Colin Craig the new Obama?

Here’s the latest from Colin Craig’s propaganda machine:

Colin Craig is pushing the Conservatives hard on every university campus around the country.  He is enticing New Zealand youth to be part of the Conservative youth wing – it seems a bit like being a young ‘un in New Zealand First to me.  I find the head quote fascinating:

“Great leadership is about doing what is right, not about trying to be popular.”

Coming from the guy who only wants to legislate based on referenda (otherwise known as popular votes) then this is a tad amusing.

All that aside, the most surprising aspect of this poster is that Colin Craig has fashioned himself on Obama.

Can you see the likeness?

What word should be at the bottom of Colin’s poster?


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  • RockyFist


  • insider

    I think it would rhyme with hope

    • toby_toby


      • fat bastard

        No Physical Education????? Yes at last a man with true vision.

  • You”re right.

    A “Conservative” fashioning himself on Obama…????

    It’s utterly clueless.

  • beany boy

    Wot a dick

  • botti

    I would much rather vote for Craig than that anti-white creep Obama.

    • Barack

      Then vote for him . Why tell us ?

      • botti

        Because the post compares them. I’m saying the cult of Obama is far more creepy.

  • Ronnie Chow


  • tas

    No Homo

  • CoNZervative

    CS, your unabated bias against Colin Craig continues (just go read the Espiner article on him in the Listener this week). “Propaganda”? “Enticing young people”?. He’s a politician for goodness sake, what would you expect? Patching in on Obama, creds to his graphic designer, although this style dates back to the 60s and was appropriated by the Dem camp from Warhol et al.

    • Ronnie Chow

      On your first point , everyone is biased .What’s new ?

      On your second point “Patching in on Obama, creds to his graphic designer,” , there wasn’t any designing . The Craig image is a direct copy . Nothing to do with Warhol , or creativity .

      • CoNZervative

        It’s not a direct copy 9anyone can see that) its a style appropriation, which is done all the time. What’s wrong with that? CS only ever criticises or mocks CC (not that I’m his defender) it;s just CS’s opinion is always one-sided when it comes to this politician.

        • CoNZervative

          Actually its interesting but the artist who created the initial Obama poster (“Hope,” now lampooned in a gazillion other forms and of other poli.s …Dope, Nope, etc) is in trouble with the Associated Press for pinching their photo, so this is a whole debate about public images and intellectual property. The AP photo is of course appropriated from Obama himself.

          • Neil

            Which is why there’s a whole legal industry round copyright these days. – Yeah o/k it’s a little off topic to this story but I’d have thought he would have needed to get someone’s o/k to use the same graphics as the CURRENT Obama poster….Anyone want to contact Obama’s PR team for a comment?

        • Mitch82

          This is because Colin Craig doesn’t do much that *isn’t* worthy of mockery.

        • Hard1

          OK . Sorry . The same face wasn’t used . Point taken .

        • toby_toby

          But he’s not required to have anything other than his own opinion, is he? It’s his blog and the purpose is to air his opinion, however biased it may be. He’s open about that fact and doesn’t masquerade as some impartial website.

  • SaggyNaggy

    Colin Craig is indeed the new Obama, but Slater probably sees that as a compliment.

    • Ronnie Chow

      Don’t flatter yourselves .. the last act of a dying organism is reproduction .

  • JohnnyB


    • Gayguy

      NZ is awake, that;s why Colin will never be elected and Key is dropping in the polls.

  • Guest

    Suggestions for the poster:


  • guest

    Colin Craig, the poster boy for negative correlation between IQ and religiousness!


    Anyone who thiks that NZ can continue down its present politcal path confirms the Einstein definition of an idiot – ” if you repeatedly do the same thing over and over whilst expecting a different outcome on each ocassion you are an idiot” The Conservative Party of New Zealand is the Constructive Alternative.

  • rob

    wow, I hope someone lets Shepard Fairy know Colin Craig has stolen his artwork…. There is no way that Shepard would approve this…

  • So the man jumps on the bandwagon of a social debate to get some 15 minutes of fame, uses questionable research to try & substantiate his wild generalisations & general bigotry, fails to disclose that he is fact nothing more than a quaker who likes to have prayer circles at work and now he is stealing 4 year old campaign ideas off a man who he would most likely discriminate against if he could?

    What a muppet. How is it someone who cant string an eloquent & relevant sentence together in a pertinent debate managed to make so much money? Perhaps his wife is the brains everything….he sure as hell isnt! He reminds me of GWB junior….someone has got to be pulling his strings as he seems to clueless to come up with such idiocy on his own!

  • Here’s the point.

    Colin Craig is selling himself as a Conservative, yet he uses an image of himself in his promotional material based on a picture made famous by one of the worlds most well known Progressives??

