Greedy Maori delay IPO of Mighty River

The Prime Minister has announced a delay in the IPO of Mighty River Power:

The Government will proceed with an initial public offering of up to 49 per cent of Mighty River Power in the period of March to June  2013, Prime Minister John Key says.

That would be followed in the latter part of the year by an IPO of up to 49 per cent in either Meridian or Genesis.

“The Government’s preference would have been for a share offer for Mighty River Power this year.

“However, after careful consideration ministers have decided to undertake a short period of consultation with iwi on the ‘shares plus’ concept raised in the Waitangi Tribunal’s interim report.

“Since receiving that report 10 days ago, much of the legal and official advice we have received has been around this concept,” Mr Key says.

In essence, ‘shares plus’ refers to the idea that certain Maori interests would be given particular rights and powers in relation to the company, above and beyond the rights of other shareholders.

Clearly greedy Maori have got their hands out for more free cash via Brown-Mail.

What that statement means is… Shares Plus = Special Rights for Maori = Cash…

Once again the New Zealand taxpayer has been stood over and cash extracted by greedy Maori.


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  • Stu

    How stupid can National get… this is the last thing any of their voters wanted. Even those that do not support asset sales I doubt would prefer National giving in to the Maori.

    • Redbaiter

      More of the same from Jelly Back Johnny.

      • Liberty

        Big words from the professional fence sitter. In fact he has
        spent so many years on the fence. He walks around with a fence paling up his

        • grumpy

          The word is “mugwumper”, sits on the fence with his “mug” on one side and his “wump” on the other……………..

    • liberty

      Where has National given into Maori.

      They have only delayed the sale ?

  • johnbronkhorst

    The waitangi tribuneral has alway been about money……they just misspelt it as….M…A…N…A!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

    • I think you mean K O H A

      • kevin

        IWI = I want it.

  • Morgy

    This is soooo transparent. All of the talk from Maanu Paul, Sykes etc about their rights and tikanga and then in the Tribunal’s response, we see for the first time “Shares Plus”. Crazy……I just hope that when it all comes out in the mess once MRP is partially sold there isn’t an extra cent or vote for them. John needs to stay close to the positive Maori groups they have been constructively dealing with. I’ve never been a fan of Helen Clark but how true is the term “haters and wreckers” now.

  • Mr_Blobby

    Ah. Bribery and corruption. Don’t you just love it? Seems to solve most problems, with Maori. The usual payoff, for any objections and stray taniwha to go away.

    And guess what, we will pay it. What ever happened to not negotiating with (economic) terrorists?
    So predictable.

  • Mabel_Gruntfuttock

    That’s it for me. No more vote for the Spineless Wonders!
    Let’s hope this is a ‘tipping point’ and we can lay this racial curse to rest. I’m absolutely fed up with having my grandchildren’s futures stripped to compensate someone else’s grandkids, just because they are Maori.
    It has to stop!!!!

    • liberty

      “No more vote for the Spineless Wonders! “

      Out of spite you won’t vote or You will vote for the pinkos which
      amounts to the same thing.

      Because National have delayed a sale.

      Democracy has its failing.

  • tarkwin

    When is the government going to grow some balls and put a stop to this brown gravy train? It’s bleeding the country dry, no wonder so many people are going to Oz.

    • When the racist (alternate: fascist) Maori party is not in power.

      Which means, never

  • Travis Poulson

    The maori should be able to get what they want, even if it does only benefit a minority.

    If you oppose, you’re just a hater, bigo…er….racist, and homoph….er…white supremacist.

    See what I did there? now, about that shoe and the other foot……..

    • Travis Poulson

      Oh, forgot the other one: suppressing their rights.

      • grumpy

        Water equality?

        • Travis Poulson

          You got it!

  • Phar Lap

    Seems like April fool is happening twice this year,once for laughs,this time a lot more serious.To think that a handful of 95% Caucasions,can undermine the democratic process of an elected Government ,stinks of treason.What is the point of voting every three years when a clique of we want its, can in fact say we got it.Sounds like a sick joke except National voters are not laughing.

  • Richard McGrath

    I expected more from John Key. FFS, his government has a mandate for asset sales… Just do it, John! Or give the job to Roger Douglas – he would have had most state assets sold by now, and the moochers and looters would be staggering around, dizzy trying to keep up with what was happening.

  • rouppe

    This pisses me off too. No water is being consumed or taken as it runs through a turbine. Just as much water flows out from the station as flows in.

