Big Tobacco behind collecting signatures

Over the past couple of days I have blogged about the jobs being offered by Engage NZ on Seek and Trademe.?Initially?I thought the Greens were involved but they categorically denied any involvement and if you look at their history they are pretty up-front about their activism.

I posed the question as to who it could possibly be and why they required so much sneakiness.

Could it have been Colin Craig and his campaign against Marriage Equality..or someother anti group associated with that? Turns out no.

Perhaps?the?Exclusive Brethren involving themselves again? Again no.

Or perhaps a Tobacco company lobbying against plain packaging?

Well my investigations ahve confirmed that it is Big Tobacco who do not have the courage of their convictions to publicly declare it is their campaign.

The campaign is being run by Imperial Tobacco and assisted by Philip Morris.

The happy little workers on the generous package and bonus scheme have been hired to go around the country getting people to sign a petition against plain packaging.

It isn’t that sneaky though as the postcards they hand out are branded as British Imperial Tobacco. So if you’re standing outside a pub having a fag expect some starving student petitioner to come up and ask you for a signature.

I still wonder though why they couldn’t have been up front about the campaign and instead use phrases like:

?Applicants need to be 100% committed to the campaign and absolutely sure of availability. If you’re an energetic outgoing person who enjoys speaking to people, and think you can hold an intellectual conversation, then get in touch to find out more about this exciting project.

Quite how you can hold an intellectual conversation with ciggie chugging smokers in?the?cold outside pubs and clubs is beyond me. It smacks of sneaking a drag on a fag in the airline toilets or stealing a smoke out of the teachers line of sight behind the bike sheds.

The only question remaining now is how Ben Cumming finds the time to run campaigns for Big Tobacco when he is supposed to be the new General Manager for Hell Pizza…who ironically have a reputation now akin to that of a tobacco company.