All about Beau Murrah

UPDATE: Beau Murrah has now apologised for his offensive comments. However, as I believe in context, removing this post really isn’t an option as it would remove context. To remove it would only leave an apology hanging without the context in which it was given. That could lead to further injustice as people could assume that something far worse was said.

Yesterday I posted a quiz on Facebook that works out where in the US political spectrum you sit. That attracted a number of comments mostly about politics. Then out of the blue this comment was left by someone called Beau Murrah:

There were no trolling comments before that comment, but what galled me was his calling for me to consider “pulling a Charlotte Dawson”.

For those who aren’t aware, last week, after constant harassment on Twitter my friend Charlotte Dawson made an attempt on her own life.

Yesterday was also World Suicide Prevention Day.

So on Suicide Prevention day and just a day after I was host on The Nutters Club dealing with tough mental health issues, I have a random person I have never met encouraging me to kill myself. Lovely.

What is worse is that this person is, according to his LinkedIn profile, was previously employed as a law clerk for [redacted, former employer is innocent party], a prominent ACC specialist lawyer.  [redacted, former employer is innocent party] is prominent in criticising and attacking ACC with numerous quotes in the media from himself.

Beau Murrah says on his LinkedIn profile:

I have a strong interest in Law and Medicine and Public Health Law. I have particular interests in topics such as drug reform, regulation of the pharmaceutical industry, disability law and the use of New Zealand Sign Language as an official language.

I have greatly enjoyed gaining experience in the ACC field as a law clerk for an experienced advocate. I wish to build upon this in the future ideally working in a law and health related field.

Beau Murrah - Turtle molester

Beau Murrah – Turtle Molester

And yet he tells people they should go kill themselves. I’m not sure that he has grasped the sensitive nature of dealing with mental health issues nor ACC with comments to people on their facebook page that they should kill themselves.

Worse still though is his resignation statement from Young NZ First where he states:

Murrah also fired a few parting shots at the NZ First Party, describing a culture of “incompetence, bullying, and intimidation” within the party. “I joined the party because I supported a lot of their economic policy, but when you get in there it’s an incompetent, shadowy circus.”

He seems to like this own bullying and intimidation. Evil and corrupt Winston Peters may be but i bet he has never told someone to go and kill themselves…on World Suicide Prevention Day.

When confronted with the appalling nature of wishing someone would kill themselves he then said:

I wasn’t suggesting you make a suicide attempt but I was wondering if you were considering it since I was still under the impression you were a gutless bludger feeding on internet aggravation. I probably would say any/all of these things to your face by the way.

So he wasn’t suggesting making an attempt, but then asks if I am considering it.

Beau Murrah is a nasty piece work and certainly isn’t someone who should be working with sensitive ACC claimants while he holds such contemptable views on suicide and mental health issues.

His actions certainly aren’t the actions of a someone considering their “professionals” as they need to be a fit and proper person. Suggesting someone kills themselves and attacking them for their mental health issues and using terms such as mentally ill dole bludger when you are acting as an ACC advocate really doesn’t make the grade for “fit and proper”.

He gloats though that he “successfully trolled” me. Perhaps he won’t be gloating so much now. I did warn him NFWAB.

Mental health issues like depression, suicide and everything else that goes along with that are hard enough to deal with on a daily basis without cocksmokers like Beau Murrah coming along and having fun trolling.

I am just lucky that I am somewhat more resilient than other people. He needs to learn that sometimes the bully gets a smacking. Dollars to donuts though he claimed he was “fraped“. But sometimes you have to be held to account.

UPDATE: Beau Murrah has now apologised for his offensive comments. However, as I believe in context, removing this post really isn’t an option as it would remove context. To remove it would only leave an apology hanging without the context in which it was given. That could lead to further injustice as people could assume that something far worse was said.


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  • Dawson was a stunt pure and simple. She needs the cash (please refer to a Sydney Telegraph article), she lost the modelling reality show and no body has given her sufficient air time. So just in time for her book launch, bam fake suicide and get a juicy 60mins cheque and free mega publicity…

    • Polish Pride

      Holy shit it was in the Sydney Telegraph!! a Mainstream media paper – It must be true!! Yes I am sure the stupid idiot that trolled her was all part of it and will be receiving royalties from the book sales.
      The name you have posted under says you care waaayyyyy too much about it though and probably need to get a life!

