Hippies take one in the chook

I laugh when people talk about “organic” food…all food is organic…I’ve never seen any edible plastic food. However it seems the hippies aren’t getting anything extra from their “organic” food…except a much lighter wallet:

Stanford University Medical Centre has concluded that there is no clear evidence of any added health benefit to organic food. The researchers sifted through 240 different studies and were unable to identify specific fruits or vegetables for which organic appeared consistently to be the healthier choice. They also found that the risk of E. coli contamination was unrelated to farming methods.

It is the latest salvo fired in a long-running war between the organic food industry, scientists and increasingly confused British shoppers.

The research could not come at a worse time for the organic industry in Britain, which last year witnessed a sales drop of 4 per cent in organic products to £1.67 billion – the third consecutive year when sales have fallen significantly in this country. At one point, annual sales were more than £2.1 billion. The great organic boom of the Nineties and Noughties, which saw organic food transformed from a minority interest espoused by the lentil- munchers of north London into a major industry supplying every supermarket in the country – even McDonald’s – has come to an end.

The recession is largely to blame, as consumers decide that a scoop of organic Sandringham Duchy Original strawberry ice cream is a luxury they can probably afford to skip.


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  • j_j

    And this from the 1st of many comments:
    Tomorrow, the baby is going to get an extra dollop of pesticide-sprayed
    carrots.” That’s nice, Harry. For your next “health” article, perhaps you could
    gleefully feed your baby a tablespoon of pesticide and let us all know how well
    your little tyke fairs.

    By the way, Stanford University partnered with Cargill to the tune of at
    least $5 million to create the Center on Food Security and the Environment
    (FSE). Strange that
    Stanford University is partnered with this agricultural
    giant and just happens to come out with a study that suggests organic food is no
    better than what big-agribusiness is producing. I’m sure you knew about this,
    but who cares about those tedious, inconsequential details, eh Harry?
    Seems to me that the study found that there’s little nutritional benefit of organic over non-organic, but is that the same thing as saying there’s no harm caused by the pesticides and other chemicals? I don’t think so.

    • Polish Pride

      Yes but then the number of people not actually able to think for themselves and draw that very simple and obvious conclusion is at an all time high in my view so they get away with it. This of course is just somply regurgitated by MSM who wouldn’t know Journalism if it smacked them between the eyes.

  • Brian Smaller

    Last night I made an Organic Vegetarian Meatloaf for dinner. All the protein came from animals that only ate organic grass.

    • Travis Poulson

      Vegetarian meatloaf, from animals you say?

  • Will

    Organics has to be the dumbest idea in human history. What other industry gives up their technology? Shall we hand back our computers, our communication devices, go back to using horses to get around? Let’s all try it, live like the Amish. Hunt whales in sailing ships to light the lamps.

    If there really is a problem with your technology, you improve it, move forward, not backward.

    • j_j

      Except you’re assuming adding pesticides and chemicals is/was a step forward and choosing to eat foods without those additives is a step backwards. Could be quite the opposite.

      • trisha

        700 people die from cancer a month in nz
        skin cancer, being the most deadliest cancer
        bowel cancer, nz has the highest death rate in the world
        more women and men die from breast cancer than road deaths in nz
        it is a proven fact that insecticides and pesticides cause cancer.
        organic food, means to me, grown without chemicals.

        • Travis Poulson

          Thats exactly what it means trisha. But no, morons with a phd have decided to misinterpret what it means, so they can use “scientific proof” to prove wrong something they misunderstood to begin with.

          • Bea

            That’s not what it means at all Travis. Pesticides are allowed as long as they are on the rather arbitrary list. As for “chemicals”, of course there’s chemicals in organic food, as there is in everything. An example is the fertiliser additive manganese sulphate. With Northland soil (for example), if left to its own devices, it will be deficient in manganese sulphate – its not naturally occurring in Northland – not in big enough quantiies, anyway. Its also harmful to humans, toxic to aquatic animals, you should make sure it doesn’t get in waterways – stuff like that. Its on the arbitrary list for organic farmers to use.

          • Travis Poulson

            Yea, no. Synthetic chemical based pesticides is what I’m talking about. I’m not talking about botanical and mineral derived products. So yes, it’s still right, you’re just being pedantic.

    • Polish Pride

      I am yet to see anything invented by Humans that does something better than natures method.
      If we looked to how nature solves things for the solutions to the problems we have….I suspect we wouldn’t have half the problems we do now.

    • Travis Poulson

      You clearly misunderstand what Organics is.

  • Kate Freeman

    Better bring a packed lunch next time Slater! Or your shout out!

    • Didn’t like Organic Oranges anyway!

      • NoVictim

        Yeah I had organic figs from Hawkes Bay, ewwwwww.
        Had to go and eat a steak sandwich and a beer to get the taste out of my mouth!

        • Travis Poulson

          Figs are shit, organic or not.

          • NoVictim

            Yeah I think you are right, still made me feel better eating them chemicals!

          • Travis Poulson

            Bloody happy for ya, share some with your friends!

  • Polish Pride

    Actually I would disagree with this. The benefit is that your body doesn’t have to process the checmicals. There is evidence that shows diet is both the cause and treatment of many ailments. In short you are what you eat.
    I’m sure most would have seen the taking the piss out of organic food slogan though that goes – Organic Food, or what back in your Grandparents day they called ‘Food’
    That said it always tastes better when you have grown it yourself.

    • Travis Poulson

      For once I agree with you.

  • cows4me

    And dairy farming has had the lie that is organic milk. All the rage a few years back but the rules and regulations around organic milk have to be seen to be believed. But to cut a long story short, organic milk has large costs to produce and can not compete with the production of standard farm. The market isn’t there as the fruitcake Melons would have you believe because those pushing organic milk are usually tighter then a fishes arsehole when it comes to their wallets. I would challenge anyone to pick organic milk form milk produced by the vast majority of NZ dairy farms.

  • baw

    the chemical in out diet which has the greatest chance of causing diet induced Cancer is – Alcohol. And it far out weighs the risk posed by other chemicals.

    So comrade Greenies when pour out your organic wine and off to bring in prohibition.

    If we want chemical free food, I suggest the greens project an image of a food item onto a screen, It will be 100% chemical free, although it will have no nutritional value what so ever. Because we are chemicals.

  • TeeCee

    Shiiiiish – with a bit of luck the Greenies will die out broke

  • Travis Poulson

    Organic isn’t meant to be healthier, It’s just free of pesticides, insecticides and carcinogenic synthetic fertilizers. That’s the whole point. Eating food that isn’t grown with shit that gives you cancer.

    • Travis Poulson

      WO, stick to blogging about things you understand, Cheers Travis :)

  • Patrick

    growing your own food in your own sewage has to be the most f*cked idea – just have a look at the state of the greenie hippies & try & tell me it is good for you. Anemic unwashed mung bean munching dope smoking dullards.

    • Travis Poulson

      Another idiot. ”
      growing your own food in your own sewage has to be the most f*cked idea”

      That’s why nobody does it. I grow organically, (no you dumb cocksmoker, not in my own shit) I wash, don’t eat mung beans, don’t smoke dope (it’s illegal), I eat meat, I hunt (yes I kill animals), fish (yep you guessed it, I kill fish too), vote right wing (shock horror, don’t vote Green!). I’m just clever enough to not have to make my body process carcinogens.