Give Maori the Wind

Buried deep in a report about John Key’s current visit to the Chathams is this telling paragraph:

“Two wind turbines were installed on the island in 2010, but they have failed to reduce the cost of electricity, which was mostly diesel-powered and around four times the price of power on the mainland.”

Now you would think that this would be a perfect and controlled test of the usefulness of wind turbines.

The Chathams are windier than the Beehive during question time.  It is a controlled environment, with all costs known before and after the introduction of the turbines.

The turbines were built for the specific purpose of reducing power costs for the island.

They were installed with a Govt subsidy of $2.16 million.

And they are a failure.

Google pops up well over a hundred references to this splendid project & not one of them – as far as I can detect – reveals that the wind turbines are an expensive flop.

So here’s the deal, we’ll do a swap – Maori can have the wind, all of  NZ will keep the water.


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  • Pix

    Give Maori nothing!!!

  • Tristanb

    I’m sure that someone made great use of that $2.16 million.

  • thor42

    Amazing. Absolutely bloody amazing.
    For ***fuck’s sake*** – HOW can they have failed so badly?
    ( I accept that the have been, but I am dumbstruck as to **how** it can be the case. )
    I struggle to see how on earth something that uses a FREE resource can produce such expensive electricity.
    Is anyone able to tell us how on earth this could happen?

    • Chris

      I am sure the Greens would be able to help.

  • BJ

    I guess the post is really about wind but a bit more about the chatams…..2004 the NZ government granted the council$5.25 million to meet its statutory obligations.
    Since that time a sewage and water supply have been built in Waitangi and the roading system has been better maintained.

    The Chatham Islands Enterprise Trust was established in 1991 with the aid of an $8 million government grant and the transfer of the assets of the meatworks (since closed), ports, airport and electricity generation. Its main objective is to promote the economic development and well-being of the community.