An Apology

Yesterday I blogged about some pretty awful comments from Beau Murrah, on that post which ended up with 139 comment, some from him and his pals. I also had extensive email correspondence with him that showed an arrogance and lack of remorse that was breath-taking.

So when I received this email in the early hours of the morning I was surprised to say the least. I am dis-inclined to removed the original post, simply because of the nature of the comments yesterday and the correspondence. I am pleased he has made a donation. I will take advice on whether or not the original post should remain.

When I say NFWAB I really, really mean it.

From: Beau Murrah

To Cam Slater


I have come to realise you are correct. My comments alluding to suicide were and are unacceptable to be said to anyone including yourself. I should know better. I don’t want to troll at all and most definitely not in such a manner ever again. I have just donated $200 of my own money to the Mental Health Foundation of NZ as some kind of atonement.

Regarding mental health I have also realised that this whole episode and perhaps a significant part of my online behaviour in recent times has not been good for it. I thought I was some ‘hilarious troll’ for a moment, bulletproof. I felt like it.

Somehow in my mind I have gotten this attitude that just because I might severely disagree with some persons political views or character it somehow makes it ‘justified’ to troll them in such a way on the internet as if it is somehow a different moral universe. Its unhealthy and the feeling doesn’t last. I didn’t sleep well tonight and ended up having an argument with my girlfriend who is very supportive of me, whom I never really argue with generally. I don’t want to have this happen again.

Now for my own mental health I am going to ask something of you. I am going to ask you to please remove your blog post about me. This is probably quite rare for you to ever do for anyone. All I can suggest is that despite the large comment feedback compared to the other more serious topics on your blog about politics the one post about some university student troll won’t really be missed or particularly noticed when its gone.

I can only ask you take my word for it that I have learned from this… I don’t want any part of this trolling business anymore regardless. As much as I tried to hand-wave it off in my mind this google prominence will provide a barrier to employment and some mental health issues of their own. I am asking you to mercy me that.

Regards Beau.

They didn’t get to me with a proper receipt yet but I guess well I can only also ask you take my word for the donation:

On Wed, Sep 12, 2012 at 1:24 AM, The Mental Health Foundation <[email protected]> wrote:

Thank you for your form submission, we hope you return soon.

Your details are:Email: [redacted]

You paid by credit card online.

Kind regards
The Mental Health Foundation

UPDATE: Commenters have asked that now Beau Murrah has apologised for his offensive comments that I should remove the original post. However, as I believe in context, removing this post really isn’t an option as it would remove context. To remove it would only leave an apology hanging without the context in which it was given. That could lead to further injustice as people could assume that something far worse was said.

Therefore after spending a day thinking about it I have decided to leave the original post in place, but have added an explanation similar to this so that full context of the situation can be understood.

As one of my commenters has noted I am an advocate of owning your own shit. I don’t hide my past posts, even though some of them are terribly embarrassing and re-reading them is sometimes just awful, the fact is that I wrote those and I should own what I did and said int he past. This is one of those situations that should serve as an example to all.


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  • Euan.Rt

    Well the man has shown that he is not beyond reproach and is redeemable. However, there are consequences for our behaviour and I do think the original post should stay with maybe an edit alluding to this apology?

    • maninblack

      exactly what i was going to suggest. people have to learn. Not every thing can be wiped away just like our court system.

    • LesleyNZ

      Agree – the post should stay because it happened. It was not good what he said – but it is good that he has said he is sorry and put things right in a good way. Always be careful what you say in cyberspace – especially with social media. Once your words are in cyberspace they are there for good – unless you are quick enough to delete without anyone picking up on what you said. Social Media often brings out silly, stupid and crazy comments that you wouldn’t normally say in person. A lesson to be learned I guess. DON’T press the enter button until you reread what you are saying – and calmed down a bit.

    • Ronnie Chow

      I disagree , because his apology is conditional , and because it is all about himself , and doesn’t address his insults to you that you don’t work etc .
      Weasel words from Beau .

  • Vlad

    I’m inclined to say remove it. It is easy to get on a dimwitted roll at the keyboard late at night. I think he has well and truly learned his lesson, and the late-night email looks like a very genuine apology for an episode of stupidity.

