Comrade Kate now poster girl for SFWU?

I’ve posted about the Dunedin company running its Vulnerable Minister campaign seeking a decision from Comrade Kate on Part 6A of the Employment Relations Act.

Now I think unions are the spawn of satan for destroying business value and putting the economy at risk. Just in from the tipline is this abusive email to the Company openly behind the Vulnerable Minister website. Comrade Kate must have been on the phone drumming up support.

Clearly this Jennifer “Occupy” Natoli (An Auckland based lead SFWU organiser) communist doesn’t understand that their business is a franchising business, with their cleaners as small business owners working hard and providing a valuable service to businesses, schools, hospitals.

Sad to have a Minister of the Crown in a National Government that seems more bent on supporting the unions than businesses that actually work towards lifting the productivity levels of this country. With Comrade Kate in the hot seat it’s no wonders National’s traditional support base is starting to question the wisdom of having her in the seat.

From: Jen Natoli [email redacted]

Sent: Wednesday, 12 September 2012 1:42 p.m.

To: [email protected]

Subject: shameful

Dear sir/madam,

Please forward this email to someone in Crest management.

Your company’s website to “spark public debate” does not include anywhere the public can comment.  Are you sure Crest’s intent is to spark public debate?  Or are you simply putting out anti vulnerable worker legislation propoganda?

As your company has failed to comply with part 6A several times, it’s pretty cheeky to have an opinion about something your company tries hard to circumvent or ignore.

Your treatment of cleaners is consistently poor and from my view, your company wouldn’t exist without your workers.

I applaud the Employment Relations Authority’s decisions regarding workers at Taylor’s college and Nelson.

Kindest Regards,



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  • Deep Blue

    Nice. How appropriate that the Unions now wade into the debate by criticising the company. What’s the bet she has absolutely no idea about the company, but still feels inclined to slag them off. Typical union bully tactics.

  • Stevedore (non union)

    Well here’s a big Fu*k You back to Jen.

  • Anonymous

    No wonder the union scumbags are hating this company – they took a case against them –

  • blokeintakapuna

    Usual modus operandi for the unions and union organisers – see who can out-thug the other by being the most feral.
    They hold the likes of Kelly & Parsloe up as shining examples of “defenders of the down-trodden” when in reality, they’re just renta-thug parasites with a somewhat sycophant following attempting to be “crusaders” defending the poor worker from the evil business owner.
    Seems this wanna-be sycophant got a head start on most of them… but at least she’s demonstrating the class and style that her mum and union organiser would be proud of.

  • LamptonKey watcher

    Meanwhile Comrade Kate sits in Parliament listening listening to National MPs talking up how they’re making the country more productive and supporting businesses… YEAH RIGHT.

    Pity no one from the 9th floor of the Beehive has gone over and given her the proverbial slapping telling her to HTFU and sort out legislation to help businesses instead of sitting on her hands.

    This Government is becoming so disappointing.

  • Captain Crab

    Thats right Jen. Crest “didn’t build that”. You did.

  • Symgardiner

    Ummm… what was abusive about the email? Presuming that it is factually correct about the failure to comply with current legislation.
    I’m as pro-business as they come but I have no problem with people who disagree speaking their piece.
    Have I missed something here?

  • Clean Er

    To Be fair, Crest have been a little rash in some of their decision making surrounding the recent cases, however I am glad that they are testing the legislation and at least getting some decent precedents laid down. I believe in its current format Part 6A is well intentioned, however due to a lack of clarity about procedural issues, in particular the obligations of outgoing companies to provide information, it is almost unworkable.

    The big issues for me, are commercial sensitivity around information, and big multinational companies the likes of (Spotless. OCS etc) simply ignore smaller players requests for information, and then “unload” staff onto new contractors.

    The franchise model is completely different to large employee based companies, and clearly, Jen Natoli should spend more time reading and less time writing.

  • Rick

    I see Jen is very intelligent based on her comment “your treatment of cleaners is consistently poor and from my view, your company would notnexist without your workers” doh what business would exist without workers and I am sure they look after their own personal as they clean our offices and have had the same people for 3 years.
    PS nice pic really professional