Hide on Taniwha

Rodney Hide in the NBR has commented on the ever consuming taniwha:

We know from recent experience that such legal adventurism will prove bigger and more problematic that we can even imagine in our worst fears.

What would seem impossible will become every day and accepted.

Twenty years ago no one would have believed that the Resource Management Act would see a taniwha hold up development. Now it’s not even news.

I travelled around New Zealand warning of the implications of passing the Resource Management Bill into law. I worried at the time I might be exaggerating the possible ill-effects.

In hindsight, I wasn’t even close to how bad the legislation has turned out.

I know, too, the worst law has always been passed being dismissed as symbolic only and nothing of substance.

We laugh at King Canute ordering the tide not to come in. In truth, he was demonstrating the limit of his kingly power. He wisely knew that there were some things he just couldn’t do, no matter what his advisers thought.

And now today we have our parliament and our government believing they can breathe life into a river, make it live and give it a legal identity.

I have no idea what they’re thinking. I have no idea what it means.


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  • Redbaiter

    Yep, all very true, and what does National do but go into coalition with the major political force promoting this rubbish.

    Millions of dollars worth of investment has been held up or abandoned because business people are forced to deal with stone age racist retards before gaining consent for projects.

    And the National govt just sits on its hands and dithers.

    • kehua

      What is the difference between taniwha and stoneage christian beliefs and the legislation regarding such make believe institutions?

      • Lion_ess

        There is no difference

      • Brian Smaller

        Christianity is an Iron Age religion.

        • Tristanb


      • Tristanb

        There is no difference. That’s why Christianity, Maori folklore, Muslim “culture”, and all that crap need to gtfo of politics.

  • Vlad

    Is it just possible that Rodney could rekindle his political life? His writing is revealing a sharp mind (not many about) and a set of views that resonates with a lot of readers. I would MUCH prefer him as a coalition partner to the strange Colin Craig, who is about as electorally attractive as the Exclusive Brethren.

    • Tristanb

      Yeah, because he did great as a politician(!?). Destroying ACT, and making Auckland local government even more ginormous. Great shit. Of course he did get some cool free travel.

  • Phar Lap

    Quite right Rodney,Case in point check out the latest bleeding heart settlement taking place today ,what an indictment of the Grievance industry (Greeddence Industry)How tolerant do the non Maori have to be.Seems One Tree hill and the mountains around it plus buckets of cash are being handed over by Findlayson.Pita Sharples from his new abode as house ****** anointed by Harawira will be there for the handover FFS.

  • Brian Smaller

    You know Cam, you dis people who say “I am not voting for Key’s government anymore” with a “well who else then?” We really need a party who will oppose this sort of magic based policy making.

  • cows4me

    Unfortunately I can’t seem to see a time when all this bs will end in fact it’s only going to get worse. Sooner or later either the government will have to find the balls to say enough or frustrations from the vast silent majority will say enough. Either way the outcome won’t be pretty. The longer this thing festers the more outrageous and greater the demands will grow. It’s simply a meal ticket for those who have grown accustomed to living off the taxpayer. Most ordinary Maori see very little of any payments but are used by the “elites” to play their race/class warfare game. The government must take a stand.

    • Mr_Blobby

      “The Government must take a stand” Your right of course, but I don’t see anyone, in Government, with the backbone to take on much at all. DonKey and his troupe of surrender MonKeys have demonstrated that they are more afraid of there own shadows. One would think that they have been got at.

  • Mr_Blobby

    So Rodney what are your thoughts on the super city in particular the Maori statutory board. Is it everything you anticipated?

    Like welfare there is no political will to front up and represent the majority on this subject and the nonsense will continue until we cannot borrow or tax enough.

    End result it will not end quickly and when it does it will end very badly.

  • Andrewo

    We’re sure going to pay and pay and pay for not getting rid of MMP

    • Redbaiter

      Another occasion when National sat on its hands.

  • rightoverlabour

    Relax everyone. Once the Chinese have taken over, there will be no more treaty, no more taniwha, no more house niggers, (and mofos) and New Zealand will join the 21st Century….. They are a little distracted in Africa at the moment, but political subjugation will follow the economic subjugation that is the present reality. Nothing to see here, move on…. (Now where is that book on Feng Shui)?

    • MrV

      Yes Chinese dragon eat Maori Taniwha for breakfast.

  • MrV

    “What does it mean to have animism backed in statute? Goodness only
    knows. Will it become an offence to make fun of the river spirits?”

    Take a dump/leak in the river and find out?

  • Ururoa

    Perhaps if the Waikato, Manawatu and other rivers actually had an independent representative voice they wouldn’t be the open sewers that they are today.