    • Fuck off

      • woody

        true sign of intelligence is in such a reply :)

        • You could not be more full of shit here if someone reversed the polarity on your enema bag.

          • Tony

            not sure that that helped………:-)

      • Lance Cash

        I like this irony.
        Nice maturity Whaleoil!!!!

      • She was organising a 60 minutes interview within 6 hours of being
        admitted to hospital – tell me it was not a money grabbing stunt.

        Did she donate the money from the 60 mins interview to suicide prevention of pocket it? Will she donate the money from Women’s day to suicide prevention?

        “She has an autobiography coming out that will need some promotion. Then
        there’s Foxtel’s Australia’s Next Top Model – her primary source of
        income – which has been off air now for almost a year although Celebrity
        Apprentice would have helped bridge that gap this year. All of which
        makes think there must be something else at play .”

        • Guest

          Whatever the cause she does appear to be very fragile and i dont think you can blame trolls for her state of mind, its still sick what she was being sent cut up bodies etc. yuk

    • Sarrs

      You gotta give someone the benefit of the doubt – depression is an insidious disease and when it gets to the point where one contemplates taking their own life, often even those around them don’t see it coming. You didn’t consider that perhaps those stresses that you mentioned, along with continual goading from internet trolls, wasn’t the straw that broke the camel’s back? You’ve just listed some pretty good reasons why someone who was already contemplating an attempt on their own life might be pushed over the edge.

    • BD

      Someones a little bit envious of success.

    • Guest

      I felt there was more to this story when I watched Charlotte on the telly over here before she was hospitilised and according to reports in the media there was however vile tweets especially of the nature she received are completely inexcusable and a disgrace quite frankly.

    • chump

      Sydney Telegraph? Are you kidding me? Such a well respected media institution which has the likes of
      This Dawsoncreek seems to believe everything published in the media!

    • Tony

      I tend to agree. My impression is that there is a significant amount of media-hunger in Ms Dawson’s actions.

      • Sarrs

        I don’t disagree completely with you, but there has to be a certain level of
        benefit of the doubt’ – if she keeps doing it, and keeps milking it in the media – yea, maybe I’ll be more sceptical. Just for now though, I’ll believe she is genuine.

        • Tony

          fair enough – I am sorry

  • Mitch82

    The thin lip is a dead giveaway for a pedophile. Would definitely nail his girlfriend tho.

    • Euan.Rt

      Mitch you’ll have everyone checking their lips next time near a mirror. How thin does it need to be, I’m getting worried? ;-)

  • Paul

    Fucking piece of shit..c’mon the army official complaints please, and Cam, guarantee, this wanker wouldn’t have the balls to say any of this shit to your face !

  • Mully

    What a dickhead.

    I must admit, “turtle molester” made me laugh out loud in the office.

  • Euan.Rt

    I’m sure there will be a clause in Beaus’ contract with Peter Sara re bringing the firm into disrepute. I suggest Beau you make time for a quick meeting with your boss before his friends start contacting him about his renegade employee. Surely someone with any legal knowledge would know not to leave themselves so wide open, quite apart from the inappropriateness of such comments?

    • Mitch82

      Plus he either seems to have political aspirations, or a crush on politicians. Unless he’s opting for the Harawira school of politics, he should know that dumbshit comments about NZ’s most infamous blogger will bite him on the ass.

      His only out now is to claim a mate was using his facebook profile.

      • Just Looking

        He does have Claire Curran and David Cunliffe as friends on facebook.rhaps he is training up to take over from Trev the Duck.

  • CJA

    Oh dear what a dick. Obviously doesn’t realise how many people follow this site.

  • blokeintakapuna

    Karma has no expiry date…

    • And if you’ve every read Terry Pratchett then it’s quite possible he came back as the turtle.

  • Bunswalla

    I’m sure a rich and rewarding career operating lifts at ski resorts, digging drains and pretending to be a patient await. Assuming there are no openings as a turtle porn fluffer of course.

