Attack Ads, Ctd

The GOP responds. They have started spending…and this one is pretty good.


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  • Dr Wang


    Time to put his speechwriter out to pasture. With the soaring numbers of unemployed Bazza will have no trouble finding keen fresh wordsmiths – he may not have any new ideas, but he sure needs to trot out a few new phrases!

  • Symgardiner

    If Labour had any sense, they would be running ads like this currently. A couple of years of this would stuff the Nats.
    Instead they will try to argue for higher benefits… or something similarly inane.

    • Magoo

      It’s true. I wonder how Key and the Nats are going to explain their continuation of Labour’s policies at the next election. It’ll be more of the same promises but no action once again. The only decent changes in parliament have been those of ACT.

  • fergus

    Obama…ALL talk NO action….everything he has done…..has FAILED!!! It isn’t the man or the party….it is the policies they put in place…throwing money away gambling on the hope thgings would improve. The best thing I heard to sum it up “Barrack believes that everyone should have the same oppoprtunity he had”….paraphrased from Michelle Obama’s speech…..The problem with that is….ALL of his oportunitiews came under a REAGAN administration….much of which he is either dismantaling or going in the opposite direction to.

    • blazer

      don’t blame him…blame the ‘status quo’ Wall St minders …Summers and Geithner,Paulson,etc.

  • CJA

    I always find the US Presidential election interesting. Last time around I think the American public geniunely believed that Barack Obama would be their saviour and voted accordingly. Unfortunately I don’t think it would have mattered who they voted for their country was so far down the toilet with various problems that no one could haved saved it, whether Republican or Democrat. I think it shows a blissful ignorance of the American public at times but the US economy and the World economy was not going to get better in a 4 year period. I would be surprised if it gets back to where it was in another 4 years time. I don’t think it makes Obama a bad or good president just that he was around at a pretty rubbish time.

  • Gomango

    Reality check. The USA has run a budget deficit in 40 of the last 44 years. Believe it or not Clinton was the only president in the last 44 years to run more than one positive budget and that was more to do with no wars and the dot com boom than any policy brilliance. There is no substantive difference between a red or blue admin in the USA. The vested interests are generally the same.

  • Sir Cullen’s Sidekick

    Brilliant. I am in discussions with Sheep Shearer’s team to put something together to stuff Emperor Key. Labour is bound to get some votes with this strategy.

  • Patrick

    Wicked when can we run the Kiwi not Iwi ads again?

    How soon can National start reminding the country what a bunch of lying thieving conniving duplicitous pricks Labour are.