  • Kimbo

    We’ve already had Proverb for the day, but I’d suggest you delete the Beau Murrah post, and in its place put:

    “Whoever conceals their sins does not prosper,
    but the one who confesses and renounces them finds mercy”.

    Proverbs 28:13

    • Vlad

      Very well said Kimbo. Murrah is not a repeat offender. WO’s blog is, thankfully, an extremely powerful voice. Beau used his own name, another foolish component of his blunder into a minefield (not to mention that it verges on SFNS). But a gesture of mercy would in my opinion enhance WO’s formidable reputation.

      • anonymous

        By using his own name at least shows he holds himself personally accountable for things said… unlike say people who post on the hate blog

    • andrew carrot

      Problem is he expected to prosper from publicising his sins. The subsequent “exclusion clause” doesn’t work too well after that.

      • Kimbo

        No, I think you’ve misinterpreted. Proverbs is Hebrew poetry, but instead of using rhyme, it uses parallelism. The same thing, or something very similar being said a second time. Sometimes it is a parallelism of straight repetition, sometimes of progression. In this case it is a parallelism of contrast: –

        Those concealing their sins don’t prosper
        Those who renounce sins find mercy (prosperity is not directly in view).

        The parallelism of contrast is based primarily around what one does when one has sinned/transgressed. The results are slightly different – in one case you do not prosper (which, in Hebrew poetry is much wider than just material profit – it encompasses peace and wholeness in all spheres of life, because one is in proper relationship with Yahweh, the god of Israel, and fellow man).

        In the other case one finds mercy. So no, it isn’t a straight quid pro quo, “you publicise your sins by confess, you prosper”.

        Just saying…

  • In Vino Veritas

    I’m sorry Whale, but this lad has made his bed and must now lie in it. He can be forgiven, but deleting the original post sends the wrong message. Since time immemorial people have been punished for bad judgement, and this is exactly that. How else will he learn?

    • farmboy

      disagree i think cam should let it go he has apologised and sounds sincere u make enough enimies over life so when someone is sorry for there actions better just to forgive and forget just my opinion completely understand if people dont agree

  • GregM

    Good on him for the apology, I agree with EuanRt regarding putting an “update” on the original post.

  • Mitch82

    NFWAB indeed – good job on the apology though. Agreed with Euan, might need to link this to the original.

  • Notrotsky

    Credit where credit is due he’s apologized and admitted that he was completely out of order. I’d remove the original blog post and leave this one up. Take the positive view that he has learn’t a valuable lesson and don’t seek to extract recompense and further suffering from him by harming his future job prospects……… just my opinion.

  • David

    I would leave it there as a lesson to anyone who is tempted to behave in that way. While his apology may well be mostly genuine there is probably not a small amount of self preservation involved for his future job prospects. If that behavior prevents him getting a particular type of job it’s probably just as well he doesn’t get it.

  • CJA

    I’m kind of thinking you can look at this one way or the other. Keep the post up to teach him a lesson or alternatively he has atoned for his sins for apologising (my hope is that it is geniune). You could always have it in reserve if he decides to make another stupid comment and just put it straight back up. It would certainly keep him on the straight and narrow.

  • NoVictim

    Let him off when he produces his newly aquired National membership card.

  • Random66

    I’m of the view that forgiveness should be given by yourself WO as this is a fundamental belief of our faith. He was foolish, he was wrong, but he is also sorry and has shown repentance by trying to right his wrong by way of a monetary donation and an apology. Your small act of kindness WO by removing the post of the other day will be forgotten by yourself and possibly most others in a week or two but for Beau I doubt he will ever forget and I believe you will teach him a valuable truth about forgiveness and compassion towards others.

    • GMMNZ

      I agree he should remove the post and that the impact to him of leaving the post up is potentially damaging over the long term and potentially a little heavy handed – but forgiveness isn’t something a person grants to someone who displays repentance. A christian is commanded to forgive…. full stop. Not to forgive if the other person says sorry.

      • Random66

        Thank you for your response but unilateral forgiveness without repentance is not supported by scripture.

        • So you are saying that we dont have to forgive until the other party says sorry first? What happens if they die first? We stay bitter at their memory?