    • Beau Murrah

      I have no problems or qualms doing said work except for the fluffer job which I am not sure exists and sounds illegal. Work of all kinds brings dignity and mental health benefits, thats why I am now so passionate about getting Mr Slater back to work.

      • Are you mentally retarded. I have said many times that I am working. You seem incredibly stupid.

      • kehua

        When in a hole retard , stop digging. The bite marks on your arse will be your own.

  • Deep blue

    NFWAB is right. A balanced, thoughtful response to a complete dickhead. He may try and spin this to his boss, but now everyone who has seen this post now knows this dickhead’s name and where he works. The guy should man-up and apologise to Whale.

  • Sarrs

    Oh…so not Trinity College, Cambridge. He went to Trinity Guildhall….drama and music college. Substantially less impressive.

    I also had to check my linkedin profile to make sure it wasn’t that wanky. Might make some changes lol

    • In Vino Veritas

      Yes Guildhall – to learn how to “stay in character” when pretending to be a patient for Med students! Ha bloody ha! When I was at Otago, they just asked anyone to volunteer. Stay in character indeed. How bloody hard is it when you are promised a couple of beers afterward?

  • Thomas

    Cameron, are you going to lay a complaint with the law society? Is he admitted to the bar?

  • Spiker

    And his reward for such a dumb arse comment? A Whaleoil post that will pop up in every google search of his name until the end of the internet. Well done.

    • Mully

      Second result at the moment. And the molester pic is the first image result.

  • In Vino Veritas

    Murrah “supported a lot of NZF’s economic policy”. How does that work? They don’t have a lot of econoomic policy. In fact they don’t even have any economic policy! And this lad expects to get somewhere in life?

    • Tony

      he got a good kicking in the school yard

  • Beau Murrah

    (Tried posting a comment earlier, website seemed to jam, delete if this is a repeat) Hey Cameron! Firstly, I would gladly repeat everything I said to you in person and I definitely was not fraped. I never suggested you commit suicide but asked if you were considering it. You make jokes about suicide regularly so a little hypocritical. I didn’t realize I had trolled you to such an extent! Second I have actually finished working for both firms so I should probably update my outdated Linkedin. Even If I was, I wouldn’t be particularly concerned about your claims or apparent desire to somehow damage my employment. This all seems rather stalkery and vengeful. Why do you feel so persecuted about people who are working? Is it because you don’t have a job when you are so evidently able to work? Your ability to research via google is astounding, I mean you managed to find out my girly name was real! This post is rather creepy and long. You do need better things to do for your mental health. The only thing that is right some people have noted in here is that this will show up highly on google. WhaleOil is a really credible source and isn’t known for muck-raking or near slander so I probably should be pretty scared or something. B M A link for the whole conversation thread if anyone is interested:

    • Mark

      I think a test of your meddle is required. I suggest a meeting between you and Cameron at an agreed time and place and you repeat everything to him face to face as you say you will. It would need to be recorded and then posted on this website. If you face up to him then good on you. If (as anticipated) you shit your little knickers then expect to be ridiculed forever more with your name being synonomous with “pussy”..

      • or “Chicken for Life”

      • Beau Murrah

        Can we organize the meeting at WINZ? I mean I am not entirely opposed to this idea, I just think its needs to be particularly productive.

        • Mark

          Well you’d better check with your case manager first Beau.

        • pukakidon

          Backing out now chicken shit!!!!
          You have a big mouth but cant walk the talk eh!. If you had of said something as demeaning as that to my face or to my family you would be on your arse.

          People like you who pretend to defend the weak and vulnerable and work in or for the Government departments such as ACC are full of shit and need to be outed.

          I will keep an eye out for your name and if it is associated with any law firm or government department, I will make sure I remind them of your real intent and the inflammatory remarks you espouse regarding those with depression or vulnerabilities. You are a disgrace because you should know better.

          I note you will not appologise for your rash comment but you try to justify your stupid comments.

        • pukakidon

          Good Idea how about you and Whale front up to a mental health charity and you donate a good whack of money and then apologise for your crass comments. Even better get your millionaire buddy “Woody” to chip in a $100,000.00 being that he is so rich.

    • maninblack

      mate you really don’t know when to stop. If you have read this blog much, you will know the whale as no upper limits of escalation.

