Give that man a job, Ctd

I see Matt McCarten’s been making shit up about the guy who broke the WINZ windows in Kaikohe because they wouldn’t give him a fourth food grant due to his refusing to see a budget advisor.

Sam is a 58-year-old invalid beneficiary. He was run over 20 years ago in a car accident. He lost an eye, an arm and a leg. Since then he’s spent his life in a wheelchair.

So….according to Matt the guy lost an arm, a leg and an eye 20 years ago when he got run over. However based on a photo in The Northern Advocate he clearly has two arms. Though the Northern Advocate seems to be a whole lot more accurate about Sam Kuha’s injuries, though I would not that he could swing a hammer pretty well with his ok arm.

Matt also said he took his budget to WINZ which is more bullshit – all he took were his bank statements and complained that they wouldn’t even look at them – quite right as a bank statement is not a budget, and the lazy prick couldn’t be arsed to do a proper one.

This guy has such a sense of entitlement it sickens me. He has a car that he doesn’t drive because it’s not warranted or registered – why doesn’t he sell the bloody thing then?

He owns his own home and the reason he has no money for food is that it goes on his mortgage and insurances! What gives him the right to suck off the taxpayer’s tit and get his house paid for, just because he was unlucky enough to be run over by a car 20 years ago?

If he was working at the time he’d get ACC of 80% of his gross wage, index-linked to inflation for life.


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  • thor42

    I’ll bet that anyone who gets themselves out and plays parapegic sport would like to kick this guy’s arse (or at least let down the tyres on his wheelchair……. ).

  • JeffDaRef

    At least this guy has the good sense not to drive a car that is unregistered and unwarranted – unlike David Shearer!

    • pukakidon

      Come everyone knows that if you are a liarbour leader like David Shearer you are above the law. Just like Helun when she sped through the streets to get to a rugby game. Liarbour is all about do as a say not as I do.

      • Zifnab

        Don’t you mean politicians in general? After all, John Banks is proving so squeaky clean and Bill English knew nothing about recent events that are making New Zealand look like a joke and an American stooge recently. Oh, that’s right, only the side you don’t like can do wrong…guess I’m lucky I don’t like any politicians…

        • pukakidon

          I think you need to actually read or understand the law. John Banks did not break the law and was not even an MP at the time.

          Bill English signed off the investigation after receiving advice from so called experts in GCSB, if you have ever been in a position of leadership you would understand that you have to put faith in your managers, in this case incompetence in Government departmental management has once again been found out. It is rife in Government circles, whereby many totally self interested individuals are promoted well above their capability in life, usually through having their tongue so far up their supervisors backside they can taste what they had for breakfast.

          I guess you would find it hard to understand the placement of faith in your team members. Like Helun most Liarbour supporters are control freaks who must interfere and know everyone’s business. It is the socialist way, Joseph Stalin and Hitler were both socialists and it was their way as well.

          • Meg

            John Banks did break the law. The police said so.

            Oh and are you actually arguing that not having a clue what the hell is going on, refusing to read police reports so you can “deny” knowledge of law breaking by a coalition partner is a better way to run a Government, than being in control of things?

          • pukakidon

            Sorry Meg in this country innocent until proven guilty still applies, I know you socialists do not like it that way but in the democratic world that still applies. Police do not decide guilt that is why we have courts. So he is innocent I am afraid.

            Very much the same as the theft of nearly $1,000,000.00 by Helun and her cohorts of deceit. Once again the police did not elect to prosecute.

  • Anonymouse Coward

    “If he was working at the time he’d get ACC of 80% of his gross wage, index-linked to inflation for life.”

    No, he would have been sent for a medical review judged fit for work as a foreign trade negiotator, merchant banker, or brain surgeon, and had his compensation cut

    • baw

      I quite agree, ACC would have taken one look at him, said you can do these jobs, we will help you train for these jobs and he would be self supporting in 6 months to 2 years latter. ACC has an incentive to get people of their books WINZ does not (instead WINZ gets more money) (some times they get a little to good at this).

      • Zifnab

        Or ACC would have said, “You can do this job (for which you’re blatantly unsuited and actually you can’t do it) so we’re going to give you 3 months to find work in it and then kick you off ACC” and made it WINZ’s problem…yeah, that’s what would really happen.

    • Bafacu

      Note also that the “tale of woe” in the HOS (got free for neighbours) stated “he was raising a daughter and running a business so asking for food assistance didn’t come easy”.

      So he’s running a business but getting a benefit?? WTF. How does this work – my business has struggled for the past 4 years (while we’ve managed to keep the staff) and we have only been drawing about half the dole amount per year during this period – I’m not suffering too badly though as 3 gardens in the back yard provide all the veges we need and fruit grows off the trees! Mince isn’t too expensive and neither is chicken on special. All solved until the economy turns (if Labour doesn’t get in it will happen).

      Tell the lazy bugger to plant something and stop feeling sorry for himself and expecting others to carry him (and his wheelchair)!

  • Mr_Blobby

    Don’t know about making shit up. But what I do know is that the news media don’t always tell us the full story.

    How about some history on his accident what were the circumstances around it, what was his employment status at the time, did he have any previous criminal history.

    Rather than touch on the fact that he had had 3 emergency food grants. What was the time frame for the grants and how many others have we not been told about. What was the food grants used for? Was it cheap bulk food that you have to prepare yourself or was it for a pie and a pint.

    My guess is that he was a bludging deadbeat criminal, of low character, then and he is still one now

  • kowtow

    Plant a fricken garden.

