If not the Greens then who? And for what?

Yesterday I was contacted by a Greens spokeperson who categorically denied that the Greens were involved in the sneaky job posted on Seek and Trademe that Keeping Stock highlighted.

I accept their assurances that this isn’t them.

Though it does raise the question as to who it might be and what is the cause that requires so much sneakiness.

Could it be Colin Craig and his campaign against Marriage Equality..or someother anti group associated with that?

Or perhaps a Tobacco company lobbying against plain packaging?

Or even the Exclusive Brethren involving themselves again?


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  • Pete George

    It could be the other half of the party trying to catch up with their half of the signatures, See Have Labour and Greens unofficially merged?

  • owl

    As always the Owl apologises to the Greens for my comments and unreservedly respects and accepts their position on this matter. However I would like the Greens Labour spokeman to find out who is offering employment so poorly devised. May the Greens take such a lead under their Labour spokeman.

    Apology from the Owl.

  • johnbronkhorst

    accepted….afterall the greens have NEVER lied before….have they???? (about 2 people renting the same house and claiming 2 lots of parliamentary allowances????)

  • Pete George

    It was very similar to the time they did do it for certain.

    Funny thing is Greens were at active at Keeping Stock trying to defend it, and made no attempt to deny it.

    If it wasn’t a Green advert some of their own assumed it was.

  • Lofty

    I must say you are far more trusting than me WO.

    • I too have accepted Andrew Campbell’s e-mail assurance that it’s not the Greens Lofty, trusting blogger that I am. I will be having a word with the source though.

      As for the other alternatives; surely Colin Craig has got more common sense than to get the EB involved; hasn’t he?

      • Lofty

        Sorry boys…I don’t buy it.
        I smell a rat.

        • All will be revealed in the fullness of time Lofty…

          • Lofty

            We will see IV2 we will see

  • Insider

    This has the fragrant smell of Big Tobacco, something perhaps from the factory across the harbour from the Beehive.

  • JohnO1234

    Maybe it was advertised by a Green MP’s assistant’s partner?

  • Daaaaave

    $50 on the Exclusive Bretheren – just the sort of thing they would be involved in and there’s no way they’ed have their own members doing the dirty work like this. They would be absolutely spewing over the same sex marriage bill.

  • Jinx

    All such a complete mystery. What is the world coming to when a simple employment post offering employment opportunity on a website needs to be scrutinized to such a degree. All these suspicious theories and so fourth. Perhaps Lucifer himself contacted Ben Cummings and asked him to build up a team of 14 who will be known as the Antichrist. True though. With the world ending this year and all the other far fetched stories you lot have come up with, reckon its more than plausible.