Foodstuffs CEO not living up to the “Values”

?Ethics are at the core of all that we do?

That is what Murray Jordan CEO Foodstuffs is one of the first comments in this 2 minute CEO PR puff piece from Foodstuffs:

This will be going down like a cup of cold sick with their suppliers after facing more extortion from this supermarket giant.

It could cost more to fill up your supermarket trolley, if a plan underway in Wellington is rolled out nationwide.

Supermarket giant Foodstuffs is making its suppliers pay a 3 percent “promotions rebate” on every product they sell in a supermarket.

It amounts to a 3 percent deduction for suppliers, and it’s likely to be rolled out nationwide.

The video bangs on about Foodstuff?s values including ?Customer Focused?, and given what is happening in the marketplace I am not sure we can believe Murray Jordan when he says:

??If I?ve got any difficult decision to make, I?ll mentally run through the list of values in terms of customer focused, innovation, honesty, respectfulness, and I?ll work through those, and if there?s any grey area or anywhere I have to take a bit of a pause, I?ll be questioning why we?re making this decision.?

Tui Billboard here we come.