And they’re off, Tau puts his name in the hat

Earlier today I blogged about Jane Clifton’s belief that Maurice Williamson could be the next speaker. She also suggested there could be a wild card in the mix.

Then later on today she tweeted this:

Tau Henare has responded in the affirmative.

And so it is all on. As this is not a government appointment there is huge potential for some embarrassment now. Standing Order 18 and 19 is clear:

18 Two members nominated
If two members are nominated for election as Speaker, the election is decided by a personal vote. In the event of a tie, the Clerk again
calls for nominations.

19 More than two members nominated
(1) If more than two members are nominated for election as Speaker,—
(a) the bells are rung for seven minutes; after the bells have  stopped the doors are closed and locked:
(b) the Clerk states the names of the members nominated and  calls on each member, in alphabetical order, to vote for one of the candidates:
(c) members vote by standing in their places on being called by  the Clerk and stating the name of the member for whom they vote; a member may abstain:
(d) if a member receives the votes of a majority of the members  voting, the Clerk declares that member elected:
(e) otherwise, the member with the fewest votes is eliminated  and the votes are taken again for the remaining members until their number is reduced to two:
(f) when the number of members is reduced to two, the election  is decided by a personal vote as provided in Standing Order 18.
(2) In the event of a tie in any personal vote, the Clerk calls for nominations for election again.
(3) Where, under paragraph (1)(e), there is more than one member with the fewest votes, that vote is taken again. If, after the vote is retaken, there is still more than one member with the fewest votes, the Clerk must determine by lot which member is to be eliminated.

The Labour Party would be strategically smart to back Henare to embarrass the government. They probably won’t though. The Maori party will get leaned on heavily, but they might stay strong to get one of the Bros the job.

If all of the opposition parties and Maori Party support Tau, then with his own vote he could get 61 votes and become speaker.

Labour (34) + Green (14) + NZ First (8) + Maori (3) + Hone + Tau = 61

Time to buy up some popcorn.



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  • Gazzaw

    The confrontations with Mallard would be legendary.

    • Troy

      Mallard would be booted, named, booted, named, booted… etc etc It’s about power – Mallard wouldn’t have it, Tau would – eat that I guess!

  • Dr Wang

    From “house nigger” to Speaker of the House – if Tau can pull this off it will show what a fantastic land of equal opportunity New Zealand/Aotearoa truly is

  • Johnboy

    Maurice’s chin is too weak to be speaker. He should never have shaved his beard!

  • Michael

    Winston voting for Tau – I’d pay money to see that. Mind you, voting for Williamson may be just as repulsive for him.

  • Rodger T

    Personally ,I think they could do worse than ask Mr Ed to be speaker, the place could not be any more of a looney bin if it tried.
    Maybe if they ever got a full house we could ring fence it and not let the cunts out?

  • RightOfGenghis

    Either this is a piss take or the lunatics have taken over the asylum!

  • Travis Poulson

    Oh Hone would just love it if one of Key’s “house niggers” was speaker.

  • Troy

    Yes it’s all very interesting. Although I think Maurice would do ok because he has a sense of humour but can wield the stick if need be, I don’t think it would be in the oppositions interest to vote for Tau – he’s a good guy, but i don’t think he has the depth of knowledge in terms of standing and speakers order… mind you, Hone would be upset I feel – Tau wouldn’t tolerate his, or Winstons bullshit in the chamber that’s for sure. Yup big bin of popcorn required.

  • Patrick

    Does it really matter – will the running of NZ Inc improve at all?

    What will change? Unless the speaker has a .22 & can pop off a few rounds when the stupidity levels get too high nothing will change.

    The place is more like a creche than a boardroom.

  • Watermannz

    David Carter