Dita comes good

Dita De Boni can usually be relied upon for some liberal elite waffle or inane fluff in the Herald, but today she comes good talking about TVNZ:

So, TVNZ is a reasonably profitable operation, and returns a bit of dosh to the Government. The disaster that was TiVO and its champion Rick Ellis are gone. Plenty of money-conscious journeymen people its management ranks.

It’s a different organisation altogether from the days I was working there, when big spending, risky hiring and a kind of Sodom and Gomorrah attitude pervaded the place. From the austere strictures of theHerald newsroom, where a coffee charged to the company would have you explaining yourself to the finance department in perpetuity, to TVNZ, where you got handed a company credit card with your welcome pack – way-hay!

But as TVNZ has become more corporatised, the case for government owning this resource has become even thinner. There is nothing “public service” about it, particularly. It turns a profit, but not one that makes a huge difference to the public coffers. It runs local content, but only in primetime if is guaranteed to get an audience (and drive advertising revenue).

It is unshackled from the demands of the waffly Charter. And perhaps, most importantly, the underlying fundamentals of the business are good, which means it might attract a buyer.


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  • Redbaiter

    Close it down.

    Any public service it might provide takes a distant second place to its obsession with the dissemination of liberal/ progressive propaganda.

    And who needs any more of that?

  • marcw

    I own a TiVo and I think it is a wonderful bit of technology which adds to the home viewing enjoyment. Maybe it was the partnering with Telecom that was the problem, but I don’t think that TiVo itself was the reason for slow uptake. Not everyone can afford Sky (and the extra cost of MySky to receive HD), and 22 Freeview channels, most in HD, are brilliant and very convenient.

  • 2ndAmendment

    Or just sell it off. Actually this was on quite sensible ACT Policy: sell TNVZ in toto, stick the money in a trust, use that to pay for TVNZ7, Maori TV etc.

    And, no, apart from Backbenchers – which usually had a big contingent of ACT On Campus. & Media7, there wasn’t that much propaganda — mostly BBC Nature documentaries. Or, better still, buy in to SBS.

  • cows4me

    Sale it to the left, perhaps they can call it the Tick channel, something like Fox only more in keeping with their political ideology.