Burglar Load

Some poor pommy bastards got stuck in police cells because they shot some burglars with a shot gun. This is bullshit. They should have been let go immediately with thanks from the police.

The media have not specified what load they used. I have been wondering what the best load for burglars would be?

Would you go with a solid or BBs to start with, or do you want to make sure you get a good spread first up by having some 3s or 4s?

Or do you go for really good spread, and an open choke and some target load?


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  • Pete George

    Invading people’s privacy and stealing is crappy, burglars are scum.

    But promoting firearms violence no matter who it’s directed at is also crappy, especially on a widely read blog. This is an irresponsible post – and raises concerns about holding a firearm license.

    • CastleDoctrine

      Fuck off you sanctimonious prick

      • Pete George

        That’s not your call.

        And I’m calling this as I see it – highly irresponsible, especially when you see what ‘brave’ commenters it encourages.

        • SaggyNaggy

          What is the point of owning a gun unless you can use it when it is necessary?
          Everybody has a right to self defence, and a right to defend their property, with a gun or with anything else. Many states in the USA recognise this, which is why in those places home invasions are almost unheard of.

          • Pete George

            New Zealand is not a state of the USA. Everyone doesn’t have a right to defend their property with a gun. It’s illegal, as others here have pointed out.

          • Liam Neeson

            So is breaking and entering, since when does that stop anyone?

          • Mr_Blobby

            Self defense is one of the most basic Human rights. It should be crystal clear and very unambiguous.

            Now just incase you missed my earlier comment. Fuck off you stupid Noddy.

          • Pete George

            I agree that self defense is a basic right, I’m not arguing against that. It’s also a basic right to not be shot without reasonable justification.

            Arseholes take a risk burgling homes. Occupiers take a risk if they decide to take the law into their own hands, especially if they use potentially lethal violence.

            If you got in to the situation of assaulting an intruder bravado comments on a blog could count against you.

          • It should be…

          • BJ

            WTF! Owning a gun in NZ has only ever been about sport and hunting in the wild to get food. Only the foolish and fearful would think otherwise.

          • That is where you are wrong. Up until the mid 70s most main bank branches held Smith and Wesson Model 10s and shotguns for transferring money between the Reserve Bank. I know because I knew personally a couple of guys who would do the transfers

    • Young and Dumb

      If you don’t like it mate maybe you should just go read the standard. I’m sure they would sympathize with those criminals who got shot.

      Seeing as they’re from the same breed of scum

      • Pete George

        At least you have your pseudonym right.

        • jaundiced


        • Young and Dumb

          Sadly you have to try to attack somewhat of a quirky name to get some satisfaction.

          Good one bro your funny as.

          • Young and Dumb

            oh and real witty too.

    • Pissedoffyouth

      If a 6’8″ Tongan came straight for your wife with rape in his eyes and you were 5’2″ – would shooting him not be ok?

      • Cadwallader

        Shoot off his kneecaps then tether him with barbed wire until the police arrive. This method has been tried, tested and lauded!

      • Hard1

        Fuck , this blog is degenerating into a farce . Stupid comment , closely related to your excessive gaming . And 3 upvotes already .

        • Liam Neeson

          Are you assuming because he identifies as a youth that he plays video games all day and they make him want to kill?

          • parorchestia

            In the old days (1970s) the Police encouraged us to restrain law breakers and, if necessary, use a bit of force to show them the error of their ways.

        • Pissedoffyouth

          So far from reading the comments you leave i get the opinion you hate logic.

    • Mr_Blobby

      Fuck off you stupid Noddy.

    • Hard1

      Hey Pete…bet all these hard arses have never thrown a punch in anger . They are just a bunch of kids .
      No doubt that , to be ready for the next intruder , their guns are kept loaded and handy , even when drinking , and around kids .
      We are getting into real Deliverance stuff here . Yo the hillbillies . Cue the banjo .

    • RightOfGenghis

      Yes you could tell him if he doesn’t stop raping your wife you are going to call the police. Then you could invite him to dance until the cops arrive. As the coup de grace you could even threaten him with a utube video of his fancy footwork

  • Spiker

    I wouldn’t recommend solids or buckshot for inside. Miss & you run the risk of going through a wall & hitting baby in the crib. Stick with bird shot.

    • James Stephenson

      Some public service blogging is required here, Whale. Can you get back to us on what two layers of gib will stop?

      • grumpy


  • peterwn

    It is a no-brainer. The home invaders might have a gun so the occupier needs to cause sufficient trauma to immediately incapacitate the intruders. A NZ police issue Glock and ammo would be ideal but problematical for a householder to have. So the householder is stuck with a shotgun so it comes down to whatever cartridges would inflict the most damage at short range.

