David says, Ctd

David Shearer’s thesis is interesting especially in light of his current views on many things…like the value of Maori land:

“…monetary compensation for acquisitioned land, raises the question as to whether this is an appropriate means to compensate Maori people whose attachment to land is demonstrably more significant than can be measured simply in terms of market value. In short, the question to be asked is that whether ancestral land be measured in dollar values.”

Hmmm…that is at odds with Labour propensity to throw cash as solving Maori problems.


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  • 2ndAmendment

    Hmmm…that is at odds with Labour propensity to throw cash as solving Maori problems

    nope – it just means they’ll confiscate private land legally owned by New Zealanders

    but then – anyone notice John “Declaration on the Rights of the Indigenous Peoples” Key just gave away 1% of the whole country to Tuhoe

    as a guide – it’s about the same amount of land under irrigation

    just shows that terrorism pays.

  • Nemesis

    Hang on a minute, it is your beloved National Party that just transferred hundreds of millions of dollars at Iwi settlement, stacking up a compensation package under its reign into the billions. Again, you people are a joke. Get your facts straight.

  • nzd.gbp

    This business of attributing some extra dimension to the Maori experience, without asking them to explain it for themselves, is the reason there is a greeny, kind of hippy idilic holiness attached to maori culture. It was projected to be that way from the minds of those who were fortunate enough not to have to live as lower castes in that horribly superstitious and cruel society. It’s the same thing the hippies did to the east and their religions. Pre-European Aotearoa was a hell filled with demons and violence and slavery and cannibalism. It’s quite an achievement to be able to demand compensation from those who vanquished those demons and cannibalism and slavery and it’s quite a shame for those who did so to feel ashamed for it.