    I’m totally against a preferred parcel of shares for any group, and utterly disgusted that a private body can be given the power to essentially turn off the tap unless they are paid money. That situation would be called extortion everywhere else.

    • grumpy

      Maori own gravity too……

    • James

      Ahhhh….actually its called “user pays’ or being an adult and not a moocher….

  • busman

    I for one dont give a sh%t what the waitangi tribunal think i hope national fight tooth and nail , hopefully this may be the catalyst to stop the gravy train ,the battle lines are clearly drawn in the sand / mud
    We need a future in NZ for our kids not australia.

  • Gravedodger

    The Waitangi Tribunal has become the de facto upper house of the New zealand Legislature.
    Said my piece at “No Minister” before this latest travesty was announced.
    Will someone show some balls amd put this rort in the dustbin of history where it belongs.

  • Meg

    How typical. Where most kiwis don’t want the assets sold at all, the Maori leaders, who claim to want the same, will allow it provided the Government bribes them.

    Typical bloody greedy bastards, they SAY their heritage and tradition is soooo scared and special to them, but they are willing to sell it provided they can make the Government of the day pay through the nose. Both National and Labour need to just say NO!

    • Polish Pride

      They were taught this way of thinking by National and Labour governments through the treaty process.

  • link hawk

    You Just lost my vote Key ,spinless gutless little wimp

    • Brian Smaller

      I agree. Gutless wonders.

      • Gazzaw

        Don’t jump the gun lads. Did you listen to JK on ZB? No ‘shares plus’, only talking to Tainui and other iwi whose water rights are being used by MRP, no directorships, no national hui & NOBODY OWNS THE WATER. JK is pissed off about not selling MRP this year but hopes to calm the waters with some consultation that may or may not be fruitful. I’ll take the PM’s call on this.

        • Mabel_Gruntfuttock

          Another Full and Final Settlement on the horizon then?
          Good luck with that!

          • Polish Pride

            Welcome to ‘the system’

        • Krim Dotcom


          loud and reactionary

          keep calm and carry on

        • Liberty

          Finally a post of reason.

          Key could of done a Clark/ Muldoon and
          bypass the court system.

          The country has moved on from unbridled power.

        • Paddles83


          And you believe that tripe that is flowing out of Key’s mouth, just another one of the big back flips him and the national party have done.
          Our family were all members of the National party until the last election
          when he climbed under the covers with the Bro’s and gave them Whanau Ora

    • Where are you going to go then?

      • LinkinHawk

        Rather just put my head in the sand , the only other option really

        • Dave

          LinkinHawk…… No need to put it in the sand, its already buried !!

      • grumpy

        Colin craig is looking pretty good……….

        • Really? The guy can’t even be honest about his polling.

          • grumpy

            National can’t be honest about anything…….

        • guest

          Colin Craig doesn’t support asset sale!

          • REAPER CREW

            He supports ass sales tho – closet homo he is

        • Krim Dotcom

          marry him then

        • Liberty

          Why would you do that
          Grumpy. Being old grump. NZF would be
          your Natural home.

          With its like minded leader.

          • grumpy

            Fuck off……………….

          • Liberty

            Grumpy that is very impolite.

            Not what we would expect from someone

            Intending to be Gods little helper.

          • grumpy

            Any, even remote mention of anything to do with Winston, tends to get that response from me………

      • RightOfGenghis`

        Come back Bob! He’d waltz in

        • Travis Poulson

          He’d have my vote!

      • Polish Pride

        Don’t vote at all. The sooner people stop voting. The sooner the system fails
        Maybe people are waking up to the fact that the political parties in the elected dictatorship that is the current system, do not give a shit about them…so long as you cast your vote every 3 years. Like you said Cam Where are they going to go!?!

        • farmboy

          maybe we will all fuck off to poland mate

          • Polish Pride

            Hmmm I’ve never been to Poland… I’m a 6th gen kiwi, Let me know what it’s like if you go..

        • Get a grip

          What a stupid thing to say-Dont vote at all because that will make the system fail….What are you smoking these days?

          • Polish Pride

            Think bout it first. There’s two points. If no one votes or bugger all vote it is hard to say that a govt has a mandate. i.e. if only 40% of eligible voters vote and party x gets 51% then there’s about 74% of eligible voters that didn’t vote for them. The less people vote the greater the sign that the system isn’t working. This is not just an idea. This is a big part of how they know whether the system is working or not. The reason they want you to vote is to ensure the system has validity.
            The less people who vote…… the less validity it has.

            Think about where the message that you should vote has originally come from……
            Not smoking anything – just have the ability to think for myself and have the ability to think critically and logically.
            btw the system validity thing is from conversations I have had with a few politicians.

