Claire Trevett on Tau as Speaker

Claire makes a pretty sensible case for Tau not being the speaker.

God loves a trier but unfortunately the Prime Minister does not feel the same way about his latest trier – Tau Henare.

Without saying it out loud, Key made it perfectly clear Henare was the Eric the Eel of the race to be Speaker.

Rather than subside quietly back into the green leather of the backbenches, Henare showed he had learned something from the Prime Minister – optimism.

Tau is unlikely to be the speaker, but he has a lot of low rat cunning, and I think Claire has underrated his desire to give the top brass a bloody good tune up for leaving him rotting on the back benches. He figures he has nothing to lose so he might as well have a go and see what happens. Key can stop him from being Speaker, but at what cost?

The big problem for John Key is he has to let Tau down gently so Tau doesn’t say “I don’t think you are up to being PM and will vote based on this view.” Claire underrates how much damage one pissed off back bencher can do when you have an one seat majority. And she also underrates how disrespectful the senior ministers have been of back benchers, back benchers who’s vote the ministers depend on for their ministerial portfolio.


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  • Gazzaw

    It remains to be seen whether National can emulate their external strategic stupidity internally.

  • Scanner

    Perhaps the best thing that could happen is that someone in National could actually grow a spine (a pretty big ask i know) biff the toys from the cot and force Key to a general election, this would have the added benefit for taxpayers of shoving the “Brown Barrow” of perceived wrongs right out in the open where it belongs, after all nothing disinfects like sunlight.
    Nothing would be better for the country than for the “House Niggers” to be exposed for what they actually are, money grubbing freeloaders out for the baubles that go with the free lunch.
    Eventually Key will come to the realization that in order to govern you will have to make a decision and sooner or later someone is going to be pissed off, such is life when the majority rule.