You know it is bad when the Torygraph starts bagging you

The Telegraph

Things are getting pretty bad for David Cameron, even the Tory fan-paper, The Telegraph, is giving him stick:

What is happening here is to do with Mr Cameron and his particular brand of party leadership: it must now either move on to a quite new stage of maturity and wisdom or fail utterly. There is no other possibility. The voters’ doubts about him – which cost the Tories an outright victory in the last general election – have become more serious, not less. The abiding mystery remains what it has always been (quite remarkably, when you think of all that he and the country have been through together over the past two years): what does he stand for? But what has become even more important is the subsidiary question: if he believes in nothing much, what follows from that? Has his lack of fundamental political beliefs led directly to the obvious flaws in his government by, for example, causing him to put friendship and social connections above merit in his choice of allies?

I am aware that a good many members of the party in Westminster (and Tory supporters in the country) have come to the conclusion that the present problems of the Tory leadership are incurable precisely because they are rooted in Mr Cameron’s personal limitations. There is increasing despair at very high levels in the party hierarchy not only about the Prime Minister’s own lack of passionate conviction but about his animosity towards it in others who might have been valuable additions to his own circle. Possible candidates for promotion are likely to be rejected, and Cabinet ministers are excluded from his court, for being too vehement, too unbending in their dedication to the objectives in which they believe. And Mr Cameron is now known to have at least as short a fuse with colleagues as he does with Opposition spokesmen: the Flashman persona is not confined to PMQs.


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  • John Key, with his complete and utter betrayal of the National Party’s founding principles, is New Zealand’s David Cameron. Possibly even far worse.

  • Neil

    If the comparison fits – wear it – don’t think he’s yet up the Cameron’s capability yet.