        • GregM

          That’s how Len Brown got in PP.

          • PolishPride

            No Len brown got in cause people voted If no one had voted he wouldn’t be there.

  • thor42

    If it weren’t for our dams and the **electricity** they produce (not to mention the vast number of other Western inventions) Maori would still be just another group of stinking cannibalistic savages.

    Now, they have changed – they are a group of GREEDY savages.

    • melal

      sad bad loser…racist cur…..people like you and most on this blog are the reason why this country cannot progress…greedy ignorant .

      • Travis Poulson

        And I suppose leaching taxpayer $ to a bunch of greedy cunts is going to progress the country?

      • redeye

        redefining progress.

      • RockyFist

        WTF. Maori are the main reason why this country cannot progress. Always looking back, always wanting to go back to the past. Progress to them is two steps back and one step forward. We learn from the past, we don’t live in the past.

        • melal

          the reason why this country cannot progress is because the blatant theft of Maori land and resources have not been dealt with justly. Until historic issues are dealt with fairly, and maori adequately compensated for what was stolen from them, than NZ will progress.

          • Mr_Blobby

            You only own what you can take and hold. Good luck with that.

          • melal

            yes….that is the white man’s law….take by theft and than claim its rightfully yours…..

          • Bunswalla

            And no maori raiding parties ever took anything by theft, violence and bloodshed. Yeah, right bro!

          • Goldie

            Melal: Apart from some land in the Waikato, some in Taranaki and Poverty Bay which was confiscated for rebellion in the 1860s, Maori SOLD their land.

          • melal

            pre european, maori had no word for land sale in their language…land was for communal use and was gifted around. Maori gifted land to whites at that time , which than the white man turned around and said was land sale. One of the greatest travesty is how NZ’s history has been portrayed and taught to generations of kiwis…the atrocities of the past glossed over and or removed. I am not a maori….having moved to NZ years ago, I am utterly shamed at the imbedded ill will and animosity directed primarily at Maori, primarily born out of ignorance of NZ’s true history and a dogmatic refusal to explore and understand maori culture and ethos, which would go a long way in helping foster better race relations

          • Tony

            you know, if you really believe that crap then you need to comprehend that your perspective means that
            1. the land was conquered and Maori no-longer have any say; and
            2. if the white man did intend to steal everything, why do you think that the white man would be concerned about the Treaty.

            So, fuck off

          • Jaundiced

            ‘One of the greatest travesty is how NZ’s history has been portrayed and taught to generations of kiwis…the atrocities of the past glossed over and or removed.’
            Yes, and you have been a victim of that. it was far from a matter of ‘Maori = good vs European = bad’. Pre-Europe, Maori fought over land and committed what would today be called atrosities in the process. You’re right ‘land sale’ wasn’t on the agenda, they just took. Europeans arrived and new alliances were forged – not just Maori vs Pakeha. There were heros and villians on both sides. And familiarise yourself with the history of the Chathams.

          • Sarah Taylor

            Goldie. Land gifted to Europeans pre 1840 was returned to maori under the terms of the Treaty. therafter all land sold by iwi, by law, had to purchased by the NZ government. these historical issues have been addressed – again and again. Furthermore – consider who, today, is actually “maori” – your friend or acquaintance with say, 1/32 maori ancestry – the other 31/32nds non-maori.

          • grumpy

            Pre European, they didn’t even have a written language……

          • Travis Poulson

            You mean like the radio spectrum? HAH

          • REAPER CREW

            Fuck off – what a load of crap. They got guns for land. So in another 100 years will they say the white man got jerked in 2012 so we will pay him out as it was his tax dollars righted some bullshit wrong

          • Travis Poulson

            bloody ungrateful lot. They got blankets as well.

        • melal

          If we had truly learned from the past than, than we would be supporting and recognising maori rights to resources as provided for under the Treaty and the Declaration of Independence. After all it is the sensible right thing to do ayy

          • Travis Poulson

            Nah, you just need to ask your elite bro’s to share some of the dosh ayyyyyyyyyyyy

          • Tony

            no – maori had the rights to things they they actually OWNED at the time. The Treaty did not provide for future ownership desires. If maori were so concerned about water they would have dealt with it in 1840.

