Diary of Comrade Kate, Ctd

29 September

Bloody tories have been working me to the bone, no chance at all to read the back issues of Mother Jones Helen gave me, not even over my union made sushi for lunch. New SPS is much more in tune with the needs of the workers. Sushi was a bit average, soy too salty.

The bad story about our comrades at the meatworkers just gets worse, some nasty bureaucrat is trying to make them comply with some stupid laws. So frustrating when the bureaucrats take the side of the capitalists. It is all that horrid little Rodney’s doing. He is the worst kind of capitalist, and a traitor to his old comrades on the wharfs and oil rigs.

Made a few calls to get some work for poor Carol who is out of a position and her nails are really, really bad since she can no longer afford to have them done at that nice union run clinic that helen takes me to. Hekia has been so good helping me get Carol a job, she tells me it is easy to get the tories to give our side work and leave theirs on the sidelines.


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