    We should be thankful that NZ cops generally use common sense for such self defence situations. Presume if that Auckland pharmacist lived in UK he too would have spent 40 hours in the clink after his ‘bare hands’ self defence resulted in the death of the little s**t who broke into his shop.

  • Scanner

    20 gauge pump gun with buckshot and solids mixed, nice and easy to handle and still has enough punch to send the visitor to that great canoe in the sky, always remember to put the last one through the ceiling and call it the warning shot on your statement.

    • grumpy

      Agree with 20g pump but open choke and 00 buck is plenty. Slugs are too inaccurate and unpredictable.

  • Young and Dumb

    Maybe just get a .50cal rifle and wait in the window for scums to run out of the house and blast the shit out of those cunts

    • peterwn

      You cannot play the ‘self defence’ card if you shoot at offenders when they are fleeing – you are in no immediate danger.

      • rouppe

        Correct. That’s what got that farmer in trouble a few years ago. He disturbed 3 or 4 burglars on his property loading his ATV onto a ute. They scarpered with the ATV on the tray and the farmer fired into the ute.

        He was put on trial. Aquitted, but the cost and stress would be terrible when all you’re doing is trying to stop someone taking your property.

      • 2ndAmendment

        Again, that’s why the Conservatives will change the law

  • busman

    3`s or 4`s to the naddy sack region , this will create a win win situation , firstly no man would like his john thomas severely mutilated and secondly hopefully it may stop this type of scum breeding .

  • Spiker

    Best to quote the relevant part of our law. As much as we’d like to send Mr Burglar to hell unless he threatens you then you can’t do much. If he breaks in & walks around grabbing your stuff & walks out again the shotgun remedy is just going to bring you a whole lot of trouble.

    31 SECTION 48 of the Crimes Act 1961 provides:

    Everyone is justified in using, in the defence of himself or another, such force
    as, in the circumstances as he believes them to be, it is reasonable to use.

    • kowtow

      How “reasonable” is it for the law to deny you your ancient right to defend your people and property.
      The law relating to your rights in this respect is actually complex,deliberatly so as the state does not like other people having the power to deal with problems.
      The result is emboldened criminals.
      Shit sentencing is another issue that encourages this increased criminality.

      • peterwn

        S48 of the Crimes Act quoted in this thread is the current ‘codification’ of that ancient right. I doubt the ancient right was much different from S48, apart from extra historic rights such as (I think) being able to kill a fugitive felon on sight. How the law would have been applied historically would have depended on the relative ‘statuses’ of the two parties eg a peasant would be far more likely to be convicted than the Lord of the Manor.

        • 2ndAmendment

          How the law would have been applied historically would have depended on the relative ‘statuses’ of the two parties eg a peasant would be far more likely to be convicted than the Lord of the Manor

          Another thousand years of vital precedent destroyed by socialists…

    • phronesis

      The last bit is the interesting bit. I don’t go wandering around at night in the country without a loaded weapon so it seems reasonable to me that other people do the same. If I come across someone on my property at night it thus follows that they are probably armed. Given I don’t know how many or how skilled they are I will take what ever opportunities arise to protect myself and my family.

      • peterwn

        Reasonable does not mean proportionate and also relates to weapons at hand at the time. Thus a Glock is OK against a baseball bat (Constable A) but may not be OK if Constable had a Taser available. The key word in s48 is ‘believes’ and causes prosecutors a big headache. IMO if you have to use self defence, you tell the cops (when the video is running) that you feared for your life then shut up until you see a lawyer.

        It is also worth noting that when summing up a case
        where section 48 is at issue, the judge will direct the jury as
        follows (Appeal Court ruling):

        “You are asked to consider first what the

        accused believed the
        circumstances to be, from his or her point of

        view. The second
        question is whether, bearing in mind that belief of

        the accused about what
        was happening, he or she was acting in self-

        defence (again
        considered from his or her point of view). The last

        question is whether,
        given that belief, the force used in self-defence

        was actually
        If no jury, a District Judge would need to ‘direct’ him/herself in the same way.

        • parorchestia

          Best to say nothing at all until you see a lawyer.
          Shooting in the back would be stronger if you “believed” they were turning to get a weapon behind them.

    • woofter

      but he said he’ll kill me …

  • Michael

    Shells full of broken glass.

  • conwaycaptain

    The old blunderbuss used by the UK stage coach drivers filled with all sorts of detrius.
    That would sort them out.
    Or what about of the old RN’s case shot or langridge, that would cut them in half!!

  • Yoza

    Slater and a lynch mob come out in support of extrajudicial killings, no surprises here I suppose.

  • Brian Smaller

    People who say they will use firearms for self defence are deemed by the New Zealand not to be fit and proper to have a firearm (page 40, Police Arms Code, 2011).