    • Euan.Rt

      Well done for fronting up. But…I call you a sleazy liar fro the following reasons – 1) There are not regular jokes about suicide on this blog 2) Your mention of Charlotte Dawson proves that you were not just asking if Cam had considered suicide. Such callous disregard for someones’ mental health is absolutely sleazy and you should be ashamed of yourself!

    • My Facebook page is open to almost anyone.

      It also isn;t slander to tell the truth about someone. You are certainly a glutton for punishment.

      You are now obfuscating…you know very well what you were trying to do and say…to suggest otherwise in retrospect is pathetic, but then given someone who was a sycophant of Winston Peters shows the brain capacity that you lack.

      Despite my answers yesterday you continue to insist that I do not work…when I have clearly said you are wrong, that make you one of two things…stupid or a liar…personally I think you are both.

    • Of course you didn’t think it creepy or stalker like to come to the Facebook page of someone you aren;t a friend of and hurl abuse and encourage them to consider killing themselves?

    • Guest

      Conveniently missing the point, if your interest is in health and law then why did you post such a comment?
      And if you can manage it , face up to the consequences of your facebook comment to Whale which you have to admit was a pretty dumb move.

    • In Vino Veritas

      Beau, as a young person that wants (I assume) to make their way in the world, do you think that it is sensible to behave in the way you are behaving? Your outbursts are at best, childish. Perhaps you have spent a little too much time around Winston Peters. Your attacks on Whale’s mental state are just uniformed drivel, since you cannot possibly have any first hand knowledge of them. There is an old rule of thumb, attack, but only when the full facts are in your possession, otherwise you will end up looking like a fool. Which you have successfully done (again, too much time around Peters?). Your claim that Whale has a desire to damage your employment – I think you’ve been quite successful at that yourself. But then I guess at your age, if you can’t get a job, get into a minor political party as a functionary.
      On slander, one cannot “near slander” anyone. It either is, or is not slander.

  • fozzie

    Would be nice to expect that you – the mighty Whale Oil would be as sensitive and concerned for others, as you are for yourself.

    • Lion_ess

      Personally, I think he’s pretty brave – out there warts and all. Don’t support all of his views but have the opportunity to comment either way. It works for me right now. BTW he runs a good blog.

  • yawn

    You’re a hypocrite, anyone with half a brain can see that Beau was using the statement to illustrate the very obvious fact that much of your internet presence is very low brow personal comments used to rally up a bunch of yes men (probably the same 20 or so). Including at least one about attempted suicide “” yup great empathy. I bet you went and told your friend you thought we was a coward and a loser too did you? Oh no that’s right, that all goes out the window when you want to rally sympathy for yourself for a pissing contest! You seem to think you are a lot more intimidating character than you actually are…. Yup – the post will show up in google – will it damage Beau? No probably not, will someone click on your website for the first time – see some kind of smear campaign by someone who can’t take what they regularly give out, yawn and never click on it again? Yeah probably. Enjoy your 15 minutes tough guy.

    • I can take plenty, but a lawyer who works for ACC claimants should be more mindful of his actions. And yes I did tell my mate exactly that…so another fail from you.

      I think you’ll find I’ll a whole lot more that 15 minutes…dick.

    • Euan.RT

      I see your point Yawn, I hadn’t realised that people with only half a brain would see it that way. Fortunately most of the followers of this blog have got a whole brain and are able to see through such stupid dribble. And the best you can do re the claim that there are regular jokes about suicide on this blog is to link to a 2006 post – 6 years ago?

    • Bunswalla

      Well done, bravo! You found one reference to a comment on suicide (that itself garnered only one comment), a whole……6 years ago! And there wasn’t even anything funny about it.
      That categorically proves that Whale “regularly makes jokes about suicide”.
      What a goat’s cock.

    • Karlos

      Yawn, did you even read the post you linked too? In the first line Whale states “I have always said that people who commit suicide are cowards.”, from that alone, how can you back up Beau asking if Whale has contemplated suicide as being a legitimate question????
      For future reference, it isn’t a good idea to start an argument with a gun pointed at your foot.

