Holly Walker’s Woeful Bill Exposed

Junior Lawyer Jordan Williams has come out and given Little Miss Rhodes Scholar a good paddy whack for a stupid piece of legislation.  Some say it is as silly as Jacinda Ardern’s poorly drafted Gay Adoption Bill.   This is not a good example of the capabilities of young women elevated to positions of grandeur before their ability catches up.

The only response Walker really has is to turn it personal and whinge  that Jordan is not neutral.  Which is quite ironic considering it is a lobbying Bill and he is registered quite transparently. It is also ironic that when the bill was introduced Holly Walker said in parliament that she would accept assistance form anyone…she must have whispered out of the reach of the microphones…”except for Jordan Williams”.

“An accountant emailing an MP about a tax policy on behalf of a client will be committing a criminal offence unless the accountant is a registered lobbyist. A fine of up to $10,000 for individuals and $20,000 for companies can be imposed.

Walker actually agrees her Bill is stupid.  Perhaps, like with Ardern a grown up can assist her with the drafting and leave her to wear cardigans in the cheap seats.  That grown up will not be a neutral bystander either, they will be a Pinko.  Perhaps a friendly, helpful yet backstabber like Hutt colleague Trevor Mallard can assist.  He seems to assist everyone else on the left when they are technically deficient with fine points of procedure in the House.

In reply, Ms Walker blogged Mr Williams is hardly “a neutral bystander”.

She refuses to accept the bill will harm the democratic right to access MPs.

But she admits the current draft has a very wide definition, so as to “capture influence whenever and wherever it takes place”.

Ms Walker also acknowledges New Zealand does not have high-profile scandals seen overseas.

As an aside, I ask Jock Anderson if this is acceptable language for a fine publication as the NBR.

A back passage storm is brewing between a political lobbyist and a Greenie who wants tighter control around lobbying.



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  • conwaycaptain

    This is what we pay in excess of $200K pa for in these Over Educated, Under Experienced, lack of common sense, academic half wits.

  • thor42

    I’d like to give her a friendly “paddy whack” (and a few other things as well…… ;) )