          My understanding of the relevant scripture is that forgiveness is a choice, a step towards amicable relations, a willingness to engage with that person again, and a choice to forget the ‘sin’.

          Some people will never offer a sincere apology, will never recognise the harm they did or simply just dont care. To not forgive in those circumstances will leave you bitter and as Ghandi (I think) said, bitterness is like drinking poison and expecting the other person to die. It’s toxic.

          • Random66

            Hi, it is not my intention to go off topic here and as there is much written on this subject I thought to just give you a couple of links to make your own mind up (hope they come through ok).


            Theology aside, forgiveness is undisputably good for the soul. A good friend of ours had his daughter murdered over in Tauranga some years ago and you could see it was destroying him. All I knew to say is that hopefully one day he could find forgiveness, not because the mongrel who did it was sorry or deserved his forgiveness, but because I knew it was the only way he would be able to find peace within his own being.

          • Thanks for the links – will definitely check them out.

            “All I knew to say is that hopefully one day he could find forgiveness, not because the mongrel who did it was sorry or deserved his forgiveness, but because I knew it was the only way he would be able to find peace within his own being”

            Completely agree.

            And that is awful re your friend – every parent’s worst nightmare.

        • Semp

          Matthew 6:14-15

          “For if you forgive others their trespasses. your heavenly Father will also forgive you, but if you do not forgive others their trespasses, neither will your Father forgive your trespasses”

          Luke 17:3-4

          If your brother sins, rebuke him and if he repents, forgive him, and if he sins against you 7 times in the day, and turns to you seven times, saying ‘I repent’ you must forgive him

          But my favourite is Romans 12:19
          Never avenge yourself but leave it to the wrath of God

          Didn’t mean to bible bash your blog :D
          Forgiveness is something that I am learning at the moment. Spiritually it is something very easy to understand, but practically is something very hard to see to fruition.

          I tend to agree with Unsolicitedous, the post is not flattering to the parties involved. I don’t understand why you would want this to remain as a testament to something that is hurtful to many of your readers. And while it is rare to catch someone is brash and careless and hold them to account as you have, I believe the actions taken and consequences that have flowed from this to be more than enough.

          To hold this guilt over someone indefinitely seems disproportionate, however this is only my 2c.

        • GMMNZ

          I think we’ve already covered this now but me forgiving someone is not linked to their remorse, repentance, apology or anything else. “Forgive us our sins as we forgive those that sin against us”…. no mention of a requirement to wait for an apology there that I can see….

      • Stanely.

        But then how would whale oil keep up his sadistic little games of humiliating people?

    • I completely agree Random.

      WO – just delete it and keep this one up. Honestly yesterday’s post was not favourable to anyone – not Beau, not you and not your army. I read very little that amounted to rational debate or discussion. It just seemed to turn into a keyboard warrior frenzy which I dont think it left anyone feeling good.
      A good telling off when someone is out of line and saying completely inappropriate things is one thing, but comments that reek of toxicity is definitely another.
      End of the day this apology email acknowledges what he has done; he isnt and cant hide from it so I say just leave this one up & move on.

      Forgiveness is unconditional and means the issue is forgotten. I also think that to truly forgive and not have any remnants of bitterness one must also demonstrate kindness towards that person.

      You lose nothing by removing the post, but you potentially gain pride and spite but leaving it up.

      • Random66

        Hi Unsol, I was wondering where you have been lately :)

        • I’ve been around :) Have to have my daily fix of contentious blogs – brain food for the at home mum! Just been ghost reading (reading but not commenting) – havent felt the need to add my long winded 2 cents worth!

  • Michael Duke

    I would but a bold edit on the top and bottom of the post refering to this post but would not delete the post.

  • Razork

    I say delete it.
    He’s been an idiot but there’s bigger issues at stake in the world today and ongoing punishment on here out weighs his moments of madness.

  • Forgiveness does more for the person who does it. Be generous! :)

    • Kimbo

      …and finally you post something that a Protestant like me can agree with, Lucia Maria!

      Beau’s repentance, Lucia and me in ecumenical spirit – the Kingdom of Heaven is drawing near!

