And their point is what?

Liberal panty-waists are carping that our three strikes law will fill up our prisons, like that is a bad thing.

A man charged with his “third strike” has no incentive to plead guilty and could subject his alleged victim to a needless trial, a legal expert says.

Under the three strikes legislation, an offender must be sentenced to the maximum sentence without parole regardless of their plea.

The Herald on Sunday revealed last week a 20-year-old from Wellington is believed to be the first to be charged with his third strike.

President of the Criminal Bar Association, Tony Bouchier, said: “There is no discount for early guilty pleas, no discount for remorse, it’s just black and white.

“We are simply going to fill our prisons with people who are required to do very long terms of imprisonment.”

Justice Minister Judith Collins said legislators were aware of this when they passed the bill in 2010.

“You are talking about people who are rapists, murderers, very serious recidivist offenders. who by the third strike have been given every chance possible. The thought that they care one scrap about the victims is slightly naive.”

Presumably Tony Bouchier wants rapists, murderers and serious recidivist offenders walking free on our streets rather than incarcerated. Perhaps he should retire…we are over liberal panty-waist crime hugger like him.


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  • toby_toby

    I think it is very telling that the article does not mention what any of these strikes are for. Methinks the writer is some kind of crim cuddler who can’t write a balanced article.

  • Scanner

    Dead fucking simple build more prisons or bring the current ones back from 5 star to say 4 star or even living really dangerous back to 3 star then perhaps even some of the current residents may reconsider coming back for another holiday.
    As for Two Dicks Bouchier (why two dicks, because no-one could get that silly yanking on just one) fuck off wanker, you aren’t the solution, it’s your members that are a large part of the problem.

  • thor42

    Guess what?
    More prisons will mean ***MORE JOBS!***
    Are you **still** against that law, you leftard morons out there?

  • Random66

    “A man charged with his “third strike” has no incentive to plead guilty….”
    Easy, we could make the incentive if you plead guilty on your third strike to a serious /violent crime that you commited then you will be lucky enough to spend the rest of your life in jail. If you don’t plead guilty on your third strike but are later found guilty by a jury then it’s the death sentence for you. Honestly think of the cost saving of not having to house these worst of the worst offenders in jail and the benefit to society of knowing they won’t ever be back on the streets. So there you have it, two choices if you are persistantly an evil bastard; life in prison or death.

    • Mitch82

      I’m all for a death penalty, but under no illusion we’ll ever get it. But, added years for being found guilty on a not guilty plea would be a bloody great idea. I doubt many people on their third strike are there because they were stitched up.

  • Gazzaw

    Less wriggle room for lengthy legal backroom haggling is all that Bouchier is concerned about.

    Less haggling = less hours = less dosh from the public legal aid tit.

  • Tristanb

    Fucking lawyers: “no discount for remorse”

    Remorse isn’t something you do to get an easier sentence, it’s something you should feel after having harmed someone. Obviously the criminals don’t understand this, but you’d expect a lawyer to.

    I agree with the main point. You need to do something pretty nasty to get a strike, and then do it again, and again. I want those people to die in prison.

  • symgardiner

    How on earth do you get a chance to be given a third strike by the time you are 20yo? Surely he should have clocked a decent sentence on his second strike?

  • GregM

    Join the Navy and live six to a room with no windows, and work a 24 hr roster, or murder and rape and live two to a room (max) with panoramic views of the countryside and don’t have to lift a finger.
    What’s wrong with this picture ?