  • Woody

    Beefed hook, shame on you to involve Beau workplace, very impulsive and downright dirty. You sir need to check yourself. Within Beau’s message did he mention your bosses name? where you work? and extreme personal information? If you showed integrity and took the higher road I think that would have been a rather more intelligent and honorable approach. Your action’s on writing this blog and the manner in which you have published this is abhorrent.

    • It was relevant..he claims to want to work int he area of ACC and with claimants and at the same time encourage them to kill themselves….yeah it was relevant

      • You claim to be a blogger, yet your command of the english language is sub-par.

        • You could not be more full of shit here if someone reversed the polarity on your enema bag.

      • woody

        I disagree, I think you really took this to far. You must be a very unhappy person to be so spiteful,. I have read your blogs, and I do know Beau personally, however even if I did not know Beau I would still feel that you have raised the bar in defamation of character and I see this as definite libel defamation. The slander you are evoking to the public in regards to Beau’s character is extremely incorrect and I suggest you read into this

        • The Gantt Guy

          Wrong, numbnuts. There is no lobel in the post, and no slander. Unless you mean Murrah’s statements were libellous, in which case you may have a point. The only statements Slater made in his post which might be considered even remotely related to Murrah’s character are “turtle-molester” and “nasty piece of work”. All of the other information is either direct quote from Murrah using publicly-available information, or Slater’s providing of context to those quotes. You’re clearly in Prentice’s league as a lawyer. By which I mean you’d make a bloody good street-sweeper.

        • ben

          Prehaps if you went a little further than merely googling defamation you would be aware there is slightly more to it, if in the unlikely event you could cobble a defamatory statement out of any of this, 1. Truth is a complete defence and 2. anything Whale has said is clearly honest opinion based on true facts

        • pukakidon

          Have you heard of professional conduct. Telling people to commit suicide is not professional and is illegal. If you attended university and indeed were professional you would understand that a professional must be beyond reproach.. As a professional you are judged by your conduct, and in this case Beau and yourself have been found wanting. He would have been better to appologise for the comment, not try to stubbornly justify and defend it .

          • woody

            Well said, I have been schooled.

      • Beau Murrah

        Besides the fact I never encouraged you to kill yourself, in my former work related to ACC getting people back to work was still really important if it was evident they could work! Id love to help you find a job.

        • Euan.Rt

          You still don’t get it silly boy, Cam is at work – unlike you it would seem. Pull your head in and try scrape some respect together.

        • How else should “do a Charlotte Dawson” be interpreted then Beau?

    • The Gantt Guy

      The stupid cock should have thought about that earlier. Cameron has a certain reputation when it comes to trolls. The two apt sayings here are NFWAB (Never Fuck with A Blogger), and don’t wrestle with a pig (you’ll get dirty, and the pig will enjoy it). Murrah’s comments were obscene, offensive and a clear indicator of an utterly useless fuckwit who has no business disgracing the once-noble legal profession with his presence.

      He lit the fire, and you’re trying to say it’s not fair he feels the flames? Clearly, the laws of physics don’t apply to him (actions/reactions and the like).

  • grandstream

    IS this guy a mate of Matt Bloomfield & co ? I wonder…;…..

    • blokeintakapuna

      Or – is he Helen Kelly’s doppleganger? Would certainly explain the bullshit being spouting when his lips move…

    • He is as stupid, i’ll give you that.

  • Lance Cash

    Doesn’t Whale Oil often make jokes about suicide?
    I mean – it’s a problem. But lets not demonise people like Beau for making a joke about suicide – while the blog itself is also guilty of doing the same thing.

    A little maturity Whale Oil please!!!

    • He wasn’t joking

      • Beau Murrah

        Oh, but I was.

        • Grizz30

          Listen mate, an apology would go a long way. You claim to have worked for an ACC related law firm and get joy in getting people on ACC back to work. That’s great, but usually depression and suicide falls outside the realms of ACC.

          Until you have actually dealt with someone who has tried to suicide you would not be joking about it. You would also recognise that dealing with the emotional trauma that contributes to suicidal thoughts and actions are not simply sorted out by a bit of physical rehab and a programme to reintroduce full work duties. A psychiatrist you are not. A physician you are not.

