Bastards better give me a free Hop card to replace my snapper card

    • le sphincter

      Its called planned obsolescence !
      Every one does it, heard of Apple

  • Not Happy

    Totally agree SJOO and Gazzaw Same in Hong Kong and
    Singapore – I’ll tell you why – a dollar to a
    knob of goatshit that it’s kept bureaucrats ungainfully employed and an
    army of consultants in funds.The part you left out is the corruption in
    Auckland Transport,I am aware of a tender that was awarded in October
    2010 for the supply and installation of a technology system to be
    running prior to the RWC 2011 which is still not operating correctly now
    August 2012.Guess what,the consultants on the tender evaluation team
    all received a piece of the pie.I hope I have not lost your
    attention,but the problem is the tender did not close until November
    2010.When this point was pointed out to the CEO of AT the successful
    company changed the announcement of there success in been awarded the
    tender on there website from October 2010 to March 2011.This and a bit
    more is shortly on its way to OAG

  • Barry05

    Melbourne has the myki system its still not a 100% complete and has blown out from $300 Million to well over a billion and counting so it not surprising Auckland is having issues.