    Y’know, I’m prepared to cut Craig some slack as a political novice, but man, you’ve got to draw the line somewhere.

    This is so clueless it raises all kinds of questions.

    Does Craig know who Barack Obama is politically? ( a closet communist, a Chicago gangster and probably one of the most crooked inhabitants of the White House in modern times if not ever)

    Does Craig really know what a Conservative is?

    Does he have any strategy person working for him with an idea?

    If the answers to those questiosn are all negative than Craig needs to get his arse into gear and straighten things out.

    • CoNZervative

      Red, its a common template in a graphics programme, that’s been used thousands of times, and since the 1960s. It coincidentally looks similar to the Obama Poster but so does Warhol’s painting of MIchael Jackson.

      • toby_toby

        The Warhol Michael Jackson looks nothing like the Obama image. The other images you compared on your blog are similar in only one respect: high contrast. Which is hardly a good basis for your argument.
        The only similar image is the Che one – however, the blue and red colour scheme does not originate with Che, only the photo upon which the Che image is based pre-dates the Obama image. Your argument that the Colin Craig image is not based on the Obama image but rather is based on pop culture is an extremely tenuous argument at best. You simply cannot take one element of an image, compare it to a single element of something else and say that it’s the same thing. You need to look at the sum total of all the design elements and when you do that, you can see that the Colin Craig image is a direct lift *in terms of design* of the Obama image.

    • Gayguy

      Goodness RedB. you really know nothing about Obama do you.

      Bet you are a birther as well.

  • j_j

    “Could be gay if I so chose”

    • pukakidon

      Yes you know you are only gay if you push back. Do you?

  • Lion_ess

    Great leadership does not “copy” the style of one of the most recognisable campaign poster designs of recent times and hope it goes unnoticed. What an embarrassing, cringe-worthy dolt.

  • Young and Conservative

    The posters were a student initiated thing. The Obama-esque style was used simply to grab attention… Perhaps it could even be seen as a comment that if we really want to ‘progress’ in any worthwhile way we have to look first at what we need to conserve.

    • What crap.

      Its dumb dumb dumb and if that’s the best they can do then they may as well fold their fucking tents up right now.

      Pathetic little politically naive wankers with no idea shouldn’t be designing publicity material.

    • Alex

      Isn’t the point that it is hugely ironical, if not hilarious, that the poster is modeled on, and invites parallels, to Obama, the head villain in the eyes of the social conservatives?

      Still could be worse: he could have done a Winston Church ‘v’ for victory and cigar.

      And isn’t there also a residual unease that this so called Conservative Party seems to be entirely focused on Colin Craig a la Winston First? Who are the other leading luminaries of this party? No one knows. Why aren’t they focusing on policy, which might have greater resonance than CC’s mug shot?

  • blazer

    he looks like a gameshow host.

    • tarkwin

      I thought he looked like John Campbell – much the same thing I suppose.

  • CoNZervative

    Shepard Fairy appropriated the image in the original poster, got sued, lied in court and is on probation. The image belongs to Associated Press. The style was also appropriated and is well-known elsewhere, mainly as CHE Guevera, and well established in 1960s by Andy Warhol (Google Warhol’s Michael Jacksom painting or the CHE iPhone vector). I cab put up several images that pre-date the Fairy Obama poster. Colin Craig’s work is original but appropriates the style of the poster. You cannot copyright an art style, or the use of red, blue, black. The technique is actually a simple Photoshop template.

    • Lion_ess

      Still looks stupid, corny, limp. It would only be funnier if Shearer used it.

    • Hard1

      Are you the only paid staffer ?

      • CoNZervative

        No, I just know a bit about copyright and I’m an art historian who likes Pop Art.

  • CoNZervative

    OMG Barack-I will close Guantanamo Bay-Obama ripped off CHE. That must…mean…that… Obama is really a marxist revolutionary murderer from Argentina living in Cuba? [sound of weeping].

  • Hope and Pray works, although on this site, Prey may be more fitting

  • GeorgeRomero

    Maby the Kenyan is good for something after all.That posterization of The One is very famous and might appeal to the more conservitive yoof who the campaign is aimed at.
    Mabey even well and truly indoctrinated yoof on mindless and time wasting courses at uni and unitec might show an interest and a voting base may evolve.

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  • CoNZervative

    Get the real oil on this story here ( plus view eight other randomly selected images that show where the 2008 poster image came from.

  • kehua


  • LesleyNZ

    Well Obama was the winner! As National becomes more liberal and Labour useless what is the alternative? When it comes to voting what choice does the conservative right leaning voter have? Not to vote or to vote conservative?

  • Im going with ‘cheesedick’ – just sits right with the grin.

  • Nick K

    He may not be copying Obama, but he is almost certainly copying Act’s 2008 campaign message: “The guts to do what’s right”.