        • Polish Pride

          Where do you guys think Maori got this way of thinking from!?!
          They used to believe they were caretakers of the land, that it did not belong to them, more that they belonged to it. Then your oh so clever governments came along with the treaty process for them to go through to ‘address grievances’ and made sure Maori got given the message the system is about money and ownership. Well guess what ….. Maori got the message. We are now merely reaping what was sown because Maori learned very quickly. This is not the end. This is now just the way things are and the way things will continue to be.
          You want this changed – change the system – cause it is never going to change under the current one.
          The fact that it is happening with National so much out to tell you that.
          National is looking at the constitution soon. If you want this to change – educate yourself and make your voice heard when they call for public submissions on it.

          • Tony

            Agreed PP, this situation is actually welfarism. Establish two Maori reservations. Let them have their own law, land, language and taxes. No taxes from the rest. Some Maori want separatism, I say let them have the opportunity to choose it.

            If I remember rightly, while the NI was seen as inhabited, activating common law things like native title, the SI was declared Empty Land (can’t remember the right term Terrus Nilum os some such).

      • Meg

        No, the racists are those who attack white people with nasty slurs and then denounce white people when they tell truths about a certain brown race.

  • mela

    best news to date. Finally John Key has seen reason. Rip what you sow…good thing maori not taking shit laying down anymore, and YES if people dont like ….go across to Australia, but it would seem that even Australians want to close their doors to small minded racists kiwi’s.

    • Travis Poulson

      and YES if people dont like ….go across to Australia,” any idea how many maori on the Gold Coast?

      Oh by the way, it’s reap what you sow, not “rip what you sow”.

      • melal

        my bad….actually maori themselves have gotten the rough end of the stick in this fair country of ours….over 120,000 maori live in Australia… has to wonder why that is so..

        • Travis Poulson

          Rough end of the taxpayer you mean.

        • Random66

          ..because they can get the benefit there as well??

    • Morgy

      What a stupid post Mela. Myopic much?

      • melal

        cannot deal with the fact that things are changing aiyyy.. People that are opposed to seeing Maori succeed are the same that are happy to support tighter immigration controls against Pacific and Asians.

        • redeye

          No they’re not. Got any evidence to support that claim?

        • REAPER CREW

          I saw a Maori succeed once – he was in a suit in a tree – he was Branch Manager

    • cows4me

      Mela, many of my whanau, live in Australia. When ever we meet up I ask how’s life in oz. Most mention the relief they feel to get out of the country (nz) because of the growing mentality that all problems will be solved when treaty issues are settled and the constant pandering to Maori. Many feel that it will never be settled and disillusioned that many now live with their hands out waiting for free money, which by the way will never come. The poorer Maori are simply now pawns been played by the brown aristocracy. Do you honestly expect to see one cent from any shares that may come through water ownership? Or is it more of a case of sticking up the pakeha? Either way mate you will lose.

      • melal

        you sound like an apologist for the racists pakeha, and like someone who has internalised white racism and given up.

        • Kimbo

          “you sound like an apologist for the racists pakeha, and like someone who has internalised white racism and given up.”

          And you sound, melal, like a psuedo-academic avoiding the possibility of an unpleasant and very real reality cows4me raises. To quote Ernest Hemingway,

          “Poor Faulkner. Does he really think
          big emotions come from big words? He thinks I don’t know the ten-dollar
          words. I know them all right. But there are older and simpler and better
          words, and those are the ones I use.”

          So how about you stop being a smart arse, back up the truck, and start putting to good and sensible use that education that all us tax-payers around here invested in, and actually answer the questions someone who paid you the courtesy of reading your comment asked:

          “Do you honestly expect to see one cent from any shares that may come
          through water ownership? Or is it more of a case of sticking up the

        • Meg

          You sound like one of those Maori who blame everyone else for their problems, attack the evil white-man with racist garbage and then cry foul when truths are pointed out to you.

    • Mr_Blobby

      Any Maori worth anything has already left for Australia. The only ones left are the Elite trying to stay relevant and hang onto their tribalism, and their beneficiary/Criminal slaves. Nothing proud or noble there. Note Australia doesn’t want your beneficiary/criminal slaves.

      So what is your role in the sad disaffected minority do you play.

    • Meg

      Maori are becoming a bludger race. It is all about what they can get for putting in no effort or work. Hardly something to be proud of mela.

      • melal

        am so happy to see that in another 50 years from now this country is going to be predominately brown and asian….this is definitely going to be better for NZ as a country.. It is inevitable. Oh I am very proud of maori fighting for what is by right theirs…white people have a history where ever the go…rape, pillage and dispossess….all in the name of religion and white man law. So meg and all the rest of you racists…better start planning your exit strategy from brown NZ…because people like you dont have a place here….