  • grumpy

    As I stated on his original post, apart from a stupid initial comment, I thought he handled himself well and showed promise.
    I’d delete the original and invite him to participate on this blog, at least he would be several steps of from the late, unlamented Kosh.

    • owl

      agree – always like a different angle

    • Beau Murrah

      I was already thinking yesterday I should probably sign up for the Nutters club regardless.

      • grumpy

        Hang around here long enough and you might learn that quality most posters here possess (especially Redbaiter)…….subtlety.
        That and get an alias……………………….or nom de guerre as appropriate.

        • Pete George

          I don’t think an alias is necessarily appropriate, but it does point out one thing – most trolls are anonymous cowardly cretins, I’m not going to condone what Beau has done but at least he did it openly, hence he’s the one in the firing line.

          Most trolls keep hiding under their bridges. So in that respct leaving the Beau thread from yesterday live is disproportionate to what exposure most trolls get.

          • Bafacu

            I agree Pete. I’ve done some bloody stupid things in the past which are “documented” forever on the web – to my eternal mortification. The penalty of that is worse than the initial sentence. While not a God Botherer I say forgive him this time. Anyone can make a mistake – idiots repeat them.

          • Petal

            My real identity is known to WO. But participating here should never feed the Google Monster in ways that a clumsy search a decade or two later will cause someone to take something out of context in such a way as to disadvantage you. You have control over that now. Even just changing to Peet Jorge would be a smart move. It’s got nothing to do with standing behind what you say, and it has everything to do with not being able control where it ends up and how it is used in future.

      • Joe Bloggs

        I hadn’t noticed Red exhibiting any of that particular learning Grumpy!

        Here’s a tip Beau – Google exposure and response prevention therapy – and next time you have an urge to come a’knocking on Whale’s front door, resist the temptation …

        Speaking of definitions here’s one I found earlier today – Beau Geste: a gesture noble in form but meaningless in substance…

        • Petal

          > Beau Geste


  • rouppe

    Depends what the motivation for the retraction really is.

    Is it, as he is putting forward, a sudden reversal of position about what he was doing and what it meant?

    Or is it that someone of influence (perhaps his employer) gave him a very hard talking to, and now he wants the internet record of his behaviour expunged in case it damaged future employment prospects…

    • Beau Murrah

      I have finished working at either of the places mentioned in the original post currently, that was outdated information from my LinkedIn.

      • Darwin

        Does that mean you’re now a benefit bludger Beau?

        • Beau Murrah

          If that includes student then basically yes. Some part-time here and there.

          • Tony

            well get off your arse and start working – BK has some openings

  • owl

    WO I would like to say delete it – it was one of my rules when I came on here that the Owl always apologise if wrong.

    I have stood by that conviction all along and have received numerous compliments from your followers for that stand.

    My son wrote something on facebook once and we had the a good debate about it at home. After a long consideration and the true remorse he showed we allowed him to delete it.

    I think Beau has shown great remorse. I think the apology should stay and now be known as the “Beau Blog Effect”

    • Tony

      I have said ‘sorry’ when I’ve got things wrong too – but I would never suggest that the comments be removed.

  • mangaroa

    Beau has had a history of making silly statements and attacking many people. Plus he likes picking on people who are different and has not changed his ways in the past. Keep the post up, could be a smoke screen.

    • Beau Murrah

      Its exactly because I have had a recent history of trolling people I have come to realise its basically a mental health issue of my own.

      • mangaroa

        Really what about apology to all the other people you have call many nasty things over the years?. As i think just trying to worm out of it.

      • grumpy

        Don’t overdo it……..

      • WayneO

        It’s not a mental issue. You’re just a cunt.

        • LesleyNZ

          No need to use that word – it is very offensive to some of us – especially so if you are a Hindu.

          • grumpy

            Why for a Hindu? Don’t they have them?

          • LesleyNZ
          • grumpy

            Wow, gee, thanks…..learn something new every day

          • LesleyNZ

            It is good to learn something new every day – I did too when my friend told me about the Hindu god.

          • grumpy

            Yes, I still remember the feeling when I first found out what a cunt was……..

