Education Scandal taking place right now

Hundreds of public servants are currently spending hundreds of thousands – if not millions – of dollars in taxpayer money on an overseas trip.

This is money which should have been spent in their schools on books, computers – maybe even breakfast.

This absolute scandal is the work of the New Zealand Principals’ Federation. For some bizarre reason, known only to themselves, their annual conference is taking place in Melbourne over the next few days.

It is will known that Principals use school funds to pay for these trips, which no doubt they will have told their board of trustees is all about “information-sharing”.

Let’s look at the (conservative) costs:

Flights – the best part of $1000 each.

Registration – around $800 each

Hotels – at least $600 for three nights

Food – at least $100 a day.

Taxis – $100 from airport in to Melbourne.

On top of this throw in a nice black-tie dinner and a river cruise – both essential for making sure kids can read and write.

NZPF usually gets around 700 at its conferences. It would be very hard for each school to spend less than $2500 on their troughing principal.

I make that well over $1.5 million of taxpayer money which schools are paying for their “leaders” to plot more nastiness.

This is a disgrace. We want our money back.


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  • Brian Smaller

    By my calculations, $1.5m would buy 300,000 1kg boxes of weetbix. At 66 bix per box, and giving each breakfaster 3 bix, that is a total of 6,600,000 breakfasts. Why wont they think of the children?

  • jabba

    I understand some went to Canada last year??

  • Bea

    But it will all be for the good of the children. Much easier and cheaper, one would think, to bring over some Melbourne experts, if there are any apart from our own John Hattie. After all, we are always ahead of Australia on the OECD education rankings.

  • pbnz

    Its an overseas trip, I am sure their travel policies would mean that it is a business class trip as well, add another few thousand per person…..

    • Brian Smaller

      That would pay for the milk for the weetbix.

    • Crumble

      Doubt it. Most policies have that for flights over 10 hours

      • pbnz

        Our policy is three hours and anything overseas (that is Australian policy where I am based).

        • Crumble

          Not here most schools are 10 hours cause that one you never (almost) have to do it.

        • AnonWgtn

          Say Ak to Melb is over 3 hours usually.
          My company policy was any 8 hour sector on the trip for business class.

  • maninblack

    Why the fuck does it have to be overseas? (there might be a reason)
    Failing a decent reason, what about supporting some NZ conference companies you troughing bastards.

  • pukakidon

    Another male teacher convicted of diddling boys again yesterday. These pricks are vermin.

    • Alex

      what about the males who fiddle with girls? Are they not equally deserving of your scorn?

      • Whafe

        Any teacher that fiddles with girls or boys should be taken to with boiling marmalade etc etc

      • pukakidon

        That is disgusting as well but it just seems to be young boys who are the targets of these deviants.

  • Adolf Fiinkensein

    Are these the principals without principles?

    Is this the same mob which vigorously opposes the introduction of national standards?

    Why overseas? Duty free shopping, of course! Three bottles of malt on the way back in.

  • Whafe

    Would love to know the reasoning behind the need to travel to Melbourne for this conference.. As is said below, why not support a venue in NZ somewhere….

    • Liberty

      Out of the 700 schools. How many would have a labour party save our assets stuck on the tea room wall.

  • dave53

    Having lived in Melbourne for the last three years (recently returned), with my wife working in the education sector there (university lecturer), I was not at all impressed with their schools which seemed not on a par with ours, area for area. An amazing 40pc of kids go to expensive private schools (to keep up with the Joneses) yet the private schools are no better than the good state schools (as here) yet get more state funding than the state schools get. We have better school results across the board than Australia so I am not sure why our principals would go there for a conference. It would be much better and cheaper to bring any Australian speakers here, to hear what they have to say.
    Also please remember, principals here are not union radicals like the actual teachers, they are high-achieving education managers appointed by the boards of trustees.
    My three children thrived at our state schools and thrive now at university.
    Anyhow, more details please or a link to why this is happening.

