Christianity versus Maori Mythology – Economic Game Changer

Another Guest Post from The Owl. I think he has some basic facts wrong regarding teh ownership of land and buildings of integrated schools which would throw off his calculations:

Christianity versus Maori Mythology – Economic Game Changer

The Government who were duly elected by the people of NZ has been battling a $5-$7 billion issue left to them by the Labour Party and the Christchurch earthquake. The Greens say on their website that child poverty has increased in the last 25 years and it is the Governments fault.

Labour was in charge for 16 of those 25 years and National have spent 3-4 years currently trying sort out this mess – and for all the hot air on ACC, how quickly we forget the former Labour Finance Minister got the numbers wrong and then after 4 years the balance sheet improves, Labour List MP Andrew Little economic plan is to re-direct the cash.

However we still need an economic game changer and Hone’s “House Nigger” comment got me thinking. The general public went PC mad and I was almost tempted to go hell for leather but I was driving down in the Waikato along that new two lane motorway and remembered that the road works were stopped because a Taniwha lived there. It cost millions of dollars to relocate the Taniwha.

I actually stopped the car at Huntly, jumped out and said “I wonder where he lives?”

Then I realized that I had been to Israel twice and followed the footsteps of Jesus Christ and have been living in New Zealand for forty odd years and never met or seen any relics of a Taniwha.

Now the Owl is a great believer in history and tradition and there some great parts of Maori culture (and equally European) that we can use and should hold dear to our hearts as a nation.

Science has shown that a man called Jesus Christ was real and from there a multi-billion dollar industry has sprung up around the world and NZ has benefited from its churches but more importantly high standards of education.

The integrated schools system used by the main stream Christian schools is a fine example of mixed ownership model and there has been a high percentage of Maori and non Maori who have benefited.

Maori mythology has also spawned an industry on its own – tourism and the haka being the two biggest. This too is has been a mixed ownership model.

The Owl’s Opinion

Since the opposition is so against mixed ownership models the Owl thinks it is only fair to unravel both of these two from the government purses.

The Government can stop paying teachers’ salaries and operating grants to integrated schools. They will need to hand back the land and building of course but they will only affect the balance sheet.

All Christian schools will be able to charge their students the correct amount to cover the running costs.

A quick calculation gets me to $5 billion within a couple of years.

Why not also stop the Taniwha payments as well you may ask?

It is simple – does anyone know where the Taniwha lives so negotiations can start? I am pretty confident he doesn’t live in Huntly.


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  • Jimmie

    LOL. Methinks the Owl has been having smoke of the green stuff behind the bike sheds.

    This post is very obscure in its meaning and direction – it appears to be the written version of contemporary art.

    • Guest2

      Jimmie, it is a piss take…a very clever piece. I can name you 100 cAtholic schools, how many taniwha schools.

  • LesleyNZ

    Good thinking Owl. The Taniwha definitely doesn’t live in Huntly. He must have got really fed up with Huntly over the years. I mean to say – last time I passed through Huntly the old DEKA sign was still there even though DEKA has been gone for at least 11 years. (Remember the “I feel good” slogan song). The sign is even mentioned on Wikipedia. .
    Taniwha most likely didn’t feel too good about himself when the highway finally went ahead – once his defenders got their 2 million dollars they didn’t want to know him anymore. Talk about fair weathered friends! He never got relocated in the end. Taniwha was forgotten about. He most likely hitched a ride one night on one of those big articulated trucks and made his way along that lovely two lane Waikato highway to the big Auckland smoke. Remember, not so long ago he was sighted underneath Queen St in Auckland. I reckon he has gotten himself to the North Shore, perhaps via Devonport and maybe he is making his way up North to join Hone and his mum and all those up there who are full of hot air. Think he will be much happier with them.
    I wonder who got the 2 million dollars in the end? Certainly not Huntly with its old and fading DEKA sign. Glad the DEKA sign is still there though – a link to the past. I reckon the sign should become a Huntly tourist attraction.
    Hope this rain stops soon – had enough of water lately.

    Photo of the old DEKA sign in Huntly – James Watkins photography.

    • guest2

      Nice work Owl bang on…Taniwhas do not exist.

      • kehua

        And God does?

        • guest2

          There is more proof that Jesus was real than taniwhas ever existed.

          • Ronnie Chow

            And zero proof that God exists . But if you have it let’s hear it .

    • Dave

      Nice comment lesley, but the Tanawhai is heading for the next big infrastructure project. The old and very wise Tanawhai seems to turn up where ever there is a major project, and stays around until the golden handshake to the magical maori who can make the Tanawhai disappear for a couple of $mill.

      The mythical Tanawhai: coming to an infrastructure project near you soon. Directed by Maori ragbags.

  • kehua

    So Owl your Jesus was the son of God, so if God is the head honcho , where do you track him/her down to negotiate?

  • Bruce

    @ owl ”
    Science has shown that a man called Jesus Christ was real” Owl I followed your earlier financial posts and believed you were intelligent and logical however you have blotted your copy book with the above claim. I eagerly await you posting your references to peer reviewed scientific studies that support your claim. You know the same stuff that Whaleoil uses to refute claims of global warming.

    • Owl

      Bruce – have travelled to Israel twice but fo a very good summation you may wish to look at Historicity of Jesus