        • Travis Poulson

          By brown I’m assuming you mean people of Indian/island descent? because brown maori are getting few and far between these days. Most of you are starting to look like the “white man” you so despise.

          Haha, Ironic really.

          • melal

   is inevitable that yes asians and pacific islands are going to be the predominate group in NZ in the future

          • Travis Poulson

            Auckland, not New Zealand. You might like to travel past the Bombay Hills from time to time, south island even.

          • farmboy

            i dont think the asias will be so happy to do all the work while half the maori sit around on there ass’s whining about everything by the way good luck getting rid of us white farmers we will fight to the bitter end not like zimbabawe

        • Krim Dotcom

          who ate new Zealand’s first settlers again?

          • melal

            bloody well right to do so…unfor most that arrived were so skanky…maori lost taste yukkk

          • Krim Dotcom

            I meant Maori ate the Moriori Einstein

          • melal

            the first people that colonized NZ were Polynesians over a 1000 years ago, and they became known as Maori. Prior to that NZ was uninhabited. Cannibalism practices as in ancient maori society was part of their cultural and religious belief system..nothing wrong with that aiyyyy.

          • Krim Dotcom

            21st century melal

            culture and religion are gradually becoming irrelevant

            about time!

          • melal

            only two people who have no culture and religion….and resent others who still maintain their own

          • Krim Dotcom

            maintain being the key word there


          • MrV

            Don’t come crying for Western medicine when kuru strikes you down. Indeed based on your rants on here you may already be infected.

        • 2ndAmendment

          “la valise ou le cercueil” in other words!

          Well it’s nice to know where the manguwaewae stand…

          Why don’t you piss off to indymedia, lots of your terrorist mates there!

        • Norman Hellsbottom

          My word but you are one bitter racist prick.

      • Travis Poulson

        What do you mean “becoming?”


        How does “becoming” work with “always have been”????????


      You mean reap what you sow ?????

  • Agent BallSack

    Nice to see all are equal except Maori who appear to be equaller than the rest

  • Vlad

    In principle, the idea of compensating Maori as a product of the Treaty is not all bad. But it has got off the rails. To date, NZ has paid out at least $2,455,000,000. With what result? It has built a wealth-creating industry of lawyers and elites and yet crime, “poverty” and achievement statistics seem to continue unimproved among the less privileged. The worst and most alarming feature of this process is that it has no end. Thanks to some of the most inept negotiators in history (Michael the sucker Cullen who overpaid tens of millions for KiwiRail and Doug the dim director Graham who couldn’t read the accounts of a finance company) we are on the hook for ratchet clauses in the Waikato and Ngai Tahu agreements that we will keep us paying for ever. The idea of putting an end date and an end total on this would be just, sensible and widely accepted. Somebody has to do it or this sore will continue to weep.

    • blokeintakapuna

      Yes – the cynic in me tells me that Labour set up Maori for all manner of “koha” on the tax payer cheque book as they were thrown out of government. Seems Cullen & Clark did as much “spiteful damage” as they possibly could on the way out – Cullen even scoffed at leaving the coffers $1Billion in the red following the very best of economic conditions NZ has ever had – where Labour got to ride on the coatails of fair market conditions – getting the shove just before the GFC really started to bite.
      I just wonder how much and what Maori were given by Labour as a political sop – with Labour knowing they will need Maori to have any possibility of getting back into government – so as a nice little sweetener…
      …and would the Labour Party prostitute NZ’s political credibility and the wealth of NZ for their own political gains? Let’s ask our latest Kiwi… Mr. Lui / Chang / Xion/Wei/Joe – what ever your name is…

    • Goldie

      Vlad – best comment of the week. The Treaty industry ran out of control years ago. Gutless governments have allowed it to continue.


      Tuku got undies tho!

  • taylors creek

    a cunning plan by JK…flush the whole privileged maori thing out and finally get the majority saying enough..then Crimp and that god bothering chappie jump on it and JK sweeps in shows ‘restraint’ but toughens Nationals willingness to be pushed around..maybe a referendum…do I hear a tui?

  • Mabel_Gruntfuttock
    • Polish Pride

      Everyone needs to read this!

  • grumpy

    Go to the country, early election on race based seats and shutting down the waitangi tribunal

    • Travis Poulson

      Alright that’s it, time for a non binding referendum!

      • grumpy

        Like the smacking one. Even if the had an election and got a mandate, National have shown they are too gutless to follow through.

      • Polish Pride

        Starting to figure out you don’t live in a democracy!?!
        Just the illusion of one….!