          By the way, have you ever asked Whaleoil if he currently receives any benefits form WINZ. if the answer is no, then what is your problem?

          • Random66

            Good comment Grizz. Beau completely crossed the line when he made light of suicide and he should be man enough to see his comment for what it is and apologise. I held my teenage daughter earlier this year and just rocked her as she cried because a bright young man (her friend) with his whole life in front of him chose to end it and no one saw it coming, least of all his brother and parents. If only he had asked for help. Suicide is normally contemplated only by those who can see no answer to their current situation and when they are not thinking clearly they should never be so unfortunate as to speak to Beau because it would seem he would encourage it. Shame on you.

        • I just bet you joke about rape too.

  • Beau Murrah

    Censoring comments now? So butthurt!

    • You could not be more full of shit here if someone reversed the polarity on your enema bag.

      I never censor comments, another lie from a proven liar…then again learned from the lap of Winston

      • Anon.

        Whoa, that’s certainly uncalled for… I noticed there were a couple comments gone that weren’t here before and mentioned it to Beau. So please take that back. He is not lying, this is not proof of being a liar. No need to be so harsh over a completely legitimate comment… Thanks.

        • Dave

          Idiots (not Cam) Anyone who is registered, can DELETE their own posts, so to the complainers, could you be staging this and deleting your own posts – Thought so.

          FYI I have noticed Whale / Cam warning people if the content s getting over the top, but not deleting comments.

          • Euan.Rt

            Everyone stop getting your titties in a tangle. one of my posts has not shown up either so I think there may be a glitch somewhere?

          • Mitch82

            Disqus has been having problems for weeks. Posts take time to show up, the # of comments on the frontpage/header will update wrong, etc.

          • Travis Poulson

            also sometimes the names to the comments are wrong, and seem to change later on.

        • Travis Poulson

          I noticed there were a couple comments gone that weren’t here before”
          So if they weren’t here, then they can’t be gone!

          • Bunswalla

            Haha Trav you beat me to the punch on that one.
            Score: Trev 1 Bumswallow 0

          • Travis Poulson

            Heh, keep swilling that bourbon Bums :) Trev is on form today.

          • Bunswalla

            Bourbon? You dare to call my fine Tennessee Sipping Whiskey bourbon?
            * shakes head *
            Trev -999 Bums 1

  • woody
    • I am not you tool. So sue me…join the long list of flea lawyers that have tried that and failed. Know one thing…your letter will be posted on the site.

      • Johnny

        can you stop being so mean? Why don’t you get a real job?

    • Also suggest you continue your studies at Otago as you haven’t learned anything yet from your “higher education”.

  • Stroker08

    Are we talking about the (only) 25-ish guy that was interviewed at Winston’s 2011 election party who had the weak chin and was wearing the Thunderbirds / Boy Scout hat saying “We’re Back!”? He certainly looks like him.

    • Beau Murrah

      Na, thats not me

      • No but it is your former mate and reach around buddy Curwen.

  • Candy Pandy

    lol you guys have no idea about politics lol. Romney will win also Beau is a nice guy lolcat

    • Guest

      Judging him by the comment on facebook he made he doesnt sound too nice.

  • George

    I see you’re no longer repeating that Beau is “socialist scum” on the premise that he is a compulsive liar (sound reasoning, btw). Now that you’ve clearly destroyed any chance for Beau’s future employment, maybe you guys could get together to discuss the hardships of unemployment and even found a help/support group kind of thing.

    Also, although I can’t be sure, I believe he’s molesting a tortoise, not a turtle.

  • Jozilla

    You’re just a dole bludger whale oil. Get off the computer and go make society just a little bit better. The Otago Daily times is better than the rubbish you post here.

    • Tony

      I don’t know about you George, but I would point out that you posted your comment at 1443. It seems to me that, in the absence of evidence to the contrary, that you do not seem to be fully employed.

      WO provides a service that clearly is successful – indeed, he has allowed you a place the air your views. I think that you should enjoy this opportunity as there are other sites that would prevent you from airing views that were contrary to the desires of the blog-owner.

      • Jozilla

        Luckily I’ve made my millions so I don’t need to work anymore.

        • Tony

          I congratulate you. So – why accuse WO of being on the dole? What evidence do you have?