    • Hard1

      When the Arms License quiz taker asked me the question ” When can you point a firearm at a person ?” , I replied ” Never ” . That was correct . Any other reply results in a fail.

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  • Rock salt!!

  • rouppe

    Burglar situation almost always means inside a house.

    Inside a house means short range.

    Short range means low spread anyway, but I’d favour low spread if only to minimise the redecorating required.

    As others have noted, only “reasonable force” can be used in this circumstance.
    1) If they are running away, don’t shoot them, you will be charged and lose your firearms licence
    2) Any firearm wounds in the offenders back will cause the same as above
    3) Shout and scream a la AOS to get on the floor while sighting them up, you could well scare them shitless and avoid all the drama caused by a charge and trial
    4) If there are multiple burglars I reckon the use of a firearm becomes more reasonable as their advantage of numbers requires greater force to suppress.
    5) Any personal threat against you or your family increases the scope of reasonable, as we are all ordinary folk, not hardened criminals. You’d have to take that threat seriously.

    • Mr_Blobby

      Dead bodies don’t tell porkies, like I was just looking for my mate. Better still if no bodies found.

    • 2ndAmendment

      1) If they are running away, don’t shoot them, you will be charged and lose your firearms licence.

      2) Any firearm wounds in the offenders back will cause the same as above
      Vote Conservative for the Castle doctrine – then eliminating criminal scum is not on legal, it will be – in law – a civic duty!

  • Tim

    I’m happy with #7.5 trap shot. dunno where you can buy bean, bag rounds.

  • Stuart

    If there is an intruder, then there is a chance that they will harm me or my family no matter how innocent and ‘ only stealing ‘ they may look. Even if that chance is 1 in 1000 I would rather kill them than risk it. Attitudes like mineand otherson this blog are the only thing that stops criminals running even more rampant than they do.

    • Hard1

      I think that if the police could put a name to your comment , you could lose your Arms License . Sometimes it’s better to STFU.

      • Stuart

        Then I will stab them, I will not stand by.

  • Mrbadger

    Sabot – provides full ventilation

  • blokeintakapuna

    I imagine the sound of a pump action shotgun being loaded at close range would offer immense comfort to someone whose home is being broken into – and scare the crap outta the thug(s) trying to steal/rape/murder your family.
    With all the violent offenders out there – it’s probably better to explain your actions to 12 of your peers in court – than offering nothing whilst being carried on the shoulders of 6 friends.

  • Mitch82

    When in doubt, ask the experts.

    • Mr_Blobby

      I assume you are advocating that the bad guys will bring a knife to the gunfight. Assumption is the mother of all fuckups.

      • Mitch82

        Your assumption that I’m advocating anything past a bit of Guy Ritchie humor is, indeed, the mother of all fuckups.

  • cows4me

    For many years I have reloaded my own ammo but the current price of ammo makes reloading unpractical. Still, have experimented with various loads with various degrees of devastation resulting. The most fun load we have used is a wheat and rock salt load. Many years ago the road was plagued with dogs that would come out of their driveways and try to rip the retreads off passing vehicles and scare the shit out of kids on push bikes. With sufficient reloaded cartridges we requisitioned my cousins Ute and commenced to cruising the road. Such great fun to be chased by dogs, bark and snapping as we went pass driveways. Even better fun seeing their back legs caving in as they tumbled down the road with a load of rock salt and wheat in their arses. Amazingly the problem of out of control dogs disappeared over night. Many locals believing their animals had found God, such was their new found love of house and home.

    • RightOfGenghis

      In my experience if you slow down a little to allow the dog a fighting chance
      then it is only a matter of time before said dog gets a good mouthful of tyre.
      At that precise moment his life flashes before him and he enters heaven as a
      whirling dervish. I’ve dispatched two in this way, damn near as much fun as
      buckshot in the ass

  • GregM

    I am going to buck the trend here.
    Unless a firearm is being pointed at you or your family, you can’t do it.
    If they are, I would suggest 00 buckshot, no choke, and minimum legal length barrel.

  • RightOfGenghis

    If one on one and caught them outside so no messy bloodstains on carpet I would
    use a crossbow. It’s not a firearm, introduces an element of fairness, doesn’t
    disturb the neighbours and according to my dear old friend Mad Mac the steely
    glint of the arrowhead in the moonlight is a guaranteed pants pisser. Warning
    shots are not advisable however

  • BR

    If a homeowner catches someone on his property committing a crime, he should have the legal right to shoot the bastard dead on the spot.


    • GregM

      I absolutely agree Bill.
      Until like minded persons lobby to get the law changed, if we did such a thing we are just as criminal as the person we have just put a few holes in.
      This is one thing I agree with the Conservative Party on, the “castle law” needs to be looked at.

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