        • Travis Poulson

          Starting to? No, I’ve known we’re living in a socialist state for a long time.

          • Polish Pride

            Socialism and democracy are two separate things that can co exist. Do we have Socialism – Yes
            Do we have Democracy – No

  • grumpy

    Is this the most cowardly government we have ever seen? And the most craven Prime Minister, hardly even deserves capital letters……..

    Too bloody gay for the country……

    • Travis Poulson

      I hate to say this, but I’d vote for any government, left or right, that abolished the treaty. It’d be worth putting up with a term or 2 of fuckwits just to make the country better in the long term.

      • grumpy

        With you there.

  • Random66

    So if we give Maori money now because of their perceived relationship with water, I presume we can now expect a future of ongoing claims and costs from Maori surrounding water ownership. This government has acted shamefully towards the interests of all NZ’ers and I would force myself to vote Labour if they were to right this wrong.

  • Rosinah


  • grumpy

    As some very clever bastard somewhere else today sais,

    “It’s not water that generates electricity, it’s gravity”

    • Jimmie

      Don’t say that – they’ll want to be compensated for use of gravity too…..

  • Phar Lap

    Seems they have also got a claim on wind farms FFS.Only thing that could kneecap them would be nuclear power,that would also throw a spanner in their water claims..What a shame.

  • Gazzaw

    Just an aside. There was a protest organised outside MRP this afternoon. My mate who works at Genesis which is in the same complex just texted me to advise that a total of four protesters turned up! Probably too much Maori water falling out of the sky in Auckland today to allow for a big protest. None of the usuals there.

    • Travis Poulson

      Thosands Gazzaw. THOUSANDS! (straight from the union protest statistics division)

  • 105tkb

    Not too sure if such a list exist (yet) but I’d like to nominate the members of the Waitangi Tribunal and members of the Auckland Maori Council to be the first up against the wall on the morning of the revolution.

  • nasska

    With every new grasping greedy move by the broeaucracy it is easy to lose track of where the money is going. Many urban Maori have a tenuous connection with their tribal roots. The payouts are made to those who have sat on their tribal land doing squat for a century & a half……they are the “consultants” & the treaty law experts who are the nouveau riche of NZ.

    Don’t abuse the next poor Maori you see in the street….the chances are that he has benefited zilch from the payouts. Save your contempt for the next fat useless elder arriving in his BMW to exorcise a taniwha for extra cash.

  • excusesofpuppets

    I dont know what people are upset about really. Same old, same old. If you want a representative democracy then you have to accept this sort of stuff.

    Well, there are of course, alternatives…

    Nice to see the angry keyboard warriors out in force though. Roar.

    • Travis Poulson

      It’s a blog, people have opinions, they type them. Nothing “warrior” about it.

      • excusesofpuppets

        Indeed. Here me roar! Roar!

        • excusesofpuppets

          haha, hear.


        Here’s an idea – offset what we pay in treaty pay outs towards Maoris in jail

  • Phar Lap

    Heres the solution,ring fence all Social Welfare benefits to Maori,pending a water trade off.They can then start using some of the Thirty Six Billion Dollars they hold in Assets.That will be the answer to all their outrageous stone age claims.Whatever is deemed Maori Rights,can be off set by what is deemed to be 86% of Non Maori Rights.Overnight most of them will become Caucasions once again.

  • grumpy

    Don’t know why ECAN try to tell me how much water i can pump from under my land. They have no status in water at all now. At most I just need to negotiate with Ngai Tahu.

  • Balanced View

    Maori have an agreement, they believe this agreement will be impinged if the sale goes ahead.
    So they present their case – and the body set up to look into exactly these type of issues have not yet dismissed it.
    This is no different from any one of us attempting to protect our contracted rights.
    So calling a race greedy – is inflammatory and racist.
    Let us all calm down and let it play out without the name calling.

  • satanictradeunionism


    • Travis Poulson

      Alright, I hate to state the obvious, but there seems to be some problems with your capslock, or your finger was on the shift key while you were typing. I’m going to assume that’s the problem, because I’m sure you’re smart enough to work out that capitals don’t add any emphatic cred to your comment.

      Or I could be completely wrong.

      • Balanced View


    • I always knew that unions were in league with the devil.

  • Owl

    This is an excellent result for National and the country – let me explain.
    The final working will include no one owns water
    The the “plus” will be ear-marked for social development – seriously nothing wrong wit that if “ear-marked” – that’s Auckland paid for from the weekend
    We still get the same sale price – market will determine that
    Fees charges-plus- and all those fancy words etc remain

    But here is the trump card – I think it is brilliant.