        • Guest

          So why are you on here then being bitchy? you should be sunning yourself somewhere exotic without a care in the world let alone calling someone a dole bludger!

        • Tony

          so – where are you now that people are calling you out?

          sorry buddy – you’re perspective seems to be undefendable – this of course is the price of freedom of speech

        • pukakidon

          I would say that Jozilla is a teacher because like Kosh and Teachersrock he/she is on here during the working day e.g. when we are paying them to be teaching and he/she likes to tell lies.

        • Michael

          millions? I call bullshit. Of the several self-made millionaires I have met, not one would have made the comment above – they just don’t work that way.

          Cam must be fighting an internal battle to not publish this idiot’s IP details so the whole army can track him and hound him for his attempt at anonymous bragging……if he was a little brighter he would have known that (1) nobody believes him and (2) it does not make him any less a tool if it were true, which calls into question why he bothered to even make the claim.

          • pukakidon

            Because he is an arrogant little boy, who has never earned a cent in his life. Mummy and Daddy still wipe his arse while we the tax payer pay for him to do his study at Uni.

        • BD

          Colin is that you?

    • Not on the dole, said so many times, that just makes you stupid. Head back to classes, you need them.

      • natman

        hey cam, how about publishing those ip addresses, seems these idiot student loan bludgers might be down here in dunedin, don’t like that idea much..

    • Travis Poulson

      ODT = newspaper, WOBH = blog, retarded much?

  • A-random-reader

    You’re friends with Charlotte Dawson? Really?

    That’s the funniest thing I’ve read all day.

  • Sarrs

    This comment is directed to Beau Murrah:I can’t think how else ‘Have you considered pulling a Charlotte Dawson’ is meant to be taken, other than as an encouragement to attempt suicide. This is quite a nasty, horrific thing to say to someone…anyone, not just someone who has been open and honest regarding his mental health.

    Calling someone you don’t know a ‘mentally ill dole bludger’ when Cam isn’t on the dole, or a sickness benefit, but is self employed with no government hand outs is ridiculous. Pretending that you can’t read and continuing to make that claim is farcical.
    To back pedal and then say you were joking won’t wash. Maybe you said it in the heat of the moment, thinking you were funny (you are not) and now you regret it. It certainly does reflect poorly on you and because you used your real name and are easily researched, rightly or wrongly your job got brought into the equation. Regardless of your profession, qualification or personal preferences – your comment was out of line. I know that I will never, ever solicit legal advice from you or any firm that employs you. That may mean nothing to you and your firm but it reflects how much what you wrote disgusts and sickens me.

    • Bunswalla

      Well said Sarah. The comment was even worse though – it added “yet” to the question. Implying that if Cam hadn’t yet considered the coward’s way out, it was only a matter of time.
      Despicable goat’s cockery.

      • Fozzie

        See you have never been there – else you would know that suicide is not a cowardly act …. shame on you Buns….

        • Bunswalla

          And yet, also not having been there, you think you know something about it – what a goat’s cock you continue to be.
          Do not presume to know anything about my experience, arsehole.

          • fozzie

            Nor should you mine – but I don’t have the need to abuse you – just remind/ point out to you that suicide is far from cowardly act …….

          • Travis Poulson

            Says who, you? for fucks sake. Go back to sleep. Induced coma, whatever.

          • Bunswalla

            I’m not in the slightest bit interested in your needs. You haven’t got a clue what you’re talking about, and suicide is the most cowardly way to exit this world. And you’re a goat’s cock.

          • Random66

            Based on a previous post fozzie has terminal cancer and perhaps has more reason than others to ponder such matters. In light of this maybe you can find some compassion :)

          • Bunswalla

            People post all sorts of things Random, for all sorts of reasons. Fozzie chose to weigh in to me, completely uninvited, and called shame for commenting on something that he says I know nothing about. He’s entitled to his own opinion, which is undoubtedly shaped by his own circumstances, but it’s false logic to say that because I’m alive I know nothing about suicide, and hypocritical to suggest that he or she does.

          • Random66

            Quite right. I shouldn’t have said anything.

