Holly Walker’s Woeful Bill Exposed, Ctd

Someone was a bit punchy for an unknown reason yesterday and took it out on his sanctimonious, holier than thou constituent who then had a tantrum accusing that someone of being wrong.

In doing so that someone keeps up the good work of Jordan Williams in exposing Holly Walker’s inadequacy in legal drafting despite the advantage of an Oxford education and a Rhodes Scholarship.

Well done to that someone.  Jordan will pass by this week using his swipe card with some more tips on how inadequate this Bill is and how you can help combat more of the Greens silliness.


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  • Mr Sackunkrak

    Putting the stupidity of the Bill to one side, I see today that Labour want unions exempted from it. Presumably because they are “speesssull”, because there is no other reason. Fuck Labour and it’s “rule for thee, but not me” attitude.

    Trevor’s blithering is just a white-noise smoke screen for Labour’s more insidious objective.

  • andrew

    It was interesting on 3 news last night to see Mallard commenting on it and indirectly insinuating that he thought unions SHOULD be included in the bill target audience.
    For once he seems to have a slight grip on the issues at hand…

  • botti

    ***Someone was a bit punchy for an unknown reason yesterday ***

  • Rodney

    Labour’s SOP attempts to exclude unions and community groups with charitable purposes, but then adds to the confusion the SOP was presumably intended to remedy by reinforcing the capture of trusts, associations and societies. Who the hell drafted this? I thought Charles Chauvel was a lawyer. This is just unbelievable – total incompetence:

    After clause 4 (after line 22 on page 3), insert:
    4A Definition of organisation
    (1) In this Act, organisation includes—
    (a) a business, trade, industry, or professional organisation
    whose purposes include the advancement of commercial
    (b) a chamber of commerce or board of trade:
    (c) a company, partnership, trust, association, or society:
    (d) a group whose purposes include the advancement of
    commercial interests.
    (2) For the avoidance of doubt, in this Act, organisation excludes—
    (a) a group of persons acting together to pursue objects of
    a national, patriotic, religious, philanthropic, charitable,
    scientific, artistic, social, professional, or sporting character,
    or other similar objects:
    (b) a trade union or labour organisation, or a group of any
    such entities.

  • Owl

    I have been following this one with interest for a while and have a different view to all this.

    The Greens Party carefully included unions. Reason – Greens are a splinter group of Labour but more importantly have 11% of the party vote at the last election. – When in business you don’t target the number one (National) when you are number 3 – you always target number 2. Greens have been voting against Labour recently in parliament and watching the debate are not even acknowledging Labour. The Unions have 336,000 members according to Dept of Labour register. Labour received 614,937 party votes therefore by excluding unions in parliament the Greens have just stuffed 55% of party vote.
    The Green needs only an 8% more of the party vote to be ahead of Labour. National voters will never vote Greens – so Labour voters are easy grab

    I say this was a carefully thought out plan by the Greens on the Labour Party vote.

    Just to back up my view – the comment on this facebook page says alot. The Greens are talking to Labour at all – why? why are two parties who see each other each day have to meet over facebook. – This is a clever move by the Greens.

    Just to finally back up my thinking – still no word from the Greens about the possibility of stooping the objections at the new west coast mind – and they are letting Labour to do all the talking – why? who will look worst debating against trying to develop employment in the West Coast.

    Well done Greens

  • Rodney

    Wouldn’t it be easier, more transparent and logical to put the onus on MPs to release lists of people and issues they’ve been lobbied by and on rather than place such onerous requirements on citizens?

  • Jojo

    So why the f**k did this bill bass the first reading unanimously?????