    Maori are happy (few details to work out but the reports says a good result) – remember there are allot of back door dealings that go on and a few trade offs so don’t think for a moment National haven’t secured a few.

    so here we go – Dear Labour Greens – your biggest partners in your petition gathering exercise are happy – there will be No Assets Sale petition now because Maori have just great – got a plan lets move forward and I quote
    “This is not just a great result for New Zealand Maori Council or
    Maoridom generally, in the Council’s view it is a great result for New
    Zealand as it is New Zealand as a community that has to solve these
    problems in the New Zealand way”, the council said in a statement.

    So Maori council don’t really give a dam about Greens or Labour (hmmm..don’t even try and claim a victory here).

    The Owl is happy

    • Krim Dotcom

      they’re too busy shouting to think about things Owl

      another day in internet cryfest land

    • Travis Poulson

      So where did you copy/paste this from?

      • owl

        NZ Herald – I think it is just brilliant – Maori and National have shown in 8 weeks they are better deal makers than Labour and Greens and their foot soldiers the Unions

        Just love it – well done Tribunal National and Maori Party – hope you get a speedy deal so we can all move on.

        I wish I was in a room when the penny drops

        • guest2

          I read it that way too

        • Travis Poulson

          Weird, your initial comment had a different name to it when i read it, one of the ranting lunatic below me, thats why I asked where you copy/pasted from, apologies.

  • 2ndAmendment

    Just remember as you all slag of Hellen, she didn’t sign the Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples. That’s Mr Smile & Wave the State House Kid and no-one else to blame. Hellen wouldn’t touch it with a bargepole.

    Given that Key’s government confirmed the articles below, the courts have to rule the Maori own the water resources and must be paid for their use

    But don’t blame the Hellen & Labour. Blame Key

    Article 26

    1. Indigenous peoples have the right to the lands, territories and
    resources which they have traditionally owned, occupied or other-
    wise used or acquired.

    2. Indigenous peoples have the right to own, use, develop and
    control the lands, territories and resources that they possess by rea-
    son of traditional ownership or other traditional occupation or use,
    as well as those which they have otherwise acquired.

    3. States shall give legal recognition and protection to these lands,
    territories and resources. Such recognition shall be conducted with
    due respect to the customs, traditions and land tenure systems of the
    indigenous peoples concerned.

    Article 28

    1. Indigenous peoples have the right to redress, by means that can
    include restitution or, when this is not possible, just, fair and equita-
    ble compensation, for the lands, territories and resources which they
    have traditionally owned or otherwise occupied or used, and which
    have been confiscated, taken, occupied, used or damaged without
    their free, prior and informed consent.

    • Positan

      Maori are not an indigenous people – they all claim attachment to individual canoes that brought them here from Hawaiki. Doesn’t anyone do their homework?

      • trisha

        Maori are indigenous to nz
        it’s that little thing called, Maori were here before pakeha
        Indigenous means… In the late twentieth century, the term began to be used primarily to refer to ethnic groups that have historical ties to groups that existed in a territory prior to colonization or formation of a nation state

        • Meg

          Maori are not indigenous to NZ. Not by a long shot.

        • Positan

          “In the late 20th century the term began to be used … ”

          The meaning of indigenous didn’t change when opportunistic Maori tried to climb aboard a convenient bandwagon assisted by the idiot Labour Party. It means “originating in the land” – Maori are NOT indigenous and never will be.

          “It’s that little thing called … what?” How about …

          … Political stupidity by Labour?
          … Misrepresenting the facts?
          … Corrupting the meaning and intent of the Treaty?
          … Seeking a nonsense advantage?

          You tell me !!!

          • trisha

            When the treaty was written and signed in 1840 the english wrote indigenous meaning Maori …who else would they be writing about?
            since 1974 nz have been celebrating this day and it is a national holiday. why would successive governments keep this as a national holiday if it was wrong.

  • caleb

    stand up john key, stand up.

  • Not Suprised

    I haven’t read through all the comments, but I’m hoping the large number of them have been similar to mine. Can we blame the Maori for this? They kick up a stink and the Govt backs down and/or throws money or special privileges at them, why wouldn’t they keep on that same path. Like the Taniwhai (sp?) under threat from the new motorway that held it up, then mysteriously was appeased by some cash.

    Maori should be proud some of their leaders are smart enough to carry on milking us all…and yes, I think i just called Tainiu leaders smart…shock horror.