    • Dave

      Sarrs – Very well said, I’m right behind you. A message to Beau: Go donate a thou to a charity working to support youth and others contemplating Suicide. A suggestion – Youthline.

      To Cam – He is a guest presenter on several radio stations, has a column here and there, and has thousands and thousands of followers here on HIS own blog, which is NZ’s TOP blog. MAny like me have given up on the MSM and follow WOBH, i admire Cam for his blog, his views and his courage to publish what he does.

      Now tell me Beau, what the fuck have you done to deserve anyones respect and admiration.

  • Daddy’s Boy

    Maybe Whale Oil is not on the Dole – Maybe Daddy pays for everything!!
    Maybe Daddy even paid the Wife to stay after Whale Oil’s boned around
    Whale has a mental illness its ok to root about!!

    • Multiple personalities from same ip address…fake emails..troll…goodbye.

    • owl

      Irrelevant if WO slept around. Beau I read it first time I read as it is said. ” have you considered committing suicide” Your interpretation after the fact is irrelevant now and it is what a third party reads and takes out It.

      The second rule of blogging is that if you write on here you can’t get into slagging matches. Your speed in response shows that you have taken matters personally. I suggest you consider all people’s views and respond tomorrow after thinking about it.

      I hope this helps

      • owl

        Actually beau I will go one step further…my wife is a lawyer and suffers from depression and she has considered a charlotte Dawson on many occasions. I have two young kids. You are more than welcome to come say your words to my wife and kids also. Email WO and I will give you my address.

    • Travis Poulson

      Thanks for informing us of this OLD news. You’re not the first person to try and use this in an attempt to smear WO for a post he’s made. Fail.

  • Phar Lap

    Beau Murrah,what an unfortunate name.Seems he must have been beaten about the head when is was born.Still i will never forget,whats his name.He lives up to WO’s theory,that strange names make strange people.

  • phronesis

    I seem to recall the child of a very senior and well respected lawyer in dunedin committed suicide some years ago. I doubt young beaufort will be getting a job in Dunedin ever again.

  • Lion_ess

    Fatal Attraction .. but with turtles

  • Krim Dotcom

    sticks and stones will break my bones but words will never hurt me

    if you can’t handle the jandal get off the fucking internet

    like Charlotte Dawson, some of you need a cup of concrete, stat!

  • P1LL

    Beau has his feelings hurt , go cry to mumma boy , getting your bum buddies to post here will do you no good.
    What you were insinuating with your post is fucking disgraceful !

    • Jester

      You’d think a guy that can handle a fisting from Curwen, could handle a bit of playful banter on Whale Oil wouldnt you?

      • Travis Poulson

        This wasn’t wanted, the fisting was.

  • Jester

    Typical fucking weak chinned uni student!

  • MrV

    On the Charlotte Dawson thing. Why if you are suffering from mental health issues would you get on the internet and enter into a flame/troll war with anonymous persons, especially if you are vulnerable?
    It makes no sense, and all the vitriol that was then spewed against New Zealanders did not do her any favours either. Then being admitted to hosbpital, and “asking for her privacy to be respected”, only for two hours later be doing a 60 minutes interview was hypocritical at best. Not to mention the less than ‘supportive’ comments she herself has dished out to impressionable teen women for her TV show.
    She has to at least admit to the complete hypocrisy of the situiation.

    • RightNow

      Why if you are suffering from mental health issues would you get on the internet and enter into a flame/troll war with anonymous persons”
      I know right? Like you’d have to be mentally ill to do that.

      • MrV

        Well the way in which she did it, was not exactly progressing the conversation. Surely you should know when to stop? It was described as a ‘marathon session’ lasting all afternoon and with her ending up in hospital. Now I’m not a mental health expert but surely that can be classed as going too far. And what was her husband doing the entire time? Perhaps he should have disconnected the Wi-Fi.

      • pukakidon

        Yes you are right RightNow, she obviously has a problem that needs careful treatment and care. Putting it out in the media is the wrong thing to do. I think the media should be ashamed for taking advantage of her in that state.

  • grumpy

    I don’t know……young Beau made a silly comment but has actually handled himself pretty well here. Could be an asset if he hangs around, definately a few steps up from our old mate Kosh……..

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  • John King

    This post made me hard.