Yet another thing Maori are offended by

Maori seem to take offence at all sorts of things…now it is playdough:

The days of making macaroni necklaces and potato prints at kindergarten are quickly becoming a thing of the past – and playdough may be the next to go.

Many early-learning centres are banning, or at least restricting, the use of food as a play tool because it is deemed culturally insensitive, or “bad tikanga”.

Some Maori centres have even stopped using playdough because it is made from edible ingredients.

Last week, Amy Clark, Christchurch-based director of early learning centre website My Child New Zealand, posted on the group’s Facebook page an activity using the unwanted end of a celery stick to paint a rose. The post sparked a heated online debate.

“Someone questioned whether it was OK to do that,” she said.

Clark said there appeared to be a “general consensus” only food unfit for consumption could be used in art, although one mother posted: “I would still go ahead to use my vegetables to paint”.

Titoki Black, from the Te Kohanga Reo National Trust said some of their rural and Auckland centres did not use playdough.

The trust has several Maori early childhood centres across New Zealand, including in Christchurch.

“Because it is made from flour and water, which is used to make bread, Maori are not comfortable about using playdough and having it thrown around, turning it into beads and wearing it around your neck,” she said.

“Anything from the land. Clay, leaves, that’s what we are encouraging. It’s not that all kohanga reo are banning [playdough], it’s just that it’s Maori practice that you do not play with food.”

What a load of horse-shit.

As usual Maori agitators are more upset about using macaroni and playdough at kindergartens rather than their appalling child abuse statistics.

You know what I find offensive, Maori who refuse to deal with abuse.


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  • Orange

    They are also renaming Mt Roskill to be Pukewiwi.

    • Gazzaw

      If there really is a need to change the name from Mt Roskill then Little Mumbai would be far more appropriate. Why Pukewiwi?

      • Tom

        Nah, it’d be better named Mt Mogadishu to be honest.. Bugger all Indians round there these days.

        • Gazzaw

          Whatever spins your dials Tom. It’s got to be better than Pukeiwi! Hell, if they really got stuck they could call it Mt Roskill.

  • Cynical Guy

    To be fair if you read down there are some mainstream kindies etc that do the same thing along with some Muslim based ones. So if you read the whole article it’s not just Maori but it makes more sense for MSM to focus on that to draw out exactly the type of response you gave. It’s not that I agree with the stance but the sub editor chose just make the story about Maori. Sledging us sells papers I guess.

  • AnonWgtn

    Can only be New Zealand !
    Stupid is Stupid as.
    Very sad place getting like Norway.

  • Guest

    But they still play with people…

  • Guest

    Never heard this one before and I am part spook and have tikanga rammed down my throat on a regular basis, basically BS youll find that they make up whats good tikanga sometimes to sound knowledgeable and important.
    Bit like the water claim. CRAP!!!

  • Mr_Blobby

    I’m offended that some backward sad apologist is offended. Especially as this is all word of mouth, from a Stone Age society, supposedly handed down (made up as you go along) from one generation to the next generation.

  • Ronnie Chow

    When Maori babies play with food , they are politely disciplined not to , sometimes resulting in court appearances . All a part of being Maori in this day and age , where new cultural values are invented and expanded in an effort to gain influence .

  • Ronnie Chow

    The annual Gloucestershire ‘Cheese Rolling and Wake’ has been taking place for possibly hundreds of years. Time to send a Maori delegation to sort them out .

  • botti

    ***Many early-learning centres are banning, or at least restricting, the use of food as a play tool because it is deemed culturally insensitive, or “bad tikanga”.***

    Another reason for “white flight”. Why bother with such nonsense.

  • jabba

    will spud guns be banned from shops next?

    • Ronnie Chow

      Not to mention Easter , you know playing hide and seek with eggs and that sort of thing . Maori wouldn’t ‘be comfortable’ with that .

  • Chris

    They seemed comfortable with keeping slaves and eating them though.

  • Bruce

    Do they also want to ban rugby because the pigskin the ball is made of is edible as crackling. Looks like there will be no more Maori All Black teams. What a pity.

  • thor42

    This kind of BULLSHIT “political correctness” PISSES ME OFF. ( Sorry, WO…… )
    I agree with you too. I find it “offensive” that Maori refuse to deal with child abuse.
    Oh, and I ALSO find it “offensive” that MUSLIMS are “offended” by this kind of thing. The vast amjority of them come from overseas HELLHOLES anyway, so if this makes them feel “offended”, then they should PISS OFF back to where they came from.

  • Bruce

    I think you will find the reason the other groups ban the practice is to be sensitive to maori tikanga

  • AP

    I know, lets add a whole bunch of chemicals and preservatives to the playdough so its no longer considered food and then it will be “safe” for two year olds to play with…..

  • Dave

    Lets remember a few key points. MAori only make up around 15% of the population of NZ, and probably only 20% of Maori would have anything to do with this …… maori tikanga thing. thats roughly just over 100,000 people…….. who cares what the fuck they want. Let them provide their OWN play dough alternatives and fund it themselves. PLease watch this space, they will soon be organizing conferences in Wanaka or the Gold Coast using Public funds to draft strategies on how to ban Play Dough. What a lot of utter crap

  • Patrick

    No worries drinking crates of p1ss & throwing the empty bodgies at each other though

  • steve and monique

    When will all this Maori bullshit stop.Playdough has been around years.About time this rubbish was put to rest with the treaty,and the crap it has generated.Wankers!!!!