          • Travis Poulson

            Seems you’re being a little precious this week Lesley :)

          • LesleyNZ

            No I don’t get precious at all. I do like truth though.

  • Lion_ess

    Delete the original post but leave the apology

    • James Gray

      No. Leave both, but link to the apology in the original post

  • Joe Bloggs

    Beau (Gods above and below – where do parents get these names from ???) may genuinely have come round to seeing the error of his comments… or maybe not …

    But whether his overnight email is a genuine act of contrition or a PR rescue mission, it still took him 24 hours to wake from his cozy little dream-world, get some advice on the dangers of trolling for whales, and find a suitably contrite face to wear in public. In the meantime he and his buddies were quite happy to add further trolling comments to yesterday’s post.

    So like Euan suggests – take this at face value, accept his act of contrition, forgive but don’t forget, and let the post stand with a link to today’s update. That way you’ve got a judicious mix of Jehad and Jesus.

    Otherwise you end up playing the age-old game of “pay enough money and I can make all of this disappear”

    • blokeintakapuna

      “Jesus loves you” is great to hear when you’re at a low ebb – it’s not great to hear though when you’re in a Mexican jail!
      Just sayin’

      • Petal

        Hi Redditor.

  • Tony

    My immediate thought was that he considered $200 to be an acceptable fee for WO to remove the post. However, on reflection I believe that he cynically thought that WO would accept $200 to buy silence and stop his post popping up whenever his name was Googled.
    he is a lawyer – let hime pay $2000 and I would think that full remorse has been shown. $200 is a speeding fine.
    sorry to appear heartless, but I have spent much of my life assessing people and my assessment on this guy is not flattering. It would have been much better had he not asked for anything and let you be the benevolent one.
    nah – he stays.

    • owl

      we all get a chance in life – this is his. I read it as an apology. I have learnt alot about what to say and not say – I still give him credit by at least approaching the matter.

      End of the day it is WO decision – however he has asked for our views.

      • Tony

        fair enough – I should have said “I recommend’ that he stays.

    • Anon.

      He’s actually a student… Not a lawyer… So $200 is actually a pretty sizable donation for a student for what he did, which was an admittedly stupid troll on some random online post. The donation, owning up to his mistake, apologizing, and attempting to make something right takes courage.. So in my view he has redeemed himself. This whole thing has been blown so out of proportion…

  • Beau Murrah

    Its all meant. All I can further suggest is that you can keep the original blog post easily on hand/edit the OP to allude to it in some manner that will form some sort of nuclear option if I ever troll again or something.

    • Petal

      The nature of the Internet is such that deleting the post here won’t make it go away from the Internet. It’s been discussed on and in other online venues where it will continue to exist for a long time. The net contains utterances I made in the 90s that I wish I could expunge, yet I have to live with it being out there. We all make mistakes. It’s a lesson, son. And you’re trying to turn this into some sort of “name suppression” for an act born from a huge brain fart. It’s who you are, and who you were. Now learn to live with it.

      • Beau Murrah

        Im entirely ok with my name being around in bits and pieces and certainly this apology post staying. Im not looking for name suppression- I never have.

        I am just asking the mercy that the turtle molestor post isn’t the top google result when my french and unusual ‘girly name’ is googled. Its kind of incorrect information because its a tortoise anyways.

        • Petal

          Word of advice? Enjoy the Net read-only for a few weeks or months. Nothing you can say can improve your situation – it can only damage it further.

        • Sarrs

          You’re a lawyer/law student aren’t you? Spin it to your advantage :)
          “Look at what a horrible person I was this day, and then I went and learned my lesson and now I’m a much better person. Reformed, if you will. I show the ability to learn from my mistakes and correct my behaviour where necessary. I am self aware enough to know when I am wrong and strong enough to admit it openly.”
          I guess…maybe that’s not something that makes a good lawyer though :)
          I dunno, that’s just what I would do if the post stays. Use it to prove your strength of character.

          • Euan.Rt

            Well said Sarrs. Was wondering how to phrase that and you have done it more eloquently than I could. Beau, own it and move on. Never deny it and as Sarrs says use it to your advantage. Any employer worthy of his salt is going to admit that we all do/have done stupid stuff. Own it before your potential boss finds it and admit your an idiot. Employers like humility and I believe you can use this positively. Good luck.

