I wonder what the Hobbit Hater has to say about this?

The film industry is pumping billions into the economy and Helen Kelly wanted to stop all this happening:

New Zealand’s film and TV industry has risen to become one of our most lucrative – reeling in more than $3.23 billion last year.

The sector’s contribution to gross domestic product was $2.78 billion, representing 1.4 per cent of New Zealand’s total GDP, a PricewaterhouseCoopers report found. The sector also supported 21,315 fulltime-equivalent jobs.

It is unconscionable that Heln Kelly and her union thug mates tried to hold the industry to ransom:

The industry compared favourably with the New Zealand wine industry, which contributed $1.52b to GDP in 2008.

Film and TV’s gross earnings had risen by four per cent since 2008, the Economic Contribution of the New Zealand Film and Television Industry 2012 report indicated.

Film production made up a large share of total gross revenue, raking in $1.4b.

Film Auckland chairman Pete Rive welcomed the study as an opportunity to recognise and celebrate the local screen community.

He hailed Spartacus, Mr Pip, Emperor, starring Matthew Fox, and The Hobbit as examples of recent successes.

“We have built a global brand recognisable for its success in creating and producing world-class content,” Mr Rive said.

“This report validates the work of more than 21,000 New Zealanders who are the bedrock of, and are supported by our screen industry.”

Michael Hawkins, executive director of National Association of Cinema Operators for Australia and New Zealand, said the report was timely.


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  • blokeintakapuna

    Pinch to a pound of goat poo that the She-devil comes out saying something akin to “Those greedy movie makers should be creating 30,000 FTE jobs and all that profit goes back to greedy off shore Corporations who only want to make money”
    Where as what she really means is “If the Unions were calling the shots we would have over 100,000 people employed and all the money going to NZ and her peoples and their families – if we could.”
    Reality is though – the unions (and Robyn Malcolm) tried to subvert the entire industry to their wharped sense of how things should work – almost costing NZ half a Billion dollars in revenue and thousands of jobs in the process.
    Just as well NZ had a National government to rescue this union-created cluster-fuck fiasco…
    ….and when National needed to clarify employment legislation with so many holes and fish hooks in it – then the 2-faced unions attempted to spin it to the MSM that NZ’s legislation was up for sale – when in reality our legislation needed to be clarified… (and it still does for many SME’s – it’s still far too complicated with traps for the majority of SME’s that make up nearly 90% of NZ business’s)
    …and what was really up for sale at that time was NZ citizenship…. at $15K per individual, provided nice, quiet donations made it to Labour’s election campaign – no questions asked. Labour didn’t even want to know the guys real name(s) -even after InterPol pointed out the huge gaps in the guys cover story – no matter – $15K to a corrupt Labour Party will get you citizenship… just listen to our credible bully-boy factions and they will tell you how credible we will be as a government – Yeah Right!

  • Phar Lap

    Yet the MSM supported that woman.Even today they still run articles on the perceived injustice to NZ ,and still write articles on the wicked way John Key solved the problem of the myopic unions.One of the biggest offenders was TVNZ the taxpayer funded, and run by Lie-bour Party.Would be interesting to ask that lot of Lie-bour and Red/”green” sycophants what is their position now .Probably that lot of PC bludgers would still keep their own status quo,after all arnt they NZ messiahs in waiting,to turn us all into a North Korean Republic.

  • Auto_immune

    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: If Helen Kelly becomes the Labour candidate for Rongotai (home of Weta & Park Road Post), her anti-film industry attitude will likely lose Labour the seat.

    • blokeintakapuna

      Let’s hope she does then…

      • Auto_immune

        Heh. Agreed. Though I should point out that Russel Norman would probably benefit the most if Helen Kelly stood.

  • Anonymouse Coward

    I am suprised that Whale Oil supports tax breaks for luvies.

  • Sir Cullen’s Sidekick

    We can get that kind of money by charging a rich prick tax easily.

  • Mitch82

    What we need is a well-known face to rail against the Hobbit – perhaps a drink-driver that represents ‘Life imitates Art’.