    Don Brash had the right idea…i set deadline for ALL claims about the T.O.W and then basically through that archaic detrimental piece of legislation away. Imagine if Australia let the Aborigine’s walk all over them like this…maybe we would have them flooding into our country instead.

    • Owl

      I really want people to think this through. It is brilliant. Look at this situation the greens and labour have just been sunk. LOOK…national and Maori will cut a’s called business. When is the no assets petition going to be ready…march 2013… When will the sale start …march 2013… Maori get a big pay check and labour and greens go No you can’t sell we have 300,000 who say no….imagine telling the tribunal that then…absolutely snookered. National have won some back door concessions be assured of that.

      While greens and labour walked the streets to raise some sort of revolution…maori just went up the boss and said let’s talk.
      I wrote on Saturday…labour and greens have been focussed on gay marriage rights…national and Maori have been focussed on the country.

  • hang him

    I can’t believe all these national voters are upset about this, as long as bill english, nick smith and co the spineless wonders hold sway nothing good will happen, have not vote for these arseholes since bill was in charge, remember John Key and voting for sue bradfords bill are you are surpruised now? you get what you voted for, Labour Light and I hate two stoke Beer.

  • MrV

    Anyone want to invite the Don along to roll Key?

  • Troy

    Much ado about nothing. I find it difficult to get wound up over this issue, far more important things to do like recommending a doctor to visit Mallard to advise him on his dementia.

  • Magoo

    If Key had any spine he’d have a referendum on the Maori seats. But he’ll just wimp out on all fronts again, like he does every time.

    • 2ndAmendment

      No, had he spine he’d just abolish them.

      But the Maori seats aren’t the problem – the Maori party is supporting National fine. The biggest problem are the Labour & Green list seats, then the Labour & Green electoriates.

      That’s why FPP with Geographical Proportionality is a far better choice –
      the best is FPP, GP and a property qualification.

  • Busman

    But does that make it right ? have the Waitangi Tribunal said No! fuck off we cant ask for that , dont be a fuckwit no one in their right mind would give us that,
    Stupid Kiwis look at the fools giving us their money
    What a fucking rort.

  • Storm1

    You ignorant, racist lot make me laugh, just like Te Kaunihera Maori are doing right now…laughing lol
    Like it or not Maori have customary and proprietry rights to their natural resources within their own rohe and John Key is correct in negotiating with each of those respective iwi…the only bitch I have is these so-called gravy-train, self-appointed Maori leaders who are akin and on a par with white “gravy train” capitalists – ALL AVARICE ARSEHOLES!
    I pay for my rights to use water via the Wellington Regional Council, Maori and the government do not pay them for me nor my rates to my local council, I do!

  • Sarah Taylor

    Anyone who feels as I do that we all, regardless of ethnicity, should be treated equally before the law should sign the nzcpr petition by following the link below – thank you.

    We, New Zealanders, having founded our society in the equality of comradeship, and living here at home in the land we have made, utterly oppose any laws which establish or promote racial distinction or division.We, New Zealanders, having founded our
    society in the equality of comradeship, and living here at home in the land we
    have made, utterly oppose any laws which establish or promote racial distinction
    or division.

    There shall be one law for all:
    We refuse to accept any reference to the Treaty of Waitangi or its principles in any constitutional document.
    We require that such references be removed from all existing legislation.
    We require that race-based Parliamentary seats be abolished.
    We require that race-based representation on local bodies be abolished.
    We require that the Waitangi Tribunal, which has outlived any usefulness it may have had, be abolished.
    And we pledge ourselves to oppose and resist all those of whatever rank or degree who, whether by force or the devious processes of the law, attempt to impose the fetters of racial inequality on the free citizens of New Zealand.

  • Travis Poulson

    Wikipedia says it, it *must* be right……

  • Dave

    I note this has to be one of the most commented on on Whales blog site. Im not surprised at all. I only wish more prominent Maori so called leaders actually read this and realised how their actions are leading to more and more REAL KIWIS despising them.

    Maori are claiming ANYTHING of value, and seem to have developed another CORE skill. They are already beneficiary masters, with most of their people on a benefit of some form, now they are claiming the wind and water. I am completely over Maori, its time t remember, NZ is ONE country, NO ONE GROUP, Culture, people, tribe, or sub tribe / culture owns the water or the wind. It is there for the benefit of ALL KIWIS, and the governance of the water is VESTED in our government. Please mr Key, please tell them all to FUCK OFF – no one owns the water, wing or anything else we all share in common.
    Please sell the bloody assets Mr Key.
    I’m over Maori, claims completely, which is the main reason.

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