        • RightOfGenghis

          At this point Beau you hold the high ground. However it is there for WO if he wants it

  • Quintin Hogg

    I agree with Owl.
    It seems Mr Murrah has learnt his lessson. He apologised and demonstrated sincerity by his donation.
    Deleting the post would demonstrate that you accept that.

  • Random66

    Actually Beau, I have just re-read your letter. Do you know not once did you use the word ‘sorry’. Seeing as you are on line at the moment, perhaps you could make a public apology now to WO – using the sentence ‘I am sorry’.

    • greybeard

      Yes, I noticed that as well. And I am a bit ambivalent over his words “….
      will provide a barrier to employment …”: this may in fact be the main thrust of the ‘apology’, a bit self-serving while appearing to be contrite. However, may be he has learned a lesson.

  • Mostlyharmless

    It’s not about forgiveness. Forgiveness is not the same as mercy – there would be no contradiction between forgiving him and leaving the post up. That said, I think you should be merciful. He seems very sincere, and in the unlikely event that he shows himself not to be, you could always reinstate the original post.

  • grumpy

    Look at it this way, either through honesty or naievety, he used his own name. Very few here do likewise. If he had used an alias nobody would be any the wiser.
    Take it off or give him a new identity like the rest of us (almost).


    Be the bigger person Whale – show him the dignity he failed to show you in the first place by removing the post. Even if his apology is somewhat self serving the lesson is probably learned regardless.

  • kevin

    To me, it reads as thought someone else crafted the ‘apology’ … Oh well, at least there seems to be an awakening.

  • Rab McDowell

    He thought he could and kept trying but eventually he realised he should NFWAB.
    I give him credit for using his own name.Few here have the guts to do so..
    He has learnt. Forgive him and delete it.
    BUT have a long memory. If he trys it again he will know to expect armageddon

  • Glenn in Masterton

    Keep it all up as a warning to prospective parents : the perils of SFNS.

  • Spanishbride

    Spanishbride here. Mr Beau provided a link to a blog site that tells lies about WO & I and that has caused a lot of pain to me personally. He has not only hurt WO he has hurt me. The link was used as just another way to attack WO.
    I believe in forgiveness for the sake of the victum NOT for the sake of the bully. I forgive him for what he did because I do not want to be bitter. However by leaving that post we are only holding him responsible for his actions. I have had to live with many many lying posts on Blogs about WO & I and you know what? Life goes on. I have to suck it up and realise that people are going to believe what they are going to believe and the truth will never get in the way of a good story. SUCK IT UP Beau, you said it, you wear it but sleep well knowing that you are forgiven and that I bear you no ill will. If anyone calls you on your actions you can bring to their attention your apology ( you know, the one that does not say sorry )

    • Well said SB.

    • Beau Murrah

      Fair enough sentiment I guess but I didn’t provide any links to any blog sites about WO at any time yesterday or what not.

      • Euan.Rt

        Beau, I would like to know if you encouraged your friends to post yesterday? If so you become responsible also for their posts by association. I believe in forgiveness and I see you have received that – at least from Mrs Whale, but I also believe in reaping what you sow as a way to help realise that the same mistake not be made again. I believe your contrition, but life has consequences and obviously yesterday you did not know that – today you do.

        • Travis Poulson

          “your friends” heh, most of them WERE him.

          • Beau Murrah

            Only posted under my own name.

    • trisha

      We agree with your words.. SUCK IT UP Beau, you said it, you wear it.
      we think beau is sorry cause he didn’t stick to the plan…
      the plan is…… stick to what you know….. not what you think you know
      to forgive him shows what makes our hunters wives so special
      cause we think he is just a little worm
      in his letter these words pop out to us….his girlfriend, job, reputation, money but no sorry.

    • blam

      what blog site ?

  • AsterixtheGaul

    This sounds like committing a sin during the week, and going to confession in the weekend to make it go away. You cant just pay some money to a charity and make things dissapear. Not once does the word “sorry” appear, and 4 out of 5 paragraphs talk about himself. Reap what you sow. The post should stay.

