Bob Jones on Hickey, Oram and Minto

Bob Jones has come bouncing back from a couple of flat articles with a belter about Rod Oram, Bernard Hickey and John Minto:

New Zealand’s best-known economic doomsdayists are the articulate Rod Oram and Bernard Hickey, both serious Mintoitus sufferers. Life for them must be a living hell, always only seeing the dark side and blind to the overwhelming positives everywhere. Once Bernard and Rod would have received prefrontal lobotomies to brighten them up but those procedures became discredited.

Now it’s Prozac although a bottle or two of red each day would also do the trick and they would henceforth see the world in its happier, more positive side.

Certainly they can be cured, unlike the screaming skull John Minto, for whom the only salvation is a beheading. Minto owes it to himself to end the awful misery of his misanthropic existence. If he wakes to a sunny day then it’s grab the megaphone and bellow about global warming. Should $50 bank notes rain down on him, out would come the megaphone to complain that they weren’t $100. If he answered the door to a naked beauty queen crying, “take me John”, (for plausibility assume she’s drunk) he’d and bawl her out for not bringing lunch. Thank God he’s not an economist or we’d all be suicidal.


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  • pukakidon

    John Munto is the biggest hypocrite on earth. He harps on about racism and then becomes a member of the biggest racist party every to reside in NZ. Mana party, who hate white mother-fu#4ers and House-Nig#$es. The guy is a screaming nut case. Bob has summed up this twit perfectly.

    Munto another typical deluded ex teacher.

    • stanman

      well said…
      And well said Sir Bob

      • blazer

        Sir Bob…and he used to rant about token knights!…Sir Jumping Bones more apt.

  • geoffk

    fuck just fell off my chair laughing so hard. This is probably his best and I have followed his comments etc since the early 70’s

  • Nemesis

    You haters are a joke. Bob Jones is the pathetic passed-it insignificant who resorts to throwing punches when opponents challenge his views. He’s just an old-age bully who, in his hay-day, sided with South Africa’s racist apartheid regime. He’s the loser who in 1981, attended a bash at the Auckland Town Hall. On arrival, pulled up in his Roller and gave the fingers to those who had the courage to protest outside. What a creep. He lost the argument back then, his attempt at politics failed, and now he presents as a lonely old boy who still basks in the glory of days that never were. Why doesn’t old Bob Jones do us a favor and realise the world has evolved beyond the ugliness that was his us-and-them vision and leave it to this generation who are challenged to fix the mess that he and his cohorts created. Can I politely suggest he just spend the rest of his days doing what he loves: suckling from the neck of his favorite bottle of vino while reminiscing on the days when his myth was king.

    • Travis Poulson

      “you haters are a joke”

      No you’re a joke, fuck off. And pull your cock out of Minto’s arse.

      Even if Bob’s only achievement with that piece was pissing you off, I’ll give him a pat on the back for that. Minto is a waster, totally useless, and good for nothing but making noise.

      • Travis Poulson

        No you’re a joke, fuck off. And pull your cock out of Minto’s arse.”

        I take that back. Sorry John, didn’t realize it was you. I’ll rephrase, pull your head out of your arse.

    • Jman

      You’re entitled to your vitriol but its ironic that you begin your screed with “you haters are a joke”. I’m sure Bob Jones would feel devastated by your rage as he ponders his next multimillion dollar deal.

    • Guest

      Why is he a creep for pulling up in a Rolls? Do youthink South Africans are better off post apartheid? Black people are murdering white people as well as their own now, place is a bloody mess.
      This generation ? Do you mean the ones that need WFF, Childcare subsidies, breakfast provided for their kids etc, sounds like they wouldnt cope with a bit of hardship.

      • Nemesis

        He’s a creep because he resorts to violence and gestures whenever he can’t articulate his failed logic. By this generation I’m referring to current-day taxpayers who demand fiscal prudence not stack-up-the-debt merchants that currently occupy the Hive.
        Regarding South Africa, what are you suggesting – that the Apartheid politicians were justified in what they did?

        • Guest

          Yes is my answer explaining to you why will never satisfy the likes of you. Have you lived in South Africa at all?
          Does that make you a creep as well because of the tone of your post?
          This generation need to pay back their student loans, be grateful for what they do have , work hard and be patient for things they want instead of wanting it instantly, cant blame everything on the current govt a bit short sighted there too.

          • Polish pride

            Guest that is a retarded comment even from you. Apartheid was a good thing because the country was less fucked then!?!
            I have a friend who was a white cop in South Africa and even he knows that apartheid and what happened during it was very wrong. The fact that you don’t and possibly even think it was a good thing is very disturbing.

        • grumpy

          Nemesis, now I know you’re just taking the piss……

        • Pencarian

          Regarding South Africa, what are you suggesting – that the Apartheid politicians were justified in what they did?”

          Based on the evidence. YES.

    • Steve (North Shore)

      Nice comment Mr Minto. A Schoolteacher should use spellcheck if they can not spell.
      Courage? you have no fucking idea sunshine

    • Gazzaw

      I notice Minto that you and your ilk have had fuck all to say about Mugabe. Easier to protest about a young Israeli tennis player via a loudhailer. Pathetic.