    • Dave

      KowTow. Not a bad idea, Winz Gardening division,Teach them to grow their own and hand out seeds and seedlings in their first week after they register, that way they can be producing food 4 to 6 weeks later.

      Most of WINZ’s clients seem to be able to Grow their Own Weed no problems, surely they could grow a few lettuce plants, tomatoes, and veges. WINZ could then reduce payments after say, 6 weeks…..

      Then ……….. sir/madam, we have $60 of vouchers, 25 seedlings, and 3 packets of seed, oh, and $5 for discretionary spending.

    • Polish Pride

      Kowtow good idea – but given the guy is confined to a whell chair this would be a nearly impossible task. In fact given your comment, it leads me to think that perhaps you have never dug a garden in your life…..

      • Bafacu

        So build a raised garden – problem solved!

        • Bunswalla

          Yep, he’s good with a hammer after all!

  • Hagues

    So one part of the article states “He had no petrol, warrant or registration for his car – hence the trip into town by wheelchair – and his fridge was empty.” Yet earlier they report ” staff… refused to give him a $40 food voucher and $20 for petrol.” Why is he applying for petrol vouchers without a legal car? If he had been given the petrol vouchers would he illegally drive his car? Was he going to trade it for $20 with a mate (rip off the system)? Why did the reporter not ask him why he wanted petrol vouchers when he didn’t have a legal car?

  • OzBob

    Interesting question; should he be expected to “downsize” his house to a smaller one if he is on the dole? if he was wealthy, he could put it in trust and pay rent to himself, therefore securing the asset for his retirement. How much of our own savings should we be forced to contribute in order to get a benefit?

    • Sarrs

      He should be expected to have to sell his house if he can’t afford to keep it. Home ownership is an opportunity afforded to so many in this country that people seem to think it’s some sort of human right. It’s not. Either get flatmates in to help pay the mortgage or sell up and move to cheaper accommodation.

      • Polish Pride

        “so many in this country that people seem to think it’s some sort of human right.”
        So in the world that you want to live in Sarrs having a home to live in and call your own should be a priviledge. Perhaps we can take it a step further and say having a home to live in at all should be a priviledge, food to eat a priviledge and so on.
        Everyone needs a place to live. In fact there is a certain set of needs that everyone has without exception. As everyone needs them society could be restructured to ensure that people have them.
        Under the current system, money has moved from being a method of exchange to being a barrier to having the things that people need.

        • Sarrs

          Well done twisting my words. I didn’t say that having a home isn’t a basic right, I said OWNING that home isn’t a basic right. It’s an opportunity. Of course everybody needs somewhere to live, the fact is that home ownership and sole occupancy are beyond the means of many NZers.

          You would do well to actually read people’s comments before trying to destroy them with your twisted logic. Don’t wilfully misinterpret someone else’s comment to use that as a spring board for raising your own points.

  • Troy

    Well, this is Matt’s modus operandii… he has made a career out of attempting to be an advocate for people but most of the time he loses credibility because he is inept. He can’t string facts together to put forth arguments that are both cogent and factual. I’m not sure why the NZ Herald actually gives him space to write the garbage that he does – i usually only read the first paragraph of whatever he writes to get an idea of the track he will take and the lies he will put forth. He’s a sad man and probably a good mate of Mallard.

  • Southpaw

    Bloody bludgers!What was it that you did for a living again Mr Slater?

    • A number of things actually, none of which involves a benefit.

  • BJ

    The invalids benefit is different to the dole in that any other income one has is offset against the benefit – even selling his car would mean a reduced amount of benefit over the year – same with rental income. His options are few – grow a vege garden, get income under the table ( very naughty), or have family live rent free but buy the groceries. Getting a little more creative he could ‘lease’ his car to some one that can’t afford one and they can buy some groceries and/or tend a vege garden for him.

    So, where are his ‘people’ in all of this? I mean the Maori community that look after each other and have all this extra funding for Maori community initiatives.

  • Polish Pride

    See now thats something that I find really amusing with the society we live in. Everyone needs a home to live in. Everyone. Unfortunately you have to, under the current system pay for it.
    The resources exist. We know how to build them, yet we say fuck you, you shouldn’t own a house if you have to get welfare to buy food. (another thing that everyone needs and should have).
    In a just world everyone should have a home, everyone should have food, everyone should have power. They are not hard concepts to grasp really and if the system fails in some of these areas then this is one argument (among many) in the need for a new system.

    • Bunswalla

      Of course everyone needs a home to live in, but you don’t have to own a home or have a mortgage in order to have a roof over your head. If Sam has assets that he could sell to provide for himself (such as a car that he can’t drive, or equity in his house), those are options he should exercise first before sticking his one hand out (oh sorry, no, that’s not right, Matt said he only had one but he has two) and expecdting his mortgage to take priority over his food.

    • Tristanb

      Everyone doesn’t have to own a home! Is that what you’re saying?

      Why don’t you give this guy your home? And while you’re at it why don’t you buy me a ten-million dollar home in Herne Bay?

      Why should I, “under the current system” have to pay for it myself! Oh the humanity!

  • Zifnab

    ACC is for life? Without seeing this chap’s budget I’m not inclined to make any judgement, though the figures he has given just don’t add up to me – accommodation supplement + invalid’s benefit total to more than he says he gets by $57…and $75/wk is enough to eat on – far more preposterous is the idea that ACC payments go on for life. That’s theory only and I’ve seen far too many cases, both with people that I know and with clients, where people have been kicked off ACC when they were still unable to work and in some cases would never be able to return to work.