Acting “Too Gay” Bad For You

A medical examiner has told students not to act “too gay” if they wish to be a Doctor and that Asians should sound more Welsh or Scottish.

In one passage covering what she referred to as the ‘camp category’ she wrote: ‘One candidate was facing a 3rd sitting and yet no one had told him that his mannerisms, gait, speech were too overly gay, and that he was sitting an exam administered by a right-wing conservative Royal College.

It it is probably quite good advice

Other advice in Dr Coales’ guide tells Asian trainees to ‘focus on emphasizing the lyrical Scottish or Welsh accent.’ Dr Coales also suggests female candidates avoid wearing floral dresses so that they appear more like a doctor rather than a nurse.

I mean who takes Holly Walker seriously in the gawdy outfits she wears to Parliament?

In a separate article published in Pulse Magazine in 2009 she said male students should consider shaving off their facial hair so they don’t appear ‘deceitful’ or ‘unclean’. Meanwhile she said those who are overweight should ‘project an image of Santa Claus’ by interlocking their fingers over their stomachs.

Gerry Brownlee does a mean Santa Claus but Richard Prosser might do better with a shave so not to looks so deceitful or unclean.


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  • The frightening thing is that she is being investigated. Projecting a professional appearance is part of getting ready for professional exams — from getting comfortable in wearing a suit and tie to getting rid of annoying mannerisms (I once coached someone out of the Santa Claus posture and it helped him pass).

    Most examiners try their best to filter out mannerisms and ethnicity and concentrate on how well you are doing the job. But they are human. Deliberately annoying them is not smart.