      • trisha moko

        this is true Gazzaw
        Mugabe was raised roman catholic and studied to be a teacher…..
        An academic… you know the sort… all talk and no action……

      • Travis Poulson

        Career pest. Professional nuisance. Out of touch with reality. he thinks he is doing a great service to society by protesting, but that majority of sane people don’t give a shit.

        “his attempt at politics failed, and now he presents as a lonely old boy who still basks in the glory of days that never were.”

        Who were you referring to then Mr Minto, yourself or Bob? the line became blurred with that comment.

    • Lion_ess

      Strange comment to place under a nom-de-plume. If you feel so strongly about Bob Jones being an irrelevant has-been, you should identify yourself along with your relevancy to make such a comment.

    • Troy

      Why don’t you do everyone a favour and realise the pest that you are – fly swatter anyone?

    • jaundiced

      Bob Jones ‘gave the fingers to those ‘who had the courage’ to protest outside’. Its sad and pathetic that you hold on to that image of Bob Jones, and to the hurt you felt when he was mocking the idiots who, what was it again?…’had the courage to protest outside’. And he had the audacity to ‘pull up in his Roller.’ I think back now to the leaders of the protest movement in 1981 (well actually, I’m thinking specifically of John Minto), and its clear to me who really are the losers ‘basking in the glory days’ but ending up in the fine company of racist Hone and that awful Sykes woman. At least Trev Richards went on to do real work with the UN. I really hate hypocrites. You’re a joke, fuck off

  • Pencarian

    Nemesis, as much as it may bother our sensibilities in NZ, blacks flocked in their thousands to apartheid
    South Africa. They could enjoy greater personal security and opportunity than
    any other place on the continent. When apartheid ended it became the
    murder/rape/robbery capital of the world. Thanks to miserable pricks like you who are
    isolated from the consequences of their ideology. It is going from a bread-basket to yet another basket-case.

    This is a typical lefty trait, to put ideas ahead of outcomes
    and people.

    • kowtow

      And no word from the lefties on the disaster that the Congo has been since independence (bad enough under the Belgies I know ,but we hear all about that though).
      Black man good,white man bad.

      • Pencarian

        This will become a thread of epic length if we begin to
        discuss all the failed nations of Africa. Few places on earth have so many resources
        and opportunity. It is a rich continent that had a significant head start on
        the rest of us. Numerous African countries had developed cities, with modern
        infrastructure, when the settlers handed it back to them. Not a single one has
        maintained, let alone developed, what they were given.

        It is heart breaking to contemplate the horrors and
        suffering that are a daily occurrence on the African continent. That said, they
        were here first and they may outlast the rest of us yet. I doubt the economic
        crisis is much of a concern for those hardy folk, for example.

    • Polish Pride

      So is one to read into your post that you are pro apartheid then!?!
      Their were a lot of murders and people being tortured during apartheid in south Africa. The end of apartheid merely shifted wealth and control to a small group of blacks in power. Many of the problems that existed before still exist for many. This is more the result of the greed of a few and an opportunity lost for the many as a result. Regardless seperatist laws based on race are not ok in any country.

    • blazer

      crime is rampant in SA because of an unemployment rate of 60%+

  • Grandstream

    Minto is well past his us by date – he wakes every morning sad to be white, and a huge chip on his shoulder for his accident of birth. I don’t use the c word often, but minto is most worthy. Best place for him is in the racist anti-white NZ party, Mana party.

  • The Gantt Guy

    I’ve always thought what a terrible tragedy it was for New Zealand society that Meurant didn’t whack that fuckwit Minto just a little bit harder.

  • Troy

    Minto who? This guy is really a non-event, that’s trying to be an event. He’s a loser, and no-one wants to be associated with a loser, thus, who would want to listen to anything he has to say?

  • Stuart

    When I make an economic argument or comment about some terrible policy I try very hard not to claim that it is the end of life as we know it, and I think many economists are the same, it simply gets reported in a very gloomy way.

    What myself and I hope most sensible economists are saying is that rather than policy X causing doom and gloom, policy X is not maximising our potential, the Left will still drive humanity forwards, it will not be a total disaster, but we can do so so much better. (perhaps infinitely better would be more appropriate but you get my point)

    No one seems to think much of any economists views which is disappointing, most are wrong simply because most ‘economists’ (just like any ‘expert’ can be found for any argument) are just shit.

  • BG

    It always amused me that Minto was so against the All Blacks playing South Africa in 81, yet had no issues with them playing Argentina (while they were throwing people out of aeroplanes over the River Plate) or Romania (while Ceausescu was killing his own people and robbing his country). Even the Russians were embarassed.
    I know Fidel is on his last legs but I’m sure he could use a propaganda minister associate? Look I’ll even chip in to send him there one way. Mozambique? North Korea?

  • Jim

    And to think that Rod Oram is Lens adviser on the Auckland Plan – that explains all

  • out2lunch

    minto has flown over the cuckoos nest one too many times. His motley crew appear to be escapees from funny farms. The old saying “birds of a feather flock together” comes to mind.