Give that man a job

as a hammer hand.

Judging by the photos it looks like he has centred both of his blows with the hammer quite nicely. Clearly a bit of talent there, I’m sure there’s a job available somewhere as a hammer hand on a single storey house that was wheelchair friendly.

Or, he could just do the budgeting that he’s required to do so he doesn’t blow the weekly food bill (and the three food grants) on KFC.

A disgruntled Work and Income client allegedly smashed two windows at the department’s Kaikohe office with a hammer.

The incident occurred at the Community Link offices on Memorial Ave about 8.30am yesterday after a man in a motorised wheelchair was refused a food grant.

The man, 58, was arrested and charged with intentional damage. He is due in Kaikohe District Court on September 28.


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  • cows4me

    Typifies the mentality that now infests the country. Most believe it is what the state can do for me and welfare should be as available as the air. It’s way past time this welfare lark was brought to heel. What pisses me off the most is the language the fucking left have introduced to sanitize welfare. They are now clients, oh for fucks sake, they aren’t clients, they are recipients. The word clients gives the impression that they benefit the giver of the welfare, which is patently bullshit. The whole culture of welfare has to be kicked firmly in the guts.

    • Neil

      Agree cows4me – they also refer to potential employers as customers – stupid mis-placement of corporate speak…this use goes back to the 1980’s when consultants were brought in across a lot of the public sector to change people’s mindset, supposedly so they’d think like they were in the private sector….Duh!!

  • Neil

    One of the things that could be done is make it more easy for people to have budgetting advice from work and income – there’s an added bonus in this – you get to find out how and where their spending is actually going and better gauge whether support available is enough for those who have real need – rather than those who just make the most noise, or in this dickhead’s case the most threatening/ violent behaviour.

    • Bunswalla

      You probably mean this one Neil You know, the one that has a link from the WINZ website and brochures available at every WINZ office, that were given to this loser at least 3 times.

      The service is free, too, so it’s not that hard to do if you really want to, or if your continuing food grants (free money on top of what you already get) depend on you doing it – which they do.

      But I’m sure we can make it easier, by, you know, sending someone around with a form and a calculator and they can just ask the “client” for information, go through their rubbish to see what they’ve been buying, do a budget for them as well as their weekly shopping.