  • Anna and Carys

    We are proud of you Beau, <3

  • Guest

    Hopefully lessons learnt here I say delete and forgive.

  • P1LL

    I vote to remove the post Cam . He has had the guts to admit his wrong doing

  • Roflcopter

    What goes around, comes around…. now known as a “Beaumurrahng”.

  • Winston P.

    Lets take this vote to a referendum, as to whether or not you remove the post. The public have the right to decide.

  • Bunswalla

    Although the words “I’m sorry for what I did” are not in the email, it’s clearly an apology and plea for forgiveness, and WO by the heading of the post considers it an apology.
    At Beau’s age I almost certainly said and did more stupid things, thank goodness there was no internet aorund then to preserve them in perpetuity.
    My vote is to delete the post and let the young man be on his way. He’s learned a few valuable lessons ands the MHF has profited by $200, a decen whack when you’re a student.

  • Mr_Blobby

    Had a day off and missed all the fun. Fook Me.

    Having reviewed the comments from yesterday.

    I say accept the apology , but what was said was said, the comments stay.

  • Jman

    It’s always good to see someone realize the error of their ways and admit they were wrong. If only politicians could do that. This is something that needs to be encouraged so for that reason I would vote for the original post to be hidden, but not deleted. If he steps out of line again then it can be brought back.

  • Mark

    His apology and subsequent comments in this thread appear to be genuine so I would suggest you can remove the original post.

  • Nick

    I was inclined to say have mercy on a young man as they make mistakes. However when the apology comes with a request to remove the post its hard to believe it is sincere.

  • Stuart

    I think the best solution to internet trolling would be to track some of the worst offenders down, and in public, force them to read out exactly what they said. Most people would struggle to speak out loud some of disgusting things trolls say. Followed by rotten fruit, although public humiliation should be enough.

  • I can’t believe that Beau guy! *jaw- dropping* What an arrogant -ignorant hateful and hurtful tosser!
    Ps I hope Charlotte feels strong again soon

  • The Gantt Guy

    The other thing to consider is that even if Cameron were to take down the original post, Google Archive remembers everything. Once The Goog has it archived, it is archived forever.

    • Sarrs

      Snap – I made the same point. Nothing escapes the dreaded cache!

  • Sarrs

    He seems genuinely sincere in his apology. I think it’s a good lesson to anyone about the risks of posting vile comments on the internet – it’s not necessarily the anonymous, virtual world that some people think it is and it can impact on your ‘real life’ – including employment.

    I would take the post down – the original will live on in the cache anyway. Lesson learnt. I think he’s been punished more thoroughly by the people commenting here than he could have anticipated. I think perhaps he could benefit from spending some time talking with people who have opposing political views, rather than trolling them. A lack of clear perspective is what leads people to think they are hilarious when they are in fact just being obnoxious and offensive. I think Beau has a better perspective now.

  • Travis Poulson

    Ah cut him some slack Cameron, it seems he has at least some trace of a conscience. I know you firmly believe in your NFWAB stance, but apply it where it is needed most. He’s at least shown some remorse, not sure if that was largely due to his mrs giving him an earful, but my opinion is remove the post. Up to you of course, but I think it’s fair. He made some dumb comments, he got the backlash from the Whale Army, he’s apologised, time to show some compassion.

  • Merci, Beau? Coup!

  • HeyJude

    No. He is a leftie and therefore by nature a nasty bastard. If the tables were turned he would not remove the post for you.

  • j

    I think remove the post, despite the fact Beau’s comments were totally out of line. There was so much personal abuse contained in the whale oil post thread that it just made a generally unpleasant/nonconstructive read all round and unworthy of the quality of debate and discussion that usually occurs on this site. In saying this I totally understand Cameron wanting to call Beau out for his comments. NFWAB has been thoroughly proved to those who have taken an interest in this matter and at the end of the day Beau fronted up with his real identity (which shows some character in this age of anonymity), engaged with people challenging what he said and ultimately apologised.
    If you feel you have to leave something up, I’d say leave this one up with something like “some irrational, hurtful and immature comments regarding mental health” describing what was said in place of the link to the original post.

