Good money for a blowie

Monica Lewinsky is scoring good money for a tell all book about her now infamous blowies…$12 million is a lot of hooter for someone who didn’t swallow.

Monica Lewinsky may be planning a return to the public eye with new memoir about her relationship with former President Bill Clinton, according to reports.

The former White House intern, who turns 40 next year, is reportedly writing a book that could be worth $12 million.

As a 21-year-old intern Miss Lewinsky was at the centre of a scandal that engulfed Mr Clinton’s presidency and nearly forced him from the White House.

She co-operated with the British author Andrew Morton on a previous biography called “Monica’s Story” which was published in 1999.

Reports suggest that the new book would include more salacious material about Mr Clinton, and her love letters to him.

Rumours of a book project surfaced a week ago when the New York Post reported: “We’re told Lewinsky has been making the rounds with major publishers, who were all asked to sign nondisclosure agreements to take the meetings,” A representative for Miss Lewinsky told the newspaper: “I cannot comment on anything at this point.”

The National Enquirer reported this week that a publishing deal could be worth $12 million.