Alarming Interventionism

One of Labour’s more alarming policies has been released this week, but the MSM’s obsession with the Clown Dot Con show has largely seen it slip under the radar.

TVNZ carried a cheap shot from David Cunliffe on Monday night complaining about the potential takeover of Fisher and Paykel by Haier.

Fisher and Paykel is a private company with shareholders who’ve exercised their choice to invest, in the hope that those shares will increase in value.  If they can sell at a profit to Haier, then that is the way it works.

On Newstalk ZB Larry Williams was also curious about what Labour would actually do to stop the sale.

Newstalk ZB Larry Williams

Cunliffe explained that Labour has a policy to give a Government Minister the discretion to kill deals they did not like.

This is bizarre and alarming policy.

In one breath Cunliffe claims Labour respects private property rights, and in the next he says a Labour Government would inject itself as the arbiter of private business transactions.

Instead of falling over themselves to suck up to Clown Dot Con, perhaps some real journalist might care to properly examine this frightening new Labour policy.


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  • Magor

    Could we implore John Armstrong to investigate?

  • In Vino Veritas

    I tried to put this exact thing in a question to Cunliffe on Red Alert yesterday. But it would, despite Clare Curran’s emails to me to the contrary, appear I am still banned.
    Cunliffe wrote a piece called The Cult of National Party Economics, railing against the lack of spending by the Government. And then comes this. He appears appealing to the lunatic, rabid fringe of Labour party supporters who are true socialists. Perhaps he is trying to woo Harawira’s more extreme supporters?
    Given his views on Nationals economic skills, it would appear that his are light years behind (if he has any at all) and just plain nutty.

    • Auto_Immune

      IIRC his rationale is to try and attract the 800,000(?) odd voters who didn’t vote last time. Because apparently, all those 800,000 think exactly the same way as he does and will finally vote again with policies like these

  • BW_Lord

    Thankfully someone has actually stepped back and looked at just what these socialist nutters were suggesting. For a second there I thought we were the soviet union of NZ.

    Haier already have a large stake in the comany, so I can’t see how they were planning to scam it like they did with the crafar deal. The only move they could have made would have been to outbid Haier and try to buy up a majority stake, using taxpayer dollars. Yeah thats a winner.

  • Joe Bloggs

    This is classic xenophobic policy from Labour – where was the protest from them when German company Bayer bought out Turners and Growers a month back?

    Under Labour white Hollywood directors and pop singers are welcomed with open arms, but when a well-meaning Chinese businessman comes along willing to buy up the Crafar farms and the shutters go up.

    Chinese purchases of NZ land in the last 5 years = 223 hectares
    US based Mutt Langes holdings? (ex partner of Shania Twain) = 55,400 hectares

    Speaks for itself really…

    • In Vino Veritas

      2003 – Harvard Management dwarfs all by buying 162,000 ha of Kiangaroa forest. And who was Associate Minister of Finance at that time?

  • johnbronkhorst

    Wonder…if this could end up….if labour are elected, at some point in the distant future…with them stopping me selling my house to a national supporter, simply because they need the votes in my electorate…or am giving them ideas they haven’t yet thought of???

  • AnonWgtn

    After listening to Cunliffe (and the Labour finance man another David, but not sure which one) I hear the chuckle of Rob Muldoon