    Just for the sake of disclosure, I do know Beau socially, in case that affects my standing here :-P

  • Rat

    Forgive us our trepass as we forgive those who trespass against us

  • Mark

    Nah, fuck him.. much sunlight is required on these lefty liars, spread it wide Cam

    • Guest

      Then we are as bad as them

  • pukakidon

    Good on Beau, we all make mistakes and sometimes say the wrong thing that we did not mean.

    Well done

    Mental issues and Suicide are all things we should be very concerned about.

  • Mike

    So one can call people black c*nts, useless poofs, typical sth akl’der,
    bene scum (and more/worse) with no repercussions from you or Cam – but
    no one is allowed to have a go back without being ‘outed’ on your
    website? Do you also enjoy the sport where bears are declawed and
    defanged before being made to defend themselves against dogs???

    • Travis Poulson

      You love that sport too? great! we should get together and go to Thailand for a trip. maybe after that we can go to the Arctic circle via Canada and club some cute little fur seals.

      • grumpy

        Do they have that in Thailand?

        • Travis Poulson

          No idea, I was just making it up as I went along.

          • grumpy

            Know the feeling

    • 2ndAmendment

      “black c*nts, useless poofs, typical sth akl’der, bene scum”

      those descriptions are factual

  • Steve (North Shore)

    ‘Sorry seems to be the hardest word’
    You did not say sorry Mr Beau Murrah. WhaleOil says NFWAB, he also said something a while back that I stand by – everyone owns their own shit..
    I say leave the post for all to see

  • WayneO

    Bullshit! He’s just trying to weasel his way out from Google forever showing him for the offensive idiot he really is. Completely void of remorse and only trying to recover his own face and self interests.

    Let him hang.

    • Beau Murrah

      Self-interest? Sounds like capitalism.

  • grumpy

    107 comments? Keep him, he’s good for business.

  • Cameron re your update – fair enough.

  • Polish Pride

    Be the change you want to see in the world Cam

  • Lion_ess

    “Owning your own shit” – fair call

  • Krim Dotcom

    can’t believe he caved

    what an asshat

    • Bunswalla

      What’s an asshat?

      • Travis Poulson

        ” One whose head is so far up their rear end it could pass for a hat; used to describe a person who is stubborn, cruel, or otherwise unpleasant to be around. One whose head is so far up their rear end it could pass for a hat; used to describe a person who is stubborn, cruel, or otherwise unpleasant to be around.”

  • bridget

    I don’t see the magic word “sorry”

  • kiwiinlondon

    Whale – just wanted to say I agree. Leaving the comment will also ensure that people think before they post!!

  • Bat Crazy

    Murrah should be grateful to Slater. He just got taught one of the most important lessons in life for free. Most of us learnt it in the school yard, but people like Murrah missed out. Don’t take on people who are more powerful than you without a very good reason. I am teaching somebody that lesson right now, and it is costing him hundreds of thousands.
    Learn well, Beau.

  • Beau Murrah

    What is done is done. I should start a blog “Master Ex-Troll” or something.

    As I said In the email I just sent earlier, I am entirely able to “own my shit”. However it thus follows people shouldn’t have to “own other peoples shit” (that sounds like some form of shit-communism to me). Please remove the tags to my employer who I ceased working for several months ago (its now a first page google hit for him) and maybe, just maybe, you will find it responsible to remove the links/tags to “Turtle Molestor” because I don’t think its something I should have to own. Firstly, its a tortoise. Second, Turtle Molesting is often a reasonably serious criminal offence i.e people interfering with and picking up endangered species turtles in the wild. Its needless and can be quite harmful to the animals. This tortoise happened be a pet African tortoise I had just helped feed so I wouldn’t call it molesting. Do unto others, whatever.

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  • I see that our favorite little aspiring lawyer is asking for advice on GP Forums Open Discussion about how to flood Google with so many good/neutral stories that this drops off.

    Good Luck I say :)

  • Stanely.

    I’m going to love it when your personal history and name get dragged through the dirt. You really deserve it.

    • Stanely.

      I mean unlike him he has a future career ahead of him which you’re potentially ruining for your own seemingly sadistic game, I mean if you had job prospects outside of being popular for moaning on the internet and being on the benefit you might understand.