Field – Still Innocent?

Despite being ordered to pay $28,000 for the Thai slave labour he used on his properties, the corrupt former Labour MP Phillip Field still maintains he is only guilty of helping his constituents.

Forget the bribes, forget his attempts to pervert the course of justice – Field still says he’s only guilty of doing what any other person would do – that’s accept/demand a hefty discount for work carried out by desperate migrants seeking his help.

This certainly brought back memories.  Despite the conviction, despite court orders he maintain he is innocent.

Shane Jones should be taking notes.


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  • blokeintakapuna

    Lying through his teeth! I bet he couldn’t lie straight in bed!
    Typical of the usual Labour Party MP – once confronted with a question he doesn’t like, immediately he uses “stand-over” vocal intimidation tones, deflects the question, then says he has another appointment and flocks off.
    Lying hypocrit indeed!
    If he was so innocent – why did he spend time with Bubba in the Cell block and all of a sudden his MP “colleagues” don’t want anything to do with anymore?
    They’d probably prefer to answer why Dover was so protective of Labour’s latest citizen – Mr. Lui/Chow/Xui/Chang/Wang/Tong – what ever his name is… not even InterPol is sure…
    Lying, corrupt, bully. He’s obviously being lined up for a senior role in the unions somewhere with credentials like that….

  • Gazzaw

    How come he got out early. I thought an acceptance of your guilt was part & parcel of getting parole.

  • Bobby202

    What a clown… he tells the interviewer to read the judgement before she jumps on him about the implications of it all…. but when questioned says twice that he hasn’t had a chance to read it himself yet.