    • dave53

      I found the website. It’s not the Principals Federation conference, it’s some transtasman primary principals conference. But all the bells and whistles that Cam said.

    • 2ndAmendment

      40pc of kids go to expensive private schools … the private schools get more state funding than the state schools get.

      sounds to me like there’s a whole lot of stuff Parata & Principals have to learn from the Victorian education system!

      principals here are not union radicals like the actual teachers, they are high-achieving education managers appointed by the boards of trustees.

      Right. Which is why this is yet another beatup. Principals going to Victoria to see how they can take their schools private (sorry, “partnership”) seems absolutely the kind of things they should be doing!

  • Rangoon

    Oh and we also sent Hekia Parata and some kaumatua to bless the whole fucking thing. What a joke.

  • PauliePaul

    I agree wholeheartedly WO. I’m a principal. I couldn’t ethically justify spending money in this way. BTW many of my colleagues are also tacking on a tour of Victorian schools either side of the conference so you need to up the figure for them on accommodation and food. ALSO, why not schedule the conference in the holiday break?

  • BG

    All that aside, why couldn’t they have the conference (in NZ) during one of their 12 weeks of holiday? Correct me if Im wrong, but they’ll get back just in time for the next school break, won’t they?

  • fozzie

    Oh please ……what a massive beat up over buggar all – why not run the story of Paula Benefit and her $550 million spend on working out ways to make beneficiaries lives more of a living hell … nasty porker took all that the state could give her for a hand up and then slams the door shut on those behind her, and with a sycophantic smile tells them they will be so much happier in their part time @ $13.00 an hour jobs, while their kids are left to fend for themselves. What a sick country we are becoming !!

    • Dion

      Yeah, what’s all the fuss about, it’s only tax payers’ money.

      Not that the left would understand that because most of them are living off it.

    • fergus

      Pratt!!!! lying pratt!!!

    • Labour’s idea of $2.25 a day has much more merit, and next week they are going to prove it is a living wage.

  • Kevin

    Auckland truant officers take the truants out for coffee

  • Kevin

    Every police officer in the country, right down to the newest low constables would go,to at least one out of town training course a year, most more. I’ve tried to no avail to find out what the total govt spend on air fares is. Also include beneficiary local and overseas travel. I’d bet 30 % of air nz income is govt paid.

  • A-random-reader

    Does writing a blog mean that you no longer have to do basic research?

    Every couple of years the NZPF holds a joint trans-tasman conference with the APPA (the Australian Primary Principals Association).

    The last two joint conferences were held in Christchurch (2000), and Melbourne (2004).

    • And your point is what? Are they in Australia? What have I got wrong? Nothing…looks like I’m in the a stream still will mr anonymous teacher is still mr thickee

      • A-random-reader

        I’m not a teacher and I have never worked in the education sector (at least you’ve moved on from speculating that I work for Fairfax Media).

        This is a trans-tasman conference. The reason the NZPF holds joint conferences is that the larger audience allows the organisers to defray the costs of bringing in top-level experts in educational administration from around the world.

        The next NZPF conference is scheduled to be held in Hamilton.

  • Yoti

    From their Website
    Executive Meetings
    The following Executive Meetings will be held in 201219 -20 January
    Grand Mercure Nelson24 – 26 February
    Hotel Grand Chancellor Auckland Airport22 – 24 March
    James Cook Grand Chancellor Wellington11 – 12 May
    Copthorne Commodore Christchurch15 – 16 June
    James Cook Grand Chancellor Wellington29 – 31 July
    Copthorne Hotel Waitangi16 – 17 September
    Travelodge Melbourne23 – 25 NovemberJames Cook Grand Chancellor Wellington

  • Sir Cullen’s Sidekick

    Tories – Wait for Sheep Shearer to respond to this and show sensational leadership. What is wrong in hard(ly) working principals having some fun?