Clint Eastwood at the GOP Convention

Predictably the panty-waists are upset over his throat-slitting gesture:


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  • LesleyNZ

    Love Clint! Says it as it is. Noticed today the NZ Herald published negatively about Clint.

    • 2ndAmendment

      Commie scum. Who is surprised?

  • If you read the full speech, he defined Obama. As an empty seat.

    Of course the Herald hates it. It does not fit the narrative.

    • cows4me

      What’s the fucking herald going to do when they go tabloid? Lefty suckholes. Be hard to tell the masses that climate change is real at the same time tell the world Obomanation is Gods gift in one page. I expect more bullshit only highly concentrated bullshit.

  • Mark

    I always preferred “I know what you’re think punk … Etc”

  • 2ndAmendment

    Absolutely brilliant!! Latest polls our Romney well clear of Osama.

  • Ronnie Chow

    Quote from Luke Johnson/Huffington Post
    “Eastwood’s personal politics veer towards libertarian, or less charitably, are all over the map. He reportedly once said that his views were a mix between Milton Friedman and Noam Chomsky. He’s pro-gay marriage (“I don’t give a fuck,” he said in a 2011 interview),
    pro-choice and pro-environment, but consistently a Republican. His
    views are almost identical to those formerly held by the man he
    endorsed, Mitt Romney, who was once pro-choice, pro-environment and
    pro-gay rights. ”
    Romney’s views are apparently quite flexible . What do you want to hear ?

  • Polish Pride

    Hmmm interesting hearing him speak of the number of unemployed yet all initiatives to reduce this have been blocked by the republicans in congress and the senate. Just another stellar example of the failing system