There is no other word to describe this family from Nelson. On a benefit after giving up her job at Countdown because the stress of finding a home became too much, while Haskett was a stay-at-home dad, on a benefit through choice.

“We don’t expect to get something for nothing, but things can’t get any worse.

“At the moment the pressure’s on. Ideally we need to find something in Stoke that has at least four bedrooms with a fenced section for the kids and dog to run around.”

Haskett said they had looked at camping ground prices, which ranged from $500 to $600 a week, before pitching their tent in Richmond, but they were too expensive and too far away from the children’s Stoke school.

They are around…there are 173 properties for rent on Trademe in the Nelson area.

The three adults earned a combined income of $1000 a week – Heenan was a student, on a benefit and had a part-time job while Pengelly was also on a benefit after giving up her job at Countdown because the stress of finding a home became too much, while Haskett was a stay-at-home dad.

A combined state funded income of $1000 per week and they are moaning because they might have to be a little cramped.

I fail to see why the taxpayer should fund your lifestyle choices of when you jacked in a job because you felt a bit stressed…that really helped you situation didn’t it?


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  • Me Sackunkrak

    Oh for FFS. If an 18 year old can leave home to go to university in a strange town and look after him/herself, find a flat, buy food etc, they why the fuck should these alleged “grown-up’s” get a nano-second of our attention.

  • steve and monique

    Stress,FFS,lazy is the first word that comes to mind.At least if Labour get in, then these bludgers can add WFF to their list of achievements.Wonder Housing corp has not come to the party as well.Fuck,makes paying our taxes such a pleasure.

  • Mr_Blobby

    Sounds like another case of entitleitis to me. Wait for it, some one will claim this is really a mental health problem and we are in the gripped by an epidemic.

  • “The three adults earned a combined income of $1000 a week.” Isn’t that stretching the meaning of Earned? They didn’t earn any of it.

  • Joe Bloggs

    No sympathy from this corner for poor life choices

    AND I’m struggling to see how bludging off the back of the taxpayer is remotely newsworthy… and the majority of comments on Stuff echo the comments here – so much so that comments on Stuff have now been closed.
    Here’s a simple solution:- cut their dole- whangai the kids out to rellies
    – shoot the dog
    – harden up and go back to work – like the rest of us do every day

    • Mr_Blobby

      Eat the Dog. Dog is a good feed.

  • BJ

    Haskett needs to become a wage earner to at least pay his own way – through choice.

  • Grizz30

    Prejudice about work ethic aside, This article think is about the difficulties this family is having in finding rental accommodation and when something suitable comes up, they get rejected. They have the money to pay, but landlords clearly do not want them. If I could throw my 2 cents worth in here, possible reasons could be: 1)Not enough of the adults are working, so there are concerns that rent will not be paid on time. 2) Smaller families looking at the same property are likely to look more attractive to a landlord (less wear and tear/maintenance on the property, 3)They have a dog (in my experience landlords hate other peoples’ dogs running around their properties).

    This family could help themselves by, a)another of the adults finding employment, b) giving up the pets.

  • Murray

    You know what really pisses me off is the lack of shame these people show. To then, bludging of the tax payer is perfectly acceptable behaviour.

  • BJ

    Go on Haskett – I dare you – be a man.
    Don’t let your mother-in-law be the one to earn a meager family income, better herself by training and bring up one of her kids three children, as well as carry you, her daughter and your child. Shame on you.

  • Stories like this are so infuriating but make no mistake – families/people like this dont have the monopoly on “entitleitis”.

    Their quest to find a fully fenced 4 bedroom house so the 7 of them and their dog can live comfortably is only one step removed from those on 6 figure incomes with the fabulous car, fabulous house & fabulous debt, who dare to claim poverty when their 2 parent income is halved thanks to a global meltdown. Or who have the 4th kid then cant afford the repayments on their God awful people-mover.

    Too many people seem to have expectations that they assume others will fulfill for them.

    It is just not on.

    People have to learn to cut their cloth to suit – that includes thinking ahead before you open your legs, before you buy that 180 sqm house (100sqm should suffice quite frankly…..even that is huge compared to days of old), buy that iphone, ipad, get sky subscription, enrol the kids in swimming, chess, judo, ballet, soccer and whatever other activity you try to schedule into their lives etc.

    Other than blatant bludgers like this family appears to be, what also annoys me is that those who judge families like this are in fact in no position to do so; even if you are gainfully employed, if you are feeding off the tit of the taxpayer then you are really not that much better. As someone whose husband works 60 hours and pays a shit load in taxes, GST & ACC levies, I fail to see the difference between beneficiaries like this and middle income NZ having the 2nd, 3rd, 4th child then claiming WFF…whether the childcare subsidy, Accom supplement or in work tax credit. Either way it is taking this piss and it pisses me off.

    So I say no point in placing expectations on others – that is, getting people to lower their expectations and live within their means – when you are not doing it yourself.

    • 2ndAmendment

      Not just WFF, but “free” schools, “free” healthcare, “free” GPs and “free” super (codger-dole) when they retire.

      NZ – land of bludgers.

  • 2ndAmendment

    Two adults and a student? Thanks to Labour’s stunt this week, $50 sounds about right

  • Bruno 32

    This is a classic example of helen clarks and labours legacy. They turned lazy people into parasites.

  • Hell, I would’nt invite ‘Captain Goaty Dad’ and ‘Chainsmoking Mom’ into my rental. Fuck that. Seriously, look like a scumbag, get treated like a scumbag. Goat luck getting a job. (sic)