75% of Unions say no to NZCTU – by the numbers

NZCTU/EPMU Union membership by the numbers (75% say NO) ? Observation by the Owl

The Department of Labour recently released the number of Unions registered in NZ and their membership numbers.

There are 150 registered Unions as per the Department of Labour release of which 37 are members of the NZCTU as per their website.

123 registered Unions have voted not to be part of the NZCTU or 75% of all registered Unions are NOT associated with the NZCTU.

In individual membership number terms that is approximately 43,000 registered union members who are NOT associated with the NZCTU.

The NZCTU website claims their membership is over 350,000 in actual fact it is 336,000 taking the Department of Labour?s numbers and comparing to the NZCTU unions. (I had to guess a few numbers because there are Unions on the NZCTU website which had slightly different names but gave myself the benefit of the doubt.)

The EPMU claim on their website they represent 40,000 workers ? in fact they represent 36,987 which actually bolstered by the takeover of the NZ Building Union in 2011/12.

Owls Observation

Here is the classic 80/20 rule in play. 80% of NZCTU memberships come from 20% of the Unions.

So why do 43,000 union members not want to be part of the NZCTU?

I think it is a very interesting question because 43,000 is? 2/3rd the size of Wanganui.