He could just ask Mr B.

Owen Glenn in setting up his foundation to combat child abuse has commissioned a truly independent inquiry to look into domestic violence.

He could have saved himself some coin and just picked up the phone and asked Mr B….followed up with a quick call to Tariana and Pita to ask about Maori child abuse:

Multi-millionaire Owen Glenn says he will launch an independent inquiry to establish why domestic violence and child abuse remain such major issues in New Zealand.

“The Glenn Inquiry” will be funded through the $80 million Mr Glenn pledged for his foundation in July to fight child abuse in New Zealand.

He said while the Government believes it is doing enough, he is alarmed at the growing statistics that show that there has not yet been any real change.

“This independent inquiry will not be limited to examining the problem and making recommendations for others to consider _ it will produce an evidence-based blueprint for the future, a model that, if adopted, could set New Zealand as a world leader in addressing child abuse and domestic violence.”



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  • phronesis

    The hard part is defining what counts as child abuse. Sending your kid to some schools is clearly child abuse for starters.

  • captain Kidd

    Dear Mr Glen,could you please throw 2 billion into beating child poverty,that will fix it.
    Or you could read a bit of Thomas Sowell and you could save all your cash.

  • Patrick

    Another study, another bout of hand wringing & the end result will be feck all difference. At least this time it isn’t taxpayer money being wasted, unfortunately it is money that could have been spent helping move the Warriors up the NRL ladder.

    Owen here’s you answers for free: Too much welfare, too much time on their hands, too much drinking, too many drugs, too much “gummint owes me” too much “entitlement mentality”.

    Now slide a cheque for a couple of million my way & I will tell you how to fix it. As a starter it will be a short sentence probably something like this – cut them off, set them to work like the rest of us.