Word of the Week – Implosion

The week started with an implosion in Christchurch.

Politically, implosion is Labour’s word of the week.


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  • David


  • Gravedodger

    Deconstruction is also a good word, they both result in a pile of Rubble

  • AJ

    Hi Whale

    Just wondering what program you use to edit your videos? 

    • A number of tools depending on the task…Camtasia, some photoshop, Final Cut…iMovie, just depends on complexity.

  • Phar Lap

     What a great tactician Shearer is.He heads for Nelson ,a National stronghold,  the Nelson  area the fastest growing part of NZ  .Even faster than   the Auckland area.His game plan to brainwash Nelsonians how good he and his party are,or would be.It is no wonder when he was in the inept inane UN , when people like him stood by, and allowed a million Riwandans to be slaughtered.We hear a lot of his deeds of daring do,in Mogasdishu,on Riwanda strangely silent.

    • Euan Rt

      Rural people are thinking people. They tend to be more individual and not so easily conned. If Shearer really thought he could appeal to them, then he would need some good sound financial policy. If he thinks he can pull out his guitar and sing ‘vote for me I’m a nice guy’, then he really is a chump.

  • out2lunch

    who will fill in the leadership void that labour faces? It can’t be anyone from the clark era. fill in phill is past his best by date and shearer is another half job.

    • Gazzaw

      Labour hasn’t filled the leadership void since November 2008.

  • Troy

    No wonder